43 Replies to “Trump is turning US July 4th celebration into a 'political rally'

  1. Trump for jail on 20/20 truck for jail in 2020 Trump for jail in 2020 Trump for jail in 2020 trunk for jail in 2020 along with his little minions

  2. Piece of s*** want to be president doesn't even know nothing about history or politics of course you want to make it a rally cuz he knows he's out in 2020 the garbage can is out in 2020 vote 2020 Democrat Trump for jail Trump for jail

  3. There was nothing Political about the 4th. It was nice and made me feel more comfortable about our Country and our MILITARY

  4. What a great Independence Day celebeation What a great parade! What a great speech! President Trump really make it. American should be proud of their famous and great President they ever have in history. Greeting from Indonesia!

  5. this headline is soooo wrong… trump is building up his country very rapidly,, as never one did before… this was the last time i visite your site greetings from asia..

  6. Can anybody see the difference between CNN, the NYT or NBC with Al Jazeera from the Qatari regime? Same agenda… same hate towards America.

  7. AVIONES EN 1775/6 Y 1814 ????????????????????????????????????

  8. Thank you for all the Tanks, and the Air show we got too see yesterday Mr. president. I personally enjoyed it.

  9. According to Al-Jazeera the only right parade is parade of jihadist and bombers from qatar and saudi

  10. Becarefull al jazeraa it might be a war signal for trump to fight against those opponent especially iran

  11. This is nonsense, I watched the whole thing. The speech was not political, there were a couple of tanks, planes flew over, most of the plane flyovers was no more than what you would see in an average air show, his speech was not political, he honored the military and some people that did service for Americans, never mentioned any liberals, never even commented on the anti Trump media. he even was very presidential like the liberals like. And the place was packed with people willing to stand in the rain. Trump knows what the people want. In my 3 years in the military I was in a few parades, most people love seeing The Military marching. I said most because I excluded Liberal cry babies.

  12. Fake news! Other leaders of other countries did it. The problem is because it's Trump. Trump didn't politicized the celebration. Just a president who love and proud of his country. Trump Derangement Syndrome is VERY real among the Democrats. So triggered with anything Trump

  13. The only country to do put away the military dictatorships are you saying America that dictate us at now

  14. It is not breaking prescient. There has been plenty of Military parades in US history in Washington. It is just recent decade there has been very little. Most Nations have parades with Military involved. This is not Breaking Prescient. It is just a privilege loud mouth throwing a political tantrum.

  15. Why cant he do it? Other great countries do it. Kennedy did it. Why cant Americans be proud of their own military? For all its worth i think its to show power to China. Btw, im not even a Republican, nor voting for Trump.

  16. I was in DC with my kids. It was exhiliarting for them to see the planes, helicopter and especially the tanks. Trump's speech was great and non-political. LOVED IT!

  17. Its About Time Someone Celebrates America! Everyone Wants Something Or Takes From America! 158 Billion A Year Spent On Illegal Alien Benefits Backed By The Democrats, Trump Should Have Spent More! American Citizens Deserve Better Than What They're Receiving From The Democratic Party! We've Been Sold Out For Illegal Voter's And The Democrats Are At The Tip Of The Spear! Great Job President Trump!!!

  18. This a for Allah?He is Satan the Devil in case you didn't know?The Antichrist according to Christ Jesus is also Islam but there are more Antichrists .Trump is NOT one of them.TRUMP is for Jesus Christ.Whose side are you on?Dead bandit muhammad..???

  19. They will try to impeach him for that😀😀😀😀. Some US medias and others are so bias and unfair toward this guy. I am a black immigrant, I disagree with Trump on so many things, but please do not make me vote for this man on 2020 election.

  20. Qatar does it you dont complain but if USA does it you complain. Qatar held one of the largest parades in its history last year. Why not call that out? Why not complain about the money Qatar is wasting on its parades? First fix your country then give lectures to others. I am not an American but I hate one sided media coverage.

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