Trump: Jewish people who vote Democrat show ‘total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty’

And you should see
the horrible things that Tlaib has said
about Israel. And AOC plus three,
that’s what I call it. Just take AOC, plus three. And you should see the
things that the four of them have said about Israel
over the last couple of years. I mean, Omar is a disaster
for Jewish people. I can’t imagine that if she
has any Jewish people in her district that they could possibly
vote for her. And then yesterday I noticed
for the first time, Tlaib with the tears. All of a sudden, she starts
with the tears. Tears. And I don’t buy it.
I don’t buy it. I don’t buy it for a second
because I’ve seen her in a very vicious mood at
campaign rallies. My campaign rallies, before she
was a congresswoman. I said ‘who is that?’ And I saw a woman who was
violent, vicious, out of control and all of a sudden I see
this person who is crying because she can’t see
her grandmother. She can see her grandmother. They gave her permission to
see her grandmother but she grandstanded and
she didn’t want to do it. That’s a decision of Israel. They can let them in if they want,
but I don’t think they want to. When you read the things
that they’ve said about Israel, how bad and if you look
at their itinerary before they found out,
you take a look at their itinerary that was all going to be
a propaganda tour against Israel, so I don’t blame Israel for
doing what they did. I have nothing to do with it,
but I don’t blame them for doing what they did. I think it would be very
bad to let them in. Where has the Democratic
party gone? Where have they gone? Where they’re defending these
new people over the state of Israel? And I think any Jewish people
that vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total
lack of knowledge or a great disloyalty.

100 Replies to “Trump: Jewish people who vote Democrat show ‘total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty’

  1. Really? Crazy Donnie sounds like he's telling a bedtime story to Eric and Donnie Jr. He's insane. We need this lunatic out of office come 2020.

  2. Rashida Tlaib was endorsed openly by Hamas yes? she’s pro CAIR yeah? so she’s a terrorist sympathizer right? am i wrong here? someone justifying the defense of Omar and Tlaib without dodging.

  3. Hey guys all us politicians need to bash the voters of the other party! That way, they'll vote for us! Smh…

  4. Yes, you should let someone who calls for the destruction of your country, someone who plans to use their visit to encourage rebellion and antisemitism, into your country.

  5. Fuq drumpf he used to like democrats when he thought he was cool 🤡🤡🤡fuq him n his diet coke n his greasy burgers 👹👹👹 fuq drumpf n his year round tan with those white circles around his eyes from the goggles with his obsession with MR. OBAMA N HILLARY KILLARY CLINTON BUT OBAMA THIS HILLARY THAT🤡🤡🤡this clown is president but he's still obsessed with a OBAMA👹🤡🤡🤡👹👹 PU$$Y as$ if he was in the streets with that bully hit he would be reduced to a mayonnaise sandwich

  6. Over twelve thousand lies. Some quotes, trump? Go ahead, just tell us all those horrible things. Lies, lies,lies, trump.

  7. The preparations for the Denmark visit cost taxpayers $11 million. The Danes will invoice US for the cancellation. €9 million. But hey, it'll be worth it when you own Greenland.😂😁😀😃😂😁😆

  8. Only liars and criminals have things to hide.
    Let’s see Trump’s tax returns.
    Let’s see this “genius’s” grades.

  9. Too bad that weirdo Khadaffi is no longer with us. I bet he could have written beautiful letters to Trump, And Idi Amin, who would not have wanted to see him and Trump pulling a few pranks together.

  10. Trumps favorite word is “disaster”. I wonder if this is on some list of power or persuasive words. 🤔🧐

  11. So they get blamed, again for whatever. Didn't see that coming. It's like history can indeed repeat itself with the right person in charge, or not.

  12. I wonder if it's possible this is some master strategy to get Bernie the Democratic primary. Probably not, that syphilitic brain doesn't have 4 neurons to rub together.

  13. Absolute rubbish! All he is trying to do is gain votes for 2020. The sooner he is impeached the better. Worst POTUS ever!

  14. Cardinal comments are not allowed but trump is;)
    What a joke.
    Up… trump.. antisemitism buuuu
    Epstein dead in your watch… thats just as meaningless the killing of lady die. Obvious people set for murder and not protected.
    JFK had balls talking about the beast march 61. Where are yours??? If you have protection by mosad, then bring down that roman evil.

  15. Trump backs further away from tightening gun controls – US politics live ►

  16. To Trump

    Unlike the US, Japan has an unusually high car tax
    Therefore, low-cost cars with low maintenance costs can be sold.

    If you want to buy a US car
    Automobile tax, weight tax and volatile oil tax for incompetent bureaucrats
    To be 30% of the current
    Please apply pressure

  17. Unity and justice and freedom are more important to me than a US over everything, as a UK over everything! To learn from history! It is so important that what happened under Hitler's Germany does not repeat itself elsewhere!

  18. The bollox talked by the anti Trump brigade in the comments makes you certain that voting for Trump was the right thing to do

  19. Trump is governing by doublespeak. He's not a wannabe authoritarian, he's a real one. Forget about impeachment, there needs to be a recall procedure; and we need to dramatically reform the institution of the presidency.



  21. Stark raving madman who seems to be more occupied with Israel than he is with the U.S. If Congress doesn't 25 this guy just delete that amendment, because you will never see anyone crazier than Trump.

  22. American southern Baptist are 100 percent Trumpers. They will tell you that Europe now respects and fears USA. These gullible delusional rubes will mostly never travel more than 500 miles from their place of birth .

  23. Not sure that is antisemitic. Looks more like Trump taking orders from Jerusalem… opps was that too antisemitic?

  24. Always so very vague is President Trump. He simply can't answer the simplest of questions. Never actually backs up any of his claims either. SAD

  25. The asylum has lost an patient. Trump is like that annoying fly which won't go away. He's a dirty lying, deluded, narcissistic sociopath.

  26. Again, I totally agree. It's simple. If you vote Democratic, you stand with social dysfunction. Killing babies after 9 months in the womb. For cosmetics. Also, you love teaching kids about homosexual behavior. You Democrats have lost your moral compass. For sure.

  27. Israel has been a mafia and all Israelis have been criminals!! As they have been MURDERING the natives of Palestine since early 1940's!! They have STOLEN ALL PALESTINE and they have destroyed the lives of all Palestinians!! It's the time to WIPE OUT ISRAEL AND ALL THE ISRAELIS CRIMINALS AND THEIR SUPPORTERS!!

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