Trump Uncontrollably Tweets Conspiracies & Trash

Donald Trump had what we call an upper mourning.
There’s upper Trump and downer. Trump upper Trump is the Trump that tweets uncontrollably
and Trump this morning, tweeting again and again and again and again. Everything from
conspiracy theories to disinflation to wild attacks on people. And I want to remind you
that this is not normal and we have to balance at the David Pakman show. I think everybody
has a responsibility to balance. On the one hand, we don’t want to publicize what Trump
says on Twitter as reasonable presidential speech, but we also can’t ignore that while
other world leaders and past American presidents have focused on doing their jobs, we now have
a president whose feed is indistinguishable from a sort of weird blend of Alex Jones conspiracy
theorist and Breitbart right wing propagandists. So let’s check it out first talking about
once again the Roger Stone trial and the judge Amy Berman, Jackson quoting from of course
Fox and friends this morning saying quote, judge Jackson now has a request for a new
trial based on the unambiguous and self outed bias of the foreperson of the jury who’s also
a lawyer by the way. Um, who’s as opposed to who apostrophe S.
Madam foreperson, you’re a lawyer. Why are you are as opposed to you apostrophe Ari,
you have a duty, an affirmative obligation to reveal to us when we selected you, the
existence of these tweets in which you were so harshly negative about the president and
the people who support him. Don’t you think we wanted to know that before we put you on
this jury? Pretty obvious he should get a new trial. I think almost any judge in the
country would order a new trial. I’m not so sure about judge Jackson. I don’t know. Then
Trump going into a three tweet spell including an all caps tweet about Robert Mueller saying,
quote, these were molar prosecutors and the whole Mueller investigation was illegally
set up based on a phony and now fully discredited fake dossier capitalizingF andD lying and
forging documents to the Pfizer court and many other things. Now, none of these things are true. None of
these things are true. Trump going on to say everything having to do with this fraudulent
investigation is badly tainted and in my opinion, should be thrown out. Even molar statement
to Congress that he did not see me to become the FBI FBI director again has been proven
false. The whole deal was a total scam. If I wasn’t president, I’d be suing everyone
all over the place and then all caps, but maybe I still will. Witch hunt. Then briefly
drip a sort of dipping into the crooked DNC stuff, which is actually smart to get some
crossover interest from Bernie supporters. Tweeting the crooked DNC is working over time
to take the Democrat nomination away from Bernie again, watch what happens to the super
delegates and round to a rigged convention. Trump may be not wrong about that one. Then going into another three tweets screed
about the U S being difficult to deal with saying quote, the United States cannot and
will not become such a difficult place to deal with in terms of foreign countries buying
our product, including for the always used national security excuse that our companies
will be forced to leave in order to remain competitive. We want to sell. I have seen
some of the regulations being circulated including those being contemplated by Congress and they
are ridiculous. I want to make it easy to do business with the U S not difficult. Everyone
in my administration is being so instructed with no excuses. The United States is open
for business. This is not normal, but you’ve got to hand it to them. It’s a, there’s something
for everybody. Sort of a few hours of craziness on Twitter. If you are most concerned with
the DNC trying to deny Bernie the nomination, Trump is tweeting something for you. If you are one of the folks that was bamboozled
by Trump knowing about trade and how he would deal with the economy. You have a three tree,
three tweets screed. That’s hard to say that three times fast, uh, three tweets screed,
uh, about the economy and about the U S as a place for business and trade and so on and
so forth. If you are still in the Trump is the most persecuted victim, read a little
up, all that stuff. Then you’ve got Trump going after Mueller about a witch hunt and
lie Pfizer, this, that, the other thing. There’s something for everybody here and you’ve got
to zoom out and realize it’s just not normal for a president to be doing any of this stuff
regardless of what the content here is and it may rocket him towards reelection. That’s
the saddest part of the entire thing. Make sure you’re following your David Pakman
show on Instagram. For more on this and other stories from today’s show at David Pakman show on Instagram, the
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