Trump Using Military as Pawns with Pardons

let’s go to the phones at (617) 830-4750. Let’s go first to Jose, who we have not heard
from, uh, since January. Uh, Oh. So what’s going on? Hey, what’s up David? How you doing? Good. How are you? I’m doing good. I’m doing good. Hell, I want to hear your thoughts on a book
fascination of of this administration using the military as pawn. Um, my, my thing was the whole issue with
Eddie Gallagher, uh, being pardoned for war crimes and yeah, and just today a daily piece
article was put out where Donald Trump wants to use the uh, or criminals as essentially
his campaign motivation going forward. Yup. He wants them to go and campaign for him. And this is so, listen, this, this is the
reality. Earlier this week Trump did a press conference
with a military dog and it’s clear Trump doesn’t care about the dog. It’s just how can I use the dog to try to
look good? It’s always about what can you do for Trump? Nothing is about actual values or political
philosophy because Trump really has none. And case in point, it was absolutely ridiculous
that Donald Trump said, Hey, war criminals doesn’t matter. You can get out, but now you need to do work
for me and you need to campaign for me. By the way, who said, this is totally aside
from whether it would benefit Trump to have pardoned war criminals campaigning for him. Maybe it would help them with people on the
right. I don’t think people on the left would be
too thrilled with that. But what we get down to is it’s just all about
what can you do for Trump? How can you, excuse me? How can you, uh, show your, uh, unending loyalty
to Trump? And if he’s done you a favor of some kind,
then how are you going to repay him? Right. Uh, in my opinion, this kind of sounds, it’s
toeing the line with bribery. In other words, that’s how Trump operates. Yeah, you’re right. Yeah. Right, right. And I just can’t tell, I don’t know why people
don’t see that. Um, I know, I know a couple people that I
serve that can see right through that, but there’s many others that just, they see this
as a, when they see this as, Hey, is there ISIS? Hey there, they’re the enemy anyways. Cares. Yup. This is, so when Trump worked in real estate,
this is how we operated, he would, this is how Trump operated in real estate. This is what happened with Ukraine. This is what’s happening here. It’s it, it’s what happens with, and by the
way, with, with ambassadorships, it’s bigger than Trump. This is just how ambassadorships work in the
United States and it’s sickening. But this is how the guy operates. That’s it. You’ve identified it, right? Um, yeah. Thank you for taking my call, David. Um, I just want to let you know that I’m a
regular listener and, uh, I’m pretty active on the subreddit, so, uh, thank you. All right, very good. Great to hear from you. Appreciate the call.

66 Replies to “Trump Using Military as Pawns with Pardons

  1. Why should the military get special exemptions from him using them as pawns, he's using every other American as pawns to expand his crime syndicate.

  2. Hannity told Trump that the issue gets the quarterly hour rating UP UP UP.
    Quarterly hour ratings on right wing media is driving US policy.
    What’s good for Trump is the policy.

  3. Exactly. They say Trump is a “Transactional President.” Everything for him is merely a transaction. Every relationship. Even his marriages. His whole flipping life is one big QUID PRO QUO! “What am I getting out of this?” is his motto.

  4. Trump has perfected how to Divide & Conquer & destroy democracy.
    Füqůe trump and his band of fascist sycophants!


  5. Wondering how you can know any of Trump's values when you are not Trump. Your content is trash because you spin good things that people have attended and enjoyed, as being sick and twisted as if there is underlying motivation, which you are not able to prove, either.

  6. The day I decided I hated Donald Trump was the day he insulted our POWs by saying he preferred the ones who "didn't get captured".

  7. Trump has to do something controversial every day to distract us from his crimes, to keep dividing the population and to keep his name in the headlines, believing that bad publicity is better than no publicity.

  8. The (this) president should never be allowed to pardon a military criminal who has been judged by the branch of service that find them guilty. Disciple goes down the drain and a Nazi theme floats up.

  9. EVERYBODY KNOWS – Parody of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen | Don Caron 
    Verse 246:
    Everybody knows Melania was booed
    Everybody knows presidents aren't kings
    Everybody knows this monarchy in disguise
    Decrees he’s above the law in everything
    Everybody knows he said talk to Rudy
    We are forced to live in the worst B-movie
    No Oscars for those
    Everybody knows

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  10. Ed Gallagher should not have lost his SEAL pin. He made a mistake and deserved to lose his rank but it's not worth throwing away all that training he did to be a SEAL.

  11. This really is attacking military leadership. The administrative sector of our government is leaking . The military will push back too. The leaks and scandals will accelerate!! The impeachnent ammo came from people he picked!!!

  12. Eddie ghalagar was found not guilty of warcrimes. The only thing they went after him for was a picture posing with a dead body.

  13. American presidents, their toxic masculinity and their war fetishising on muslims. Bush dismissing the reasonable and “ feminine” nuclear weapon inspectors in Iraq, Trump who dodged the military altogether, in his total moral meltdown, secretly admiring the shootings of civilian muslims and Obama, smeared as being a secret muslim, killing more muslims than the Spanish Inquisition and displaying the dead body of Usama bin Laden, instead of bringing him to trial.

  14. Trump does not realize how many military men do not approve of him using the military the way he is, I was in my bank the other day and a Navy guy asked me what do you think about what Trump did with that Navy SEAL letting him out of prison? He said that is very wrong and disrespectful to the military.

  15. People see it all however, the Trump Cult is based solely on racial animus and hatred, therefore those murdered by the military are the enemy no matter their status, gender or race. Trump would not even be considering this if it did not garner cheers from the knuckle dragging morons in his cult.

  16. David Packman is the whole package sexy on the inside and physically , nothing sexier than intelligence plus looks and a good show ….

  17. Happy for you David!! Now you have reached 756k subscribers!
    Nice, and thank you for your coverage of the latest hearings!
    I enjoy watching your videos every days for balanced information.

  18. Isn't there existing a law that prohibits those in office from requiring Federal employees to vote, campaign or do other favors for them?

  19. A president that avoids the draft not once but multiple times with a HUGE lie, should STAY out of all military business. Lastly, nothing about tRump’s visit to the troops in Afghanistan was genuine. He is a huge narcissist!

  20. Trump further destroys America’s international reputation. Terrorists will use this as a recruiting tool (especially the Escaped ISIS members).

  21. You know who takes photos and or videos with pow’s….. isis… isis does where heading towards what we’re fighting against

  22. David please look in to the dead of THOMAS BOWER the C E O of Duchest bank he's in partnership with $ 550 MILLION DOLLARS WITH TRUMP AND KUSHNER AND MORE CORRUPTION

  23. Trump has proven to be a master at misdirection, much like a shop-lifter or three card monte dealer. The last few weeks he has been doing everything he can to get the publics eye off of the Impeachment investigation. That's all this is. Too, the military also goes to the poles to vote, so he's really working them.

  24. The right used to be the people who supported the military, now they just support their own wallets, they have no problem with war criminals. Shame.

  25. It's sad how the supporters of president brain spurs forget (and by forget I mean ignore) how he insulted every single member of the U.S. armed forces when he said he prefers soldiers that don't get captured. This stable genius cares more about his ratings than he does his own children.

  26. So, yet more quid pro quo, only with the USA's own war criminals. How ANY so-called republican patriot can support this traitor I don't know.

  27. I don't think Trump understands that someone can not be pardoned for a crime unless there is a guilty verdict of said crime. Pardoned or not, that is a documented war criminal.

  28. I do find it odd that people who love the military and also love Trump haven't realised that Trump doesn't give a flying fuck about the military, he has disrespected the military on countless occasions, those who love the military should be outraged (and rightly so) at Trump.

  29. His policies have deported 🇺🇸 troops. He said that a purple heart recipient is a traitor/spy.
    Fuck trump the pussyassbitch!

  30. These pardons are a direct result of watching Fox News. Sean has campaigned that Gallagher is innocent. Trump believes it without question. No need to consult military leaders

  31. Trump has alienated most people in the military. Many vets like myself feel that what Trump did was a punch in the gut.

  32. This pardoning alone should be enough for everyone in the armed forces to see that Trump does not have their backs.
    The SEALs crimes have definitely created more terrorists who will take action against our troops. Pardoning this guy is saying you want more terrorists killing Americans.

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