Trumpist Explains Why Trump is Perfect

We have a voicemail number. That number is two one nine two David P. this
voicemail is a reminder about why, uh, what is, it is a reminder of many things. This is a reminder about why we’re not going
to win by arguing with Trumpists. Okay, let me just leave it at that and we’ll
listen to it. Yes. I just want to know you’re watching the same
impeachment and queries than I am because ah, I don’t know. Y’all don’t understand nothing. I was a Democrat. Now I’m a Republican because of the way the
Democrats have acted and done to this country, taking money from social security and everything
else. And y’all are then after president Trump ever
since he became president. And I think it’s a shame. It’s pitiful. I have a good day. Yeah. So that’s why just arguing with people and
trying to convince folks like that. It, it, it just can’t be a strategy. And we have sort of a followup voicemail to
that coming up on tomorrow’s program that I think you will also find equally disturbing
if you are concerned with the truth and facts and understanding things as they are rather
than as you would wish them to be. But that’s a perfect example of why we, we,
we just need to get the vote out and convincing people like that to change their mind. It’s not going to happen. All right. We’ve got a great bonus show coming up for
you. We will talk about the four women Joe Biden
says he would consider as running mates. We will talk about the struggles of the milk
industry. We will talk about has Lez new cyber truck
and I will disclose share ownership. No, I’m not doing that anymore. Uh, but I do. Um, and of course remember that on black Friday
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a minute. The David Pakman [email protected] [inaudible].

100 Replies to “Trumpist Explains Why Trump is Perfect

  1. WOW. That pitiful ignorant disgusting woman who spreads the misinformation that is so toxic on one hand but stupid enough to be recognized by many. To throw in that Dems are the party taking money from SS was when I realized she's crazy. The impeachment comments are typical and aren't as alarming because people do see too much emphasis on corruption with Trump. Their excuse always being "look at the Clinton's" or "look at Biden" rather than all of them are corrupt including Trump and none should be Pres. They use this tactic to distract from Trump not because it's the reason they're defending him. But when ignorance is that ugly and that entrenched in a culture or group it's not worth the effort or the fight to put energy into changing hearts and minds.

  2. The whole "I used to be a democrat" charade is hilarious.

    Do they seriously think that lying about that makes them more credible?

  3. Yes, people have "been after" Trump since he became president. Just because they have been, doesn't mean they were wrong. Just like someone would very early on be extremely critical of a blatant sex offender. Not all things have the same number of shades of gray. But with Trump it's as if the more open and frequent corrupt/immoral acts, the more it's given the appearance of being legitimized – as just another brand of "moral" leadership that we are supposed to accept.

    We cannot and must not let it be normalized. And so every day, his actions and behavior need to be checked, accounted for and addressed. That's why it's been having since day one, because he's been rightly drawing criticism since day one.

  4. I'm almost at a lack of words when it comes to people like that recording and sadly some of my own good friends and family, I almost do believe we're looking at two different trials and two different Donald Trump's because, the one they describe, I've never even heard of. I know the Donald Trump that were talking about but not the one they talkin about . For what it's worth , that Donald Trump, I'd like to meet

  5. This woman can't even speak proper English and we're supposed to believe what she thinks! Oh no, not me!! Notice she gave no examples of what the imposter in the WH has done for the country and then actually lied about the raiding of SS. What an ignoramus (if you're reading comments dear, look this big word up in a dictionary!).

  6. I can see why some people like trump, but if they really think he's perfect then they're so blind it's more trumptarded than trumpist.

  7. i wonder what would happen if trump was obama. it's funny-all the hell those kids were subjected to-there was no outrage. Republicans hated obama.

  8. It's almost eerie – idiocy in such a pure and unadulterated form. Trump has weaponised low education and low IQ and this is what it looks like. The bad guys (Republicans) have hijacked the brains of these vulnerable people and they don't even understand how royally they've been had.

  9. The ignorance is astounding. Bitch says that Democrats have been taking money out of Social Security. Shit. There’s NO money in SS. BOTH parties spend it before there’s ever a chance to put it in there. It’s always been that way. Even most of Sean’s audience knows this.

  10. To be fair Democrats did cut Social programs.

    Here is the thing: when Republican are in power, they spend like crazy and give the rich massive tax breaks. When Democrats get in the White House, Republicans suddenly scream "OH MY GOD THE DEFICIT! LOOK AT THE DEFICIT! WELL, SOMEONE GOTTA DO SOMETHING."

    And that's when Democrats have to use the scissors and get the blame for it.

  11. could this be that one guy who does all the voice impersonations? a lot of the calls you get, dave, i think are trolls. though, i imagine a lot of trump supporters are trolls. actually, trump is a troll, incarnate…

  12. Sounds like she has a limited vocabulary and finds it difficult to put a sentence together. There is either something very wrong with the education system or she failed to go to school.

  13. when talking to a trumpist, you should ask them: did you watch/like back to the future, particularly the II episode? Did you root for Marty or Biff?

  14. Even if the percentage of stupidity in humanity hasn’t increased, the population drastically has. Millions and millions more stupids across the world, plenty to facilitate oppressors’ plans.

  15. I’m surprised she didn’t claim to be “black” as well as an “ex-democrat” and that she was “leaving the plantation”. 😉

  16. The poor woman sounds rather pathetic. She obviously doesn't know or want to know the actions of the Republicans.

  17. Trump is so stupid, that Trumpists must find an explanation beyond logic and reason to justify his actions. The reality is, they (Trumpists) are driven by impulses and emotions which may some times align with logic but in this case it's clearly not.

  18. I laughed when I heard that. David you are right, logic will not work with these people. Basically they are in a cult, and the only ones you can help are those who realize they are in a cult. Which sadly is very few of them.

  19. Poor, wretched woman.. her head buried so deep in the sand I'm surprised she was able to leave a message on your voicemail..

  20. When did democrats take money from social security? I keep hearing that argument but I'm not sure who did it and when it was done.

  21. Tryning to turn a Trumptard is like trying to make pudding outta dog shit.Ain't gonna happen and arguing with Trumptards is just a waste of your breathe,time getting you nowhere because they're not only dumb but brainwashed as well!!

  22. It's disturbing that people want criminals running our government and destroying our democracy along with giving all our money to corporations and the wealthy.

  23. Didn't even give any examples or back up her claims with evidence. Yup, can't argue with that because that's not an argument, that's a conspiracy theory.

  24. Trumpists default mode: random babble and projection. Trumpists super-cereal argument mode: Smug posturing (makes up at least 80% of it) and random associative sophisms and role-reversals.

  25. She may have been democrat when Jimmy Carter was elected, but now sounds like those southern whites that only listens to Fox & conservative media now.

  26. poor donald …… if only his penis was a huge as his ego …….. he could have made John "the Wad" Holmes look tiny

  27. I've noticed a recent trend by some on the right that goes somewhat like this: "I was a democrat for 40 years but now I'm a republican." Multiple people have stated this.

  28. It's a sad commentary of the state of their understanding of the issues, who's doing what and the type of man their really supporting, just sad.

  29. trump is perfect for them because he makes them feel ok about being hateful and racist even when it is against what an American or a Christian should be.

  30. So they are upset that the democrats hated trump and treated him badly since he took office, yet when the republicans did it to Obama that's ok.. right?

  31. What educational level do you think she reached? Bad grammar indicates a lack of education? She’s another of the dumb people Trump favors! SMH

  32. I can't wait to see trump dumb ass get impeach. They really need to create standards for that position. Trump proved any dumb ass can be president

  33. The Democrats haven't taken a CENT from social security…neither have the Republicans. This delusional twit should do her homework before she opens her yap and comes across like a complete idiot.

  34. I grew up in an area of people who sound exactly like this woman. I have worked hard to maintain empathy for them because they are victims of a deteriorating education system (which wasn't great in the South to begin with), a fast-food diet that leads to cancer and/or type 2 diabetes and a pyramid-scheme type religious system that keeps them in a perpetual state of fear. Attacking them will solve nothing, and they are incapable of critical thinking. The system must be repaired. Education HAS to take priority over military spending.
    Example from a simple Google search:
    On September 28, 2018, Trump signed the Department of Defense appropriations bill. The approved 2019 Department of Defense discretionary budget is $686.1 billion. It has also been described as "$617 billion for the base budget and another $69 billion for war funding."

    The President requests $59.9 billion in discretionary appropriations for the Department of Education in fiscal year 2019, an $8 billion or 12 percent reduction below the 2018 annualized Continuing Resolution (CR) level.

    We literally spend more on War than education.

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