100 Replies to “Trump’s Stonewalling Adds To Impeachment Evidence | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. If you impeach trump, prepare for an army of pickup trucks with banjo music coming out of them rolling into your blue cities filled with angry men wearing flannel shirts and confederate flag hats. They'll start a civil war. I wouldn't care. I think it would be fun.

    Do you hear the banjos?
    "Tweedle deedle deedle deedle"

  2. If this goes all the way to the top and nothing happens to the orange clown and his cronies. I will lose all respect for our government. Calling for ANARCHY !!

  3. The last two administrations have given Ukraine billions of dollars in military aid because it is of such geopolitical importance.

    Our foreign policy goal has been to get Ukraine to transition into a viable, vibrant democracy and to, "tilt westward," and that includes deterring Russian aggression, requiring consistent engagement with US officials.

    But, logically, even the Ukrainians know that any engagements they have with the US government right now is going to be the subject of congressional scrutiny that's likely to lead them to withdraw a little bit from any further substantive engagements.

    They're essentially between a rock and a hard place, because Trump has figured out he has significant leverage over their leadership.

    And, whether or not his actions are illegal, they are a CLEAR abuse of his power as President of the United States, and should be condemned by EVERY American, Democrat or Republican!

  4. Sweet! So we can all just start ignoring legal subpoenas? If no one is above the law, and these people are defying Congress with no repercussions; Then why cant other citizens ignore legal summons without jail time?

  5. Sargent at Arms should take action! They should understand they are Not more privileged than the troops who serve their commands!!

  6. Guys, americans, Trumpovich have proved that your constitution is not worth the paper it is written on, as you can see, a guy like Trumpovich can just take over like a king, if he got the senate with him. And the senate is paid for by companies who choose who to support with money. Democracy in US is dead!!

  7. The constitution is broken and not fit to handle such figures as Trump in fascist attempts to undermine checks and balances.
    I unfortunately don't see this resolved anytime soon, but democracy is damaged.

  8. Trump's presidency is by far the most devastating blow the USA has received in its history.

  9. Trump will win again in 2020 and there’s nothing you can do about it..
    Get your tampons and tissues ready- you know you’re gonna be butt hurt for another 5 years
    MAGA 2020

  10. he's bringing his new york real estate thuggery to the white house and again and again shows how woefully inept, incapable and inappropriate he is

  11. Believe me. Trump has the best impeachment evidence. Perfect impeachment evidence! Impeachment evidence like nobody's ever seen before. That I can tell you…

  12. This is laughable, referring to Brian Williams about anything is hilarious. How many bodies did he see floating by his hotel room? NBC can never be taken seriously while still employing this liar. How many times was his helicopter fired at before this stupid quote?

  13. The problem is that Pelosi is to old and to weak in their eyes, so they don’t take her seriously. If she showed them that she can play hardball, the witnesses wouldn’t dare oppose her😒

  14. When Nixon sent me a draft notice, I challenged his right to send me to his illegal war. I failed to report. He quit the office before he could jail me.

  15. Trump didn't want Ukraine to dig dirt on the Bidens, because there sren't any dirt todig, announcing an investigation would just create a spectacle, he could go to over and o ver

  16. Just wondering is the republican party above the law ? So if anyone don't want to go to court it's ok? You don't get arrested for not showing up?

  17. Fraudulent Foundation, Fraudulent University–millions in settlement. Why would you let a criminal be on the ballot? 14,000 lies should disqualify him.

  18. @Ari Melber –  There is a third and most effective way to force witnesses to comply with Congress' subpoenas:  Congress can suspend the salaries and establish fines to those who do not obey.

  19. 1927 to 2019 is "over a hundred years"? For chrissakes, Melber, the least you could do is get the simple arithmetic right! Yes, "facts matter". Even little, relatively trivial ones. They affect your (our) credibility.

  20. Oh my my, Trump is DEFENDING himself against another example of Democrats and MSM culluding to destabilize the DULY elected President and America itself!
    Obstruction of justice blew up because Trump was UPHOLDING justice. Obstruction of Congress is not going to work either. Trump is once again forced to defend himself against another abuse of power by Democrats.
    These people have no respect for their fellow citizens. If you elect them you better never fall out of step with them or they will turn on you and your family in a flash. MSM is gonna find out about that the hard way!

  21. The democrats are a vicious corrupt party and so is CNN and so is the station with the two committed adultery.Tge latter as the nerve to talk about our President.

  22. the only reason there's no special prosecutor investigating this issue is because AG Barr refused to assign one upon congressional recommendation and request. that's why its the house conducting the investigation instead of the DOJ that led both Clinton's and Nixon's impeachment inquiries. and yes, Schiff should subpoena Bolton, pompeo, barr, perry and giulliani. whether they think they'll show up or not. EVERY no show is another obstruction of justice charge NOT ONLY against trump but also against those who defy the subpoenas.

  23. you know what's really stupid? asking a court for permission to obey a subpoena. "let's see, should I obey the criminal's command that don't testify or should I follow the law and obey a legally issued subpoena? uummm, I think i'll stonewall and ask a court to decide this issue 6 or 7 months from now." I've never heard of such a thing. this stonewalling tactic, itself, is illegal and sets a VERY dangerous precedent.

  24. It's outrageous. They defy congress, the constitution, justice… And we get jailed for unpaid parking tickets!!! 😡😡😡

  25. Keep it up Donnie. You're digging a bigger and bigger hole for you. You do realize that you're headed to prison, don't you? Just keep talking and doing stupid things.

  26. We're seeing the greatest political campaign in American history! The Repig party showing the American people they are unfit for public office, or public trust!!!

  27. We've got to bring this guy down and put him in his place. When you stonewall, like this, you keep a third of the government from doing its job. If he gets away with this, he WILL be above the law.

  28. Your days as POTUS and a free man are numbered orange boy! Probably wish you never ran at this point, should’ve just stayed a corrupt businessman you probably would have been better off!

  29. As this president digs his grave even deeper all by himself, we must join together and help by kicking the dirt in on top of him. It’s the least we can do.

  30. My message its a little long, but I believe it is important. It reminds us what this administration "has done" for us." Thank you for baring with me.
    No wonder they are going to jail! These idiotic traitors, the GOP, lost the opportunity to get their witnesses by trying Mr. Schiff.
    A game to see who wins! UNbeliable!
    They are ready and willing to lose everything for a man who is disloyal, betraying, abusing their stupidity, and backstabing all of them!
    Trump has to be removed from office, not just impeached!
    If old McConnell votes "not to impeach," he will allow the Devil to finish destroying our beautiful and noble Country, and will be lost, perhaps forever.
    No more freedom of speech; no more National Forests; no more vital habitats for animals in danger of extintion; no more flora and fauna along his wall or along the turnpyke; the press banned; no more affordable healt insurance, no Medicare, no Medicaid, no Social Security; no more meal coupons; no more beauty in the USA, because Trump is selling the beautiful areas to his donors to be exploited; more land lost due to imminent domain; no more "illegals" to help farmers with their crops; more children being kidnapped, mistreated, abused, and deaths; more genocides due to his disregard for others lifes, and irrational acts promoted by his whims, tantrums, vindictiveness, greediness, and selfishness; much more stealing till he depletes the National Treasury; no allies, and so on.
    Do you realize how much we have lost thanks to Trump and his enablers in just 3 years? We have already lost and will lose a lot more if he is not removed from office.
    Actually, McConnell should be removed, too. The traitor sold his life to Russia, and sold us, too, by selling part of Kentucky to Deripaska for $200 million dollars. His pretty, bitter, little, friend Graham got $800 thousands.
    All of them who made all these shady deals in Trump's name and only for his gain and benefit should be removed and punished in conjuction with Trump.
    I wonder if Trump's base is finally opening its eyes. If not, would they go to jail for him, too?

  31. It's funny how if I vote negative about trump on this utube platform it won't accept the very real meal that my Drs office use to contact me ….

  32. remember when laws and constitution used to mean something and were respected! seems forever ago … who would have though that 3 year would be so long…

  33. Republicans act like this woulda happened even if McCain had been elected. That's simply not true. I don't think this would be the same if a normal candidate had been elected. Trump isn't familiar with the laws, and he thinks of laws like an obstacle course, not a way of living. I'd get it if they were defending some kind of honored veteran, but this is Spanky Bonespurs they're putting their careers on the line to defend. I just don't get it.

  34. Absolutely right!! Trump is stonewalling and that should be shown as a ARTICLE of impeachment!! These people need to show the power of the Congress!!

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