36 Replies to “Tucker: Democrats were certain of Russian collusion

  1. Just a little out of order, Carter Page actually was working for the FBI earlier and i believe he wore a wire in a case against a Russian! Before he volunteered for Trump and is involved in a civil case against the government. You should ask him for all the details I may be misinformed.

  2. the hat and the bouncing and the hand jive…the guy is an idiot! He's impeaching someone…he doesn't even know who..with no crime! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!

  3. Trump is guilty of collusion conspiracy obstruction and being a bumbling idiot. And that is just what we seen him do on tv. The bumbling idiot part was daily.

  4. It's a scam: if the left can continue to nit-pick the bones of the Mueller investigation, they can continue to keep alive the narrative that Trump is corrupt. The truth is that they are the corrupt ones. They are trying to divert our attention, through a relentless offensive attack on the white house, and away from the corrupt origins of the investigation: spying and collusion and lying to the American people by Obama, Hillary and their allies.

  5. If "NOT my president trump" would allow us to get the entire Mueller report sooner then later then he can prove us wrong. Not the redacted version, or the version that his new personal attorney bill barr drafted. We are going to get the report one way or another. What are you guys scared of and hiding? Huh, the truth is going to soon come out.

    But the flies continue to fall!!! Now he's got his own son in trouble, what a good dad!!!

    And for tucker carlson, your a blind fool!!!

  6. is it just me or much of the Muller report contains sources from MSM?? how is that "evidence"
    we all know MSM is propaganda arm of the very far left Socialist/Fascist and Corrupt DemocRats

  7. The US Socialist Democratic Party will try to do all the possible damage to all those who can, because they know very well that they will lose the majority in the next elections and that is why they attack anyone who could disgrace their lives, as communists They are proof of their evil and hatred against everyone who loves freedom and democracy, I am simply a citizen of this great nation of the USA and I understand the wickedness of these unfortunate communists.

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