100 Replies to “Tucker: Russian collusion is not a real story

  1. Liberalism is truly frightening, even schizophrenic's often know they have a problem. Liberals can't accept not everyone thinks like them!

  2. Bloomberg don't acknowledge that China is a Dictatorship, headed by the head of the proletariat-Xi. Because he will soon be one.

  3. supporters praise Thump because he looks, speaks, eats, thinks, votes, and sees the world like him, but if he were Black, Asian or Hispanic?

  4. We are in danger. What danger? This vile spewed puke you donkey's hick-up out of your mouths every night on bncnbcbsabcnnccnnmncbsnbcmmnnccbb. Oh my goodness did Bloomberg say that the leader of China is not a dictator. WOW!!!!!!!!!! Can I get a refill?

  5. Is there a difference between a thief that is caught while stealing someone's goods and a Republican stealing (using) taxpayers funds for his and his family's fun? In my opinion, there is only one difference. The Republican in office position will get away with it. Meanwhile the other, highly possible a Republican too, will go straight to jail and probably spend the rest of his or her life there. To put it as clearly as water, he (you) won't be pardoned. Are you getting the picture MAGA supporters? Be careful with your answers and what you wish for.

  6. When I was little kid my Mother told me that in America, anyone can aspire to the highest office in the country to become president.  2016 proved to me that my Mother was right.

  7. Tucker yes there is russia election scam but it involves the Dems they worked with the Dems they all need to be charged for treason

  8. Two years of "hyper-ventilation"… TV talking heads= hair hats have been breathlessly doing the Russia, Russia, Russia musical ensemble to keep the public on the wrong wavelength. It's a rhythmic bullhorn meant to deaden the 'real story' of corruption and collusion for which DC has become famous!

  9. As a Canadian, it took me many years to learn by reading, watching, and listening to American politics. My observations so far is that the left leaning, liberal, Democrats are a dangerous, deceiving, disgrace to America.

  10. V Putin must be the highest achiever in the known universe to do all this they are raving about. He has better things to do. (Like rebuilding his country)

  11. Not Trump. He is a fake. And have many going down with him. Not fun how fox lie for Trump. This so Bad for this Country. 🇺🇸

  12. RUSSIA IS THE STORY – AND YOU'RE NOT COVERING IT! Too much spin and not enough news! Tucker is pushing out into mediocrity!!!!

  13. Right and wrong . Legal and illegal. It has been documented and it's not disputed on Capitol Hill that Russia was behind hacking the election. We are talking about Russia because they did hack the election in several states (2016 election) and Putin himself has said it worked brilliantly and that maybe they would continue to do it.

  14. Why did Trump very recently lie and say he doesn't know Prince Andrew when there are so many photos of them together???

  15. The number one corporate media scam since weapons of mass destruction, used as the pretext for invading Iraq, is that Trump colluded with Russia.

    Like the bright and shining lie that was Vietnam, Corporate media lies and ignores Washington intervention in Venezuela, Bolivia, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Iran.

  16. This yellow journalism reminds me of the 'joke' questions like, 'Have you stopped beating your wife yet?" and "Will you seek help with your bestiality fetish?" … and that's how you spin as leftist sycophant.

  17. Americans believe CIA (well possibly some are waking up) who cares if Putin was KGB…not KGB now…he's appears to be a statesman…

  18. I speak a few languages and it’s my first time watching this guy but he’s wrong in a few things, I read not long ago a few USA agencies like the CIA and NSA admitting Russian interference in their elections. Trump ignored the journalist killed by Saudis in Turkey, China is only selling America the drugs they ask for. I don’t feel I can trust this journalist, he’s not very well informed.

  19. The media like the Communist News Network, MSNBC, CBS and NBC and the DNC are the ones colluded with Russia. It’s a good thing TRUMP never said what Bloomberg said, the left would be holding a crucificxion instead of a impeachment hearing

  20. The only connection between America & Russia was the one where Hillary & obama sold all our Uranium to the Russians.
    And guess what – the samples of Uranium were carried into Russia by Robert Muller — yep the same Robert Muller who was investigating Trump.

  21. Russia attacked the 2016 election and America is under Russian attack right now and yet you choose to worship him , it really makes me wonder how much money you are making to sell out America, Shame on you .

  22. George Washington: I cannot tell a lie.
    Donald Frump: I cannot tell the truth.
    Frump's followers: I cannot tell the difference.
    Russian bots: Who was George Washington and why should I care?

  23. Tucker you're doing God's work informing people of what really goes on in the Nations Capitol.
    I've been a blue collar Union worker in DC for over 20 years and now all the sudden they want to start saving money so we're seeing the Governments GSA services cut all their contractor contracts to save their own asses.
    Building engineers
    In a building just blocks away from the Capitol hard working Americans are losing their jobs or seeing pay cuts.
    Once again when the bloated Government decides to tighten the screws they will never clean out their own House- they take it from anywhere else they can.

  24. I love watching the look of abject fear and desperation on the face of Chuck Todd these days as he knows he will soon be arrested for Sedition.

  25. Sadly to say, most of American are brain-washed by left and right mainstream media. They don't have adequate IQ to think independently.


  27. Russia against China?….that's not going to happen. Commies are going to stick together. I don't think Russia is our main threat though.

  28. How else you explain Nancy Pelosi? But in case you haven’t noticed, they want us to elect people based on their being female, or a member of a minority, or even better, that they come from foreign countries that have very different values and cultures from our own here in America. Eeeew!

  29. "Boris and Natasha did not commit suicide." -MSNBC Oh, and neither did Jeffery Epstein. Macron? OK on this one, he's looking out for his own and telling the truth. Refreshing.

  30. Tucker Carlson is officially a Russian asset. A russian spy. He should be hung for treason. "What makes Vladimir Putin worse than American allies" Tucker just admitted he is a traitor of the United States. He should be arrested and executed.

  31. Nostradamus predicted an alliance with Russia against China! Could this be happening now? If so, WW3 would be inevitable.

  32. No that countries don't actually try it on.. Iran was recently busted for its many many Facebook groups supporting the Scottish Independence Party ( destabilizes the UK, you see). Seems that the usual friday chant …"Down with Satan America, Down with Israel. Down with the UK.." has been changed to "Down with America. Down with Israel. Down with England" ( ie Not Scotland) .

  33. If the Russkies are vodka-soaked and yet they still have a bristling arsenal arrayed against us and pointing directly at us, that's all the more reason to cause concern. How's that Putin guy? Is he a big vodka man? How's he take it, on ice? In a martini? Very interesting …

  34. Tucker Carson stretches credibility often. He is crazy. How can any sensible person believe his bias. God help the US of A.

  35. but um er muller said Russia did, in fact, do it,..tucker is pretending he didn't ,.. betting on small attention span I guess,..

  36. 6:53 Tucker is directly defending Putin,..lol he claims our allies are worse,.. if this sounds ok to you then I got to ask why it is ok with you because I frankly don't get it.

  37. Wow that Chuck Todd has really lost his marbles and should be called out on it everything he opens his mouth same with the other. Points,

  38. It's funny hearing Todd's voice crack like a teenage girl, just giddy with the coverup hes unveiled. It's amazing that they choose to ignore that Ukrainian president is still trying to get us the first real evidence of any interference, ignore the Mueller report and the fact that their hearings flopped. Just swinging in the dirt now and it's sad. If you want to see "dissecting the constitution" look at VAs SR16 and other trying to outlaw assault weapons (its wording especially) and anyone who teaches citizens to organize or be prepared, use a handgun, etc, the very reason for the 2nd amendment.

  39. The way to reply to that is … "Arent you doing SOVIET propaganda? Or have you forgotten YURI BEZMENOV?"
    Lefties are SOVIET agents … for a regime that doesnt exist anymore … but the IDEOLOGY of communism still exists in the form of "traditional communism" (Bernie Sanders), gender-communism (feminism [1]) and economic communism (globalism … " workers customers of the world UNITE").
    Marxism Feminism is the struggle of the oppressed proletariat women against the bourgeoisie patriarchy of the ruling/owning class [straight white] men.

  40. Are you kidding me. From 2009 to 2017 . s wasValdamier Putin was the only president. That cared about us more than our own president Obama ..

  41. President Xi is not a dictator? But he’s declared himself “president for life”. Doesn’t Comrade Bloomberg know that?

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