100 Replies to “Tulsi Gabbard On Conflict With Iran: ‘We’ve Got To Choose Diplomacy’ | Katy Tur | MSNBC

  1. I'm watching the crazytown excuses being put out by House Republicans on the floor right now for not limiting Trump's powers to wag the dog.
    They're debating using unbelievably twisted logic. Everything from claiming that the Embassy in Baghdad was going to be blown up (without proof, saying Trump's word was all the intel they needed) to claiming this is all Jimmy Carter's fault, that we're not in conflict with Iran, yet we have to all fall in line with Republican war plans & not be a "divided" country & trust Trump.
    That we have to give him unrestrained war power so that we do NOT get a war. That's insane. I can't believe these people are Congressmen.

  2. I want to hear what Tulsi Gabbard thinks of this situation right after I hear what Pee Wee Herman and Oprah's second to last chef think.

  3. Without the war economy of the last 18 years with firstly Afghanistan and then Iraq where would the U.S. economy be today. The arms manufacturers and the military would not allow such a proposal. The military needs an enemy to justify its existence and the arms manufacturers have the interests of shareholders to be considered. While a noble but hopeless sentiment to withdraw all troops from the region, history has shown that the U.S. simply has to meddle in world affairs and will start a war just to keep Washington politicians happy. Senators demand government contracts in their particular states to keep their constituents happy. Without the influx of these contracts the state's economy would founder.

  4. So…where was she and the Democrats/media in 2011 when Obama ordered a drone strike killing Anwar al-Awlaki. He became the first U.S. citizen to be targeted and killed by a U.S. drone strike without the rights of due process.

    Obama did that!

    A U.S. citizen born to Yemeni parents, he morphed from a mainstream Muslim into one of al-Qaeda’s most public personalities, al-Awlaki became one of the United States’ most wanted terrorists.

    And Obama killed him without consulting Congress!


  6. The Congress shall have Power … To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water …
    — Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the U.S. Constitution

    Pierce Butler of South Carolina was the only delegate to the Philadelphia Convention who suggested giving the Executive the power to take offensive military action. He suggested the President should be able to, but in practice would have the character not to do so without mass support. Elbridge Gerry, a delegate from Massachusetts, summed up the majority viewpoint saying he "never expected to hear in a republic a motion to empower the Executive alone to declare war". George Mason, Thomas Jefferson, and others voiced similar sentiments

  7. First time I ever saw her where she didn't look like a 'Stepford wife' robot. Maybe she is a human being, after all?

  8. Gabbard voted, "Present," rather than impeach the traitor who extorted Ukraine to force it to lie to America's electorate. Gabbard's practically an accomplice to the psycho who broke the Iran nuclear agreement. Now she wants us to believe she's about diplomacy. Gabbard's garbage: She's either incompetent or deceitful.

  9. Don't forget Trump sent our soldiers to Saudi Arabia to protect his boy friends oil wells the Saidi Prince who condoned Shoggogi I mispellwd it the reporters gruesom death.

  10. Thanks to Donald Trump's impulsive and reckless actions, Iran now has a sphere of influence that extends from Afghanistan's western border all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. Only Xerxes, Darius, and Cyrus the Great had a larger Persian empire than Iran now does. Watch out Turkey.

  11. *MSNBCannibals in space!!* Watch MSNBCannibals battle benevolent aliens bent on activating humanity's junk DNA and freeing mankind from the MSNBCannibal chains of BONDAGE!! …………… Watch Andrea Greenspan chainsaw Battle MyTor supreme leader of the Ophiucus cluster … See LordBpoogerFlicker (Chris Hayes flick a booger on a ALIEN!! *MSNBCANNIBALS IN SPACE!!!!!!*

  12. Shut up when you had the chance to vote on impeachment you folded mrs gabbard now you see what a nut trump is a disgrace both of you voted out by bye Felicia

  13. It's not only ISIS now im Iraq, Trump just killed Shia militia leader in Iraq who was fighting ISIS. So now everyone there wants US soldiers dead

  14. Why is MSNBC not covering the shooting down of a passenger plane by Iran? American sources confirm it was a surface to air missile that bought the domestic airliner down

  15. She give 🇮🇷 iran $150 billion, democrats love that deal, because they make money also, the constitution blah blah blah , nobody follows that stupid dead skin paper

  16. Dough boy has done noting but divide our Country, Almost starting WW3, weaken America on purpose just for puttin..45 is dangerous , this is very clear. He couldn't even talk straight after what he started. What a jerk….Get him out of the WH, Before it's too late for America…

  17. If Tulsi wasn't a fake she would have checked that comment about ISIS coming out of a vacuum when US troops withdrew from Iraq. Gabbard had earlier stated correctly that ISIS was funded, trained and created by the US and it's regional hemchman


  19. She has no redline, Iranians would walk all over us if she was president, Iran is just like all our other enemies, they want to shake our hands with their other hand holding a knife behind their back, its all a power play to build their economic strength and build their war chest, pretending to be on the United States terms until they are in a position of power that they no longer need to pretend to be our friends.

  20. Here's a guy huffing and puffing for 9+ mins trying to sound like a statesman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6veIgq4NZq8&t=31s Here's a guy shredding every aspect of this fake President in just over 3 mins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJ-sfGnG7LU John Kerry for President.

  21. Why is Tulsi even in this race? She didn’t even vote to impeach Trump or not to impeach Trump, she voted “present.” She’s a a false democrat. Drop out.

  22. Listen to this women!
    I didn't pull out like my wife suggested and now have to deal with 3 terror organisms at home!
    Lesson learned after 3rd time

  23. At this point I can’t trust anything tulsi says, she’s a republican heart and soul and only a democrat in name . Don’t believe anything she says!

  24. I'm seeing all these comments praising her. Have any of you done any research on her? She's a Republican in Dem clothing. Same Russian interference that helped Trump supports her. She looks and sounds good, but she's not the brightest by any stretch.

  25. TULSI wants to save the whirl but leaves us vulnerable with no plan, strategic reserves or investigation regarding the attack(?).
    . Mahalo TULSI. Go high or far but you made no difference.in Hawaii.

  26. Following that January 2018 missile alert, you started ragging DJT for his aggressive negotiating technique. Yeah like you could do better. He got a relationship with Noko and the testing has been suspended. We'd have more progress without Dempeachment! And you didn't have dodo to say about DJT's successes.
    Not a peep came forth from your whiney lips.
    You're BOGUS.

  27. Tulsi Gabbard seems correct in her assessment. Demented Donald and Oily Liar Pompeo are taking us all down a dark path that seems to me unnecessary. I'm sorry Demented Donald has made himself so much trouble but he seems stupid and unable to learn from experience.

  28. This is a MSNBC video so I'll not waste time reading the predictable mindless non educated media brainwashed comments and proceed to the conclusion.

    "If you don't support, inform yourself and vote for Tulsi Gabbard. You have no more excuses and you are responsible."


  30. Tulsi Gabbard is a brave independent free thinker. Always putting country and service above self. She’s a classic Democrat in the vein of JFK. She’s also a truly beautiful human being I adore.

  31. The affirmative action "warrior" speaks lol. Remember it's chicks like this who destroyed the American military. Oh yeah we're so powerful because we can drone strike people from thousands of miles away, but feminism has mandated a walk on eggshells policy for the real Warriors, Men. We used to sing cadence about screwing them, but now the new soldier has been trained by their superiors and Hollywood to genuflect at their feet.

  32. Yes, diplomacy is the answer, not proving Smedley Butler right all over again… but let me be real:

    Hey Tulsi, how 'bout you just hold up a sign that says "PRESENT" whenever a mic and camera are in your face?
    Your words, like your campaign, are a waste of better people's time, O Wanter of Talking-Head Money. Give us a call when you're not playing Jill Stein 2.0, k?
    PS All Hindus do not automatically support you just 'cause, despite what you've been told.

  33. Best candidate out there! I wish the democrats would back her! She's has everything the Democratic Party is looking for, she's a woman, multi-cultural, vet that fought in a war, strong, smart, and honest! She even said the problem is that these big search engine companies stuff all this money in your pocket and say do your thing we will take care of the rest and if we need something done make sure your phones on. Its so ridiculous wake up people!!!! The sad thing is alot of ppl don't even know her, cause she's too honest and they dont want her to be known!

  34. Tulsi was saying about how Google and Yahoo and all these big companies stuff a bunch of money in your pocket and say do what we tell you and you will get elected we control the media. But alot of candidates that want to do the right thing say maybe I can use them to get my foot in the door and do what they say for the 1st 4 years and then the 2nd term turn your back on them but its to late by then they already got too much on you and your already too deep. Its sad

  35. Tulsi what do you mean by imminent threat? Current attack on Soleimani was launched on the same premise of imminent threat…and intelligence can be cooked up to show imminent threat..and why do you want to fight ISIS and Al Qaeda the Iraqi govt can take care of them we can assist them but it is their fight

  36. Ask yourself why Fox News treats this woman more fairly than MSNBC does.

    She’s democratic. She speaks out against Trump. She’s for LESS war. And yet the REPUBLICAN network gives her a stronger voice than the “democratic” one.

    Hint: it’s because both sides work for the military industrial complex, and MSNBC favors warmongering and catering to the establishment above all else.

    You are a fool if you think MSNBC is on your side.

  37. Thank You for this interview, MSNBC ~ I feel that Katy asked very fair and respectful questions of Tulsi, and Tulsi answered these as the true Diplomat and Moral Leader she is, in the short amount of time given ~ I am learning more and more about this, and I believe that Tulsi is the most thoughtful and insightful candidate to ask about these crucial questions, not only because she is a combat veteran (in Iraq), but because she has served for over six years on the Foreign Affairs Committee, and the Armed Services Committee ~ She also said in a more personal video tonight, after her vote with the House on the War Powers Resolution, that this is beyond politics, and if you know Tulsi very well, you will understand that she is completely honest and honorable about this ~ #StandWithTulsi, #TulsiTruthMovement, Tulsi2020.com, TulsiGabbard.org, PresidentTulsiGabbard.org ~ #LeadWithAloha, #RespectForAll

  38. the Plane that got shot down, was Iran, they mistaken that Plane for an American war Plane, Trump's wreckless actions, have KILLED CANADIANS

  39. Great. Just let ISIS, Hezbollah, & other terror groups grow & run all over d middle east & then d rest of d free world. Does she even hav any understanding of world politics or global impacts??

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