100 Replies to “Tulsi Gabbard slams Hillary’s Russian asset claim in new ad

    BLAME your Enemy for DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING! THIS WAY, when the truth spoken by your enemy is a "repeat," everyone will discredit them, as mockers & liars.

  2. What is urgently needed is someone who can build an underground movement against the Clinton Caliphate within the Democratic Party. Tulsi Gabbard can be that movement builder. Tulsi is the real deal and the Caliphate leaders know it. That's the reason why they fear her.

  3. Hillary the dead corpse of Christmas past, the vile wicked witch of the west spewing vomiting evil wicked lies,against a patriot who is telling the truth about the warmongers


  5. Here is my observation ( I am not American). US is presently living in a Trump era. Back in the days white supremacists were rolling under a mask, using anonymous internet avatar and profile so on. But now we've seen them out in the open shouting Nazism. We all know the majority who voted for Trump, and he WON! USA is now KKKx1000. Don't you think genuine candidates like Tulsi and Yang with a real purpose and solution are just decoration to the so called "American Democracy"? By the way her name is not Tolsi, it's Tulsi – 'U'

  6. Hillary is a Russian asset herself. It is true that Hillary is dumb and also a great liar. By commenting on Tulsi or Pres Trump, she is slowly giving notification of the creeping sense of dread of a comeback to test the water. Her ambition was and still is to become the first woman President. Unfortunately for her, God forbids. Pres Trump is still God's choice.

    Jill Stein was seen in a restaurant sitting on the same round table with Vladimir Putin and a few others after the 2016 US campaign. I think that video was shot by Project Veritas. Putin admires the brilliant mind of Pres Trump.

    God is in control of history. Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall on the basis of Jesus. The Bible tells us that God establishes leaders, and God removes them (Daniel 2:21). God uses human choice to fulfill His master plan for the universe. God’s sovereign control over the events of human history and His prophetic foreknowledge of future events are clearly manifested in the pages of the ancient Scriptures (the Bible).

    Daniel 2:21 ~ 21 “It is He (=God) who changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and establishes kings. He gives wisdom to the wise And [greater] knowledge to those who have understanding!

  7. It was fun watching the spin from the DNC. They would just change the subject to Russian bots. Yeah there are differences. Gabbard is different.

  8. I’m so sick with Hillary Clinton. She is lier. she corrupts. she is dividing Americans ppl. She is destroying social life.

  9. Hilary is a woman scorned. She is gonna make sure that no woman will ever be president. Her anger has spilled into the party itself ensuring that no democrate will be president as long as she is alive and able.

  10. How is it nobody supports Tulsi gabbard but hundreds and thousands of people come to her defense on the internet? I've always wondered where those people were.

  11. She sounds just like Trump now
    Now she's making the same claim that the Democrats will frame you and accuse you with that 30-year old line…
    You're a Russian operative
    and its the Truth! Those Democrats are the most anti-American SOB's on the planet they're worse than Putin

  12. Tulsi fears no one and takes no prisoners-if your going to cross her be very prepared for a a good old fashioned scrap or like Hillary you will have to do a "no show".

  13. What is really interesting is that the “left” media are not immediately jumping on Tulsi, a female minority war veteran and Aloha Hawaii congresswoman

  14. Tulsi is cute… zzzzz Hillary is a criminal…zzzzz WOMEN ARE NOT LEADERS! Trump 2020… what happened to men behaving like the Duke or Eastwood… man the fuk up men… peace

  15. Tammie Jo Shults is much more of a hero than Tulsi Gabbard or Sully Sullenberger…….Tammie was an F-18 Hornet pilot. In 2018 , her Southwest Airlines plane lost the left engine. The turbine blade had shattered and she still landed the craft and her 150+ people safely . You know why it's not puffed up like Sully's? TAKE A GUESS.

  16. Somebody Need to warn Hillary she had the right to remain Silent…she not going to be president …we dont want NO witch and no rapist in the WH.. Tic tok tic tok

  17. Tulsi is amazing. How can anyone trust a Democratic Party that eats its own? It is a vicious scene out there filled with the standard Clinton dishonesty. Dem leadership is rotten to its core.

  18. Tulsi is spot on. And Hillary and her husband are BOTH Russian AND deep state assets. Hillary deflects and projects onto Tulsi what she knows to be true about herself. She is a bitter woman who in her sense of being special and entitled is living out her last days as an impotent sore loser.

  19. I wonder what Russia thinks of all this bull crap our candidates be talking about why does she have to be Russian spy

  20. President Trump stood up and defended Gabbard, where is the reciprocation to tell the country and world, that President Trump was also wrongly accused by Clinton ?

  21. TULSI GABBARD is Deep State. The anti Hillary candidate? Don't be ridiculous. Why do you think she's getting covered by CBS,NBC,CNNand ABC. She's the last gasp of the Deep State. it's not working. Counsel on Foreign Relations Puppet.

  22. I don't believe a word this woman says she's been groomed from the beginning and she's took thousands and tens of thousands of dollars from the podesta so I think she has something to do with it Hillary Clinton when she came out and set it and she didn't even really say her name that's what I don't understand so how did she know she was talking about her this is strange to me something is just not right but Hillary loves to ruin lifes can we count how money lives thes crooked women has ruined

  23. I hope people who voted for Hilary see how crazy she is and repent. Remember one of the debate questions was if the candidates would accept the outcome of the election and she adamantly said she would, that not to would undermine the process itself. I am now even more thankful she did not win. She belongs in a hospital. We should feel sorry for the mentally deranged.

  24. So now Democrats are fighting and smearing one another. "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand." Matthew 12:25 Thank you Democrats you are only making it easier for us (Proud Republicans).

  25. You shouldn’t call anybody. I’m a republican but I’m completely with Tulsi on this. You shouldn’t just call someone a traitor to her country like it’s just another insult. That has to hurt tulsi on a personal level, seeing as how she was in the military. Come on Hillary. If anyone is a Russian asset it’s you and you know it. Good Lord.

  26. 80's baby vs Greedy azz baby boomer. Too easy. Nobody is buying what baby boomers are selling lmao ha ha ha sell what ever your want lmao ha ha ha :D. This is a done deal

  27. I stand behind my fellow 80's babies. Tha question is how y'all gonna steal my vote this time. I want a receipt of my vote! :D. That machine better print out a receipt of everybody I voted for

  28. I find it odd at the same time we saw those creepy clowns lurkiing around the edge of the woods that frightened school children and the public, Clinton was also found walking about the woods too? Could there be a link between those creepy clowns and this one that just won't go away?

  29. Every time Clinton opens her mouth she  proves America elected the right person. When Al Capone was dying of syphilis of the brain he exhibited the same paranoid behaviors as she does now. Hmmmm.

  30. Tulsi… now you know what they're doing to
    President Trump, right? Except with him it's about ten thousand times worse. You should be defending President Trump now…

  31. I’m voting for Trump. Because… while I’m paying attending to the circus surrounding him, my state is going all AOC.

  32. Hillary Clinton should know about "Grooming" because she was groomed by the Cabal, the Deep State, the NWO, and not to mention George Soros!

  33. Sounds like Hillary doesn't like compitition eh? If Hillary can't be the first woman President, she doesn't want another woman to upstage her and finally become the first. Sourgrapes? Yeah, big-time eh? What's that definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. This is Hillary's mantra! I thought Hillary was the "Champion of women"? If she was of right mind, she should applaud Tulsi Gabbard instead of trash talking about her!

  34. What's up with this entire russian democracy vs socialism thing of the forties. Only a marone would not want russia as an ally. You think the english hold any value. No resources no military no well no anything except a monarchy hell bent on maintaining power. O yeah sure they refer to themselves as the british but we all know they get a little sick inside at the thought of being compared to a British. And the british sure and the hell dont like being called english.any how on a world leval be it peace time war time or on economic issues research I mean seriously every aspect of a forign relation. Russia is are best option. Yeah Vladimir isnt so nifty for russians, but russia truly should be are greatest ally and there more then willing to associate leave the british colonies way of life alone. Its us that have this big issue over socialism and feel it must be stomped out at every oppurtunity.


    you idiots need to learn some critical thinking skills and stop believing idiotic conspiracy theories..

  36. Why doesn't anyone ask Hillary how she knows for certain Tulsi Gabbard is a favorite of the Russians and Jill Klein is a Russian asset? Seems like she would have to be talking to the Russians to have first hand knowledge like that! Seriously!

  37. She can not debate face to face with Gabbard! Clinton would get torn a new one. Way too many skeletons in hills closet..hours of fodder for her to dance around and just look worse. Smart move backing out Hillary.

  38. Clinton is a crook and Tulsi Gabbard is honest,so Tulsi has a chance to be president where as Hillary is a has been and will never be anything but a thief . Tulsi can change the Democratic party and maybe make it a real party again instead of a lot of crooks.

  39. Hillary "Shabby" Clinton always tries to take down women who are truly liberated, self reliant, self actualized & strong. She's no champion for women … never was, never will be.

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