Twitter Bans Political Ads For 2020 Election & Fracking Blocked In California

Twitter announced recently that their ban
on political advertising is going to extend to legislation and social causes, a move that
could hurt candidates in groups who aren’t funded by big money donors. Farron, you said, you’ve said this a couple
of times. Anytime you see social media saying we’re
gonna, we’re, we’re really gonna make it difficult for you to use social media to advertise your
idea, your legislators, legislative concept, your candidacy. Who suffers? The, well the people who are grassroots mostly. And one of the things that’s really so awful
about this new decision is that you can’t even run an ad on Twitter anymore because
they ended it November 22nd. You couldn’t run an ad saying, you know, vote
yes or vote no on proposition one. You couldn’t explain the benefits, you know,
proposition one just to generic. But you can’t advocate or any outcome in any
kind of race or legislative battle. And that is absolutely devastating to the
people who use this as the tool to talk to their constituents. Well, here’s what it says, it says that it’ll
define political content. Now follow this. It’s going to define political content as
anything that references a candidate, a political party, a pointed government official or referendum
or ballot measure or legislation or regulation. What in the hell, I mean, that’s what journalism
does. We talk about these things. The problem is that we, that this is being
run, these decisions are being run in an in an environment where politically correctness
is killing us. I mean, we’ve got, we’re like, we’re, it’s
almost like are we too stupid to be able to read something or see something and make a
decision ourselves? They want to think for us and it’s not just
Twitter. We’re seeing it across the board right now. It’s like, it’s like this millennial snowflake
concept that is killing us. It’s all based on political correctness and
we’ve got to get away from it. The first amendment matters. We ought to be able to talk about a ballot
issue. We ought to be able to talk about legislative
issues that concern us on things like the environment, dangerous products, corruption
in government. This is saying we can’t do that. Well, the problem is they saw Facebook. Facebook took a lot of heat and rightfully
so, but then Facebook said, listen, our decision is we’re not going to fact check anything. You want to run an ad, you run an ad. If somebody reports it as being bad, we’ll
look into it. But we say whatever, run, whatever, and Twitter
says, wow, that’s, that’s one extreme. We’ll go to the other extreme and say nothing
at all. You can’t do anything. But Twitter is a far greater tool to reach
a huge amount of people in the shortest amount of time. And that is what these grassroots candidates,
these, you know, consumer organizations, they rely on Twitter far more than they do on Facebook. Okay. Let’s, let’s put it in a real, healthcare,
okay. Universal healthcare. What do we have with universal healthcare? You have a concept, a cause. Correct? And you have a bill legislative bill, and
according to the rules, you can’t talk about that on Twitter. Now, that’s how ridiculous it’s become. Now the other part of it is we’re going to
have, who is it that’s going to make these decisions? I mean, you’re going to have people that understand
that all of these issues so well that they can define, well, this is actually, this is
actual political discussion. We can’t permit this. Or is this discussion that ties into a bill
that’s pending that we ought to be able to talk about? You see, the problem is anytime you go down
this avenue, you’re saying to the American public, you are so frigging stupid that we
can’t trust you to be able to read something and figure it out yourself. That’s what this is. This is, this is, this is let’s take care
of stupid people because we’re smarter than they are. And what’s going to happen is that eventually
something’s going to squeak through and if it’s a right-leaning thing, the left is going
to be furious and claim a bias. If it’s a left-leaning thing, the right’s
going to claim a bias because eventually, because of the people they’re going to have
doing this, something’s going to sneak through and this is going to come back and bite Twitter
because regardless of which side it is, they’re going to be accused of having a huge bias
and it’s going to throw it all out the window. I, I hope it comes back and bites them. Farron, thanks for joining me. Okay. Thank you. And finally tonight, some good news. California has issued a moratorium on hydraulic
fracking processes and new fracking leases in the state. This is just a temporary halt to these procedures,
but it could potentially lead to a permanent ban on the state, throughout the state. This move by the state came after activists
and researchers put tremendous pressure on lawmakers to finally consider the risks involved,
specifically the increased risk of earthquakes that’s been associated with fracking. This risk is so great that several European
countries have already banned fracking all together. You can’t do it, period. They also highlighted the dangers of chemicals
used during the fracking process, which include countless carcinogens and toxic heavy metals
capable of poisoning drinking waters and entire aquifers. Unfortunately, the public is still in the
dark about all the chemicals used thanks to a law that, oh by the way, Dick Cheney helped
pass years ago. That’s a real comfort. This story shows how effective activism can
be to influence major positive change in this country and when the voices of the public
are loud enough, even the fossil fuel industry better pay attention. That’s all for tonight. Find us on Twitter and at Facebook on You can watch all RT America programs and
Direct TV, Channel 321 and also stream them on YouTube. I’m Mike Papantonio and this is America’s
Lawyer, where every week we’re going to tell you the stories that corporate media is ordered
not to tell because their advertisers won’t allow them to do that. Have a great night.

26 Replies to “Twitter Bans Political Ads For 2020 Election & Fracking Blocked In California

  1. Im so glad I don't have any social media like FB, Twitter, etc. YT is all I need. I see enough coo coo trump ass lickers on YT, don't need to see more elsewhere plus subscribe to corrupt companies like FB, Twitter, etc.

  2. Wait a minute, are you telling me a corporation can sway political outcomes?

    I'm so shocked.

  3. US Natl Weather Service has a Twitter page, they track and share weather info which people discuss. All weather reports come through satellites to which the Govt has leases on. The weather being thus politicized, do we Trust Our Govt not to fatally shoot the weather or pollute it and make it wrathful.
    It seems as if Twitter has lost sight of one of its vital functions, connecting people with the Environmental Protection Agency FEMA their local Representatives and judges, EVEN that crazy little Oompa Loompa in DC, and as Mike and Farron mentioned journalists real ones like the ones at TMZ and Entertainment Tonight use Twitter they refer to Twitter and the crazy s*** people say there the pictures they post, things that come up in trials and during elections, there are great npos and fpos generating interest through Twitter, people campaigning for their pet causes little local ballot initiatives, everyone supported Twitter Banning presidential campaign ads. It would be some 1984 s*** to tell people all politics are on Mufasa status not to be discussed.
    Speech in this country is already too homogenized in workplaces and even on college campuses, If people can't discuss Politics on Twitter, then what do they/we have left to discuss besides their meals and other consumeristic bullshit of no real importance?!.
    Also NO JOKES on Twitter it's algorithms can't detect sarcasm.
    But the time is coming when Facebook Twitter Instagram all these ephemeral bullshit time-wasters will join MySpace and having gone the way of the dodo bird I've been replaced by some new platform. Which I would call clothesbootsandMotorcyclebook
    #freethenipple #ZuckerbergisaRobot #LegalizeSalviaDivinorum


    Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last *trump*: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

    1 Corinthians 15:51‭-‬52 KJV


  6. Crazy idea, stop giving these platforms so much power through use and acting like your forced to use the platforms. That's why people are stupid as hell. Leave and they'll change. You are still using YouTube and Twitter to protect your investments.

    What total bullshit excuse making.

  7. I dropped out of social media because I was tired on having to fact-check everything I got. Most came from the right but it also went on in the left. Who wants to / has the time to fact-check all that content. It's overwhelming.

  8. What confuses me lately, perhaps someone can help, is that I hate fracking because of the harm it does to the environment but Fiona hill said in the impeachment hearings that putin is putting out theories to try to stop America doing fracking because he fears the extra resources they get from it. So if fracking is bad environmentally how can it also be a conspiracy theory? If putin wants to stop it and you also want it curtailed, does that mean you also help him, in spite of it also being harmful. I'm confused, could someone please explain what's right & wrong here, I don't get it. Cheers

  9. It's not about Political Correctness, It's about stopping grassroots movements and preventing the populace from rising up.
    Mike is all wrong. They are taking away freedom of speech with the EXCUSE of fairness. They see what's happening in other countries and it scares them They won't talk about that either.

  10. Social media gets zlot of flack for not fact checking. Twitter, a private company, have decided to stop everything. That's fair enough. What happened before Twitter?

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