Ukraine’s “warzone” around Independence Square – Truthloader

These of the streets of Kiev, looking more
like a warzone than a mass protest. Molotov cocktails and fireworks were being
thrown as the police and protesters clashed through the night. It’s the fifth consecutive day of violence
in and around Independence Square as the battle against President Viktor Yanukovich continues. The first fatalities in the protest movement,
which began last November, were reported yesterday with three people killed, at least two from
gun shots. This video emerged of bodies being carried
from a makeshift Red Cross medical centre near the square. Another later showed the same centre completely
smashed up and vandalised. It’s reported the damage was inflicted as
these riot police stormed the building. There’s been constant to-ing and fro-ing as
the riot police try to destroy the barricades put up by the demonstrators, who fight back
and erect new ones in response. The violence has continued despite calls to
remain peaceful from opposition leaders like Vitali Klitschko. And more action has been promised unless a
snap election is called within 24-hours. It all stems from disagreements over whether
to sign a trade agreement with Russia or the European Union, with the President preferring
the Russian option and the Kiev movement demanding closer ties with Europe. If you want more information on that there’s
a video annotated on screen now as well as in the video description. But this was the aftermath of last night’s
violence filmed this morning, with tyres still burning away and black smoke bellowing out
into the skies of Kiev.

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  1. Big respect for the Ukrainian government for staying no violant this shows that their gov is for the poeple at his stage of the riot happened in the US they would have called in SWAT with dogs and the National Guard with tanks and even the permission to use live ammunition as they have in the past also for this is not a fight for their rights its to join AIDs(EU) or Ecoli(Russia) i dont know why they just didnt stay independant without having to join either one

  2. The whole world outside the west seems to be on the brink of complete chaos and destruction but i wouldnt be surprised when it happens to us

  3. To all ukrainians – an effective molotov cocktail recipe:
    -Mix gasoline, diesel , kerosen or other burning substances with palm oil, sun flower oil, basically any type of oil, this will help the flames to stick to any surface + the flames will be harder to put out. Also optional mix in some solvents/diluants.
    Best of luck.

  4. Lmao, all of those idiot's at those riots are now criminals, why can't the government simply roll in the military and tanks to scatter them?

  5. so they want the deal with the EU for economical reasons yet they burn hundreds of tiers and paralyse the city's transportations

  6. People in Spain riot against the EU and banks. And Ukraine wants to join the EU. From economic standpoint you can't solve their problems with politics, they the people need to innovate and change they way they do things.

  7. Give the protesters credit.  They organized themselves well and have successfully defended the key areas and are well trained to fight back against the riot police.  That this movement without a leader was able to organize such training for the masses is truly astounding.  This should make every world government think twice before stomping out protests.    

  8. "People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people."

    ~Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

  9. If there were more intellectual people in the US, something similar would happen. But no, all you US zombies think the US is "protecting" you.

  10. stop buying the bullshit about the government being oppressive, all they did was chose a deal with Russia over the EU, protests would have ended long ago if it weren't for western push for regime change.

  11. It warms my heart to realize that some young people in Ukraine still remember Comrade Molotov! However, soon the Ukrainian President will probably appeal to Putin to flood the streets with Russian Tanks; then Kiev will look like Prague in 1968! TNX for the video!

  12. If the government wants to chouse for Russia instead of Europe so be it, but Europe needs to step messing around in Ukraine. Those Eu supporters are burning things up setting police officers on fire and even beating them with steel pipes. I life in the EU and its fucked up here everything is expensive and more people are losing their job, id say fuck the EU.

  13. All this because people want to take advantage of the developed countries and take work belonging to the citizens of those countries…well done to the president for holding his ground, shame on the protesters for behaving like animals.

  14. "These protestors are in the way of private profits getting into the hands of ever fewer people. How dare their impinge upon capitalism! Kill more of them. Kill their women and children!" A. True Capitalist.

  15. Riot police are hardly anything and out of those 5 dead 2 were police and 3 were protesters so pretty much the Gov is going no violant if one cop was killed in the US during a riot they would have shut down the whole city told everyone to stay inside and you know the rest from the other message while they would also use water canons, rubber bullets, and Acoustic weapons, dogs, tear gas, live ammunition, and lastly flash bangs seens like alot riot well the here in the US we tend to go over board

  16. i saw a clip on the CNN student news where a police officer pointed a gun straight at the camera and shot…. and there was also a clip where a protester had been caught and got hit in the neck with a shield…..

  17. Russia should seriously keep there occupant hands of the former Soviet states who where occupied..they want the same as back then these occupant pigs!

  18. Hopefully closer ties with Europe as a whole and not EU, and fuck, half of Russia is technically in Europe. Can't understand why trade connections can't go both ways, but I guess the both the EU and Russia are paranoid towards each-other.

  19. ITs amazing how so little people actually care about what is happening here, more people are worried about the little dick Justin Beiber getting arrested….. Its a sad world now a days.

  20. This is what happens when you allow criminals and their lackeys to form the government: injustice, corruption and thuggery!

  21. I love how people call these protesters valiant and everything and I bet that in the same breathe they will call the protesters who occupied buildings in Eastern Ukraine "Terrorists" fucking double standards.

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