53 Replies to “US Ordering Diplomats Out Of Venezuela For Security Reasons

  1. Once again the USA sticking their nose in where it doesn't belong if the USA would start thinking with common sense they would pull out of the UN and every country tell them all to fix your own countries problems!

  2. 1st of all Donald Trump is wrong no one has the right to make themselves president The United States is making a mistake by getting Involved


  4. All due to the us sanctions on this country. Sanctions are wars. Starving innocent people and seeing that no one supplies them .trump is carrying on what Obama started. And mudoro just was elected again.

  5. And now there ramping it up . For control for these corporations to go steal their resources. Same dam shit they do in the middle East bids for the big Corporations. Pay to play

  6. USA only speaks rubbish not stop. They never cared about the ppl of Venezuela not once. They engineered the fall of the oil price dropping it so low that the cost of producing crude oil was more that what they could sell it for per barrel. Bringing Venezuela to its knees causing millions to suffer.

  7. Why don't Venezuela just lease there oil fields out to Turkey , China or Russia maybe even India or even Qatar and earn income from royalties per barrel. Or a share of the profit.or sell of shares or ownership off like Saudi is doing with Aramco.

  8. Nobody really gives a shit about Venezuela because it is a failed socialist state. This was once a beautiful country but mismanagement and corruption destroyed it. Because of shale oil we simply do not need the poor grade oil from Venezuela. Basically we will just watch it crumble into chaos and crime even more every day. Let Russia and China go bankrupt supporting Venezuela. This is a perfect storm for us. There is no hope for this awful Madura administration. Watch for the actions of the Colombians next door. They are being overcome by Venezuela refugees. They will have to send in their military to intervene. All the while we Americans just sit back and enjoy the show.

  9. Why is a American man (Pompeo) sitting nicely in his big office in Washington DC saying that the president that was born and raised in his culture and in his country cant make decision for his own people and lands ??? Please anyone can you explain I dont get it ?

  10. It`s downright stupidity (1) to keep diplomats in an officially declared vacant building with water, electricity and communications cut off. Also no access or delivery of goods possible either. Unbelievable ignorance (2). No wonder Americans are already being chipped like cattle with the 666 `Mark of the Beast` without even knowing what`s going on (3, 4, 5).

    1 – YouTube: AMERICANS GETTING DUMBER Average IQ Drops 14 Points
    2 – YouTube: Millennials: The Dumbest Generation in History?
    3 – YouTube: ALERT 1 in 3 Americans IMPLANTED ILLEGALLY With RFID MICROCHIP = 100+ million
    4 – YouTube: RFID Chips Found In New Borns All Over Nation. State Pushes One World Gov. Agenda
    5 – YouTube: Mark of the Beast: Trump Orders Biological-ID to Replace SS Number ID

  11. FAKE news i was thinking TRUMP can tell true not lies .Not US ordering diplomats out but president Maduro kick them out was give them 72 hrs why this lies

  12. cuba, syria, iran, venezula …yeah these nations have a lot of money. Only the leaders do.everyone else is poor.

  13. US government must die immediately. You are the cancer to humanity. Shameful, disgusting, evil, and criminal.

  14. Guaido is going to get KILLED
    MADURO is going to stay

    and POMPEO
    can go f*** himself…

    I DIDN'T vote for Trump
    for this s***.

    be our MAIN focus..

    NOT VENEZUELA'S business..

  15. Here we go again..USA will get involved again in Venezuela like what they did in Syria and other countries..so sad for the people of Venezuela

  16. America forces of evil, Israel forces of demons and NATO
    satanic allies. NOTE: same feather flocks together. There media allies like
    CNN, FOX NEWS, BBC, SKY NEWS, CBS are the mouth piece of satan. Don’t’ be fooled by Fake channels and fake
    actors paid By US.

  17. I solemnly declare Juan
    Gweedo is now the new secretary of state in America replacing Mike Pompo and I
    declare also that Hilary Clinton is now the new vice president of America
    replacing Mike Penice. Haha ha the US become a Banana republic…

  18. Maduro is bad no doubt but Uncle Sam's spreading of "freedom & democracy" is not a force of good it has brought nothing but anarchy. Every one has seen it doesn't matter what "we are the good guys" b.s you spread….everyone knows & everyone knows how much Senõr Trump loves latinos

  19. Don't sweat it Venezuela – If Trump and Pompeo and Bolton are recognising Guaido as President – then Maduro has WON !!!

  20. I want to work in America, but with poor immigration laws, its impossible for me. I am currently pursuing Masters in Economics and Finance from a university here in india. I would be highly obliged and grateful if someone could offer me a job, and sponsor me to come to USA. Please, help me.

  21. Long story short. US oil companies steal Venezuelan oil, buy off Venezuelan leaders, impoverish the people. People rise up, elect Chavez, Chavez kicks out US oil companies the US oil companies go crying to daddy(U.S. government). Then daddy(U.S. government) goes after Venezuela, imposes sanctions, works with Saudi Arabia to tank oil prices, crippling Venezuela’s economy. All because Venezuela won’t let U.S. oil companies steal their oil.

  22. American first to land on the moon, first to provoke war against Vietnam and Korea, first to have more wars after WW2, first to use chemical weapons of mass destruction agent orang in Vietnam, first to carpet bomb Laos every three minutes for more than three years, first to nuke bikini Island, first to move to Jerusalem, first to have more than 450 military base around the world, first to kidnap President in Panama, what else is first to the American

  23. the US is monitoring the situation…like it's staking out a whorehouse. Guido's hiding in the US embassy. Pull him out and hang him by his ankles on the street posts. That'll send a message to the white house. No interference. Maduro will rule over Guido's corpse.

  24. No!!! The deep state CIA world Criminals so call “diplomats”was kick out !!!
    Stupid criminals
    Keep your ISIS democracy for your selfs !!!
    Never invest in crooked country’s Like U.Snakes and UK !!! You never gonna see your gold again

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