Veteran: Trump War Crime Pardons Are Dangerous

Let’s go next to the caller. Who is calling in from the, uh, two five,
four area code? Who’s calling today from two five four. Hey, David, it’s Matt. Hey Matt. What’s up? Oh, no. Too much. Two questions. And they’re pretty short. Number one is, um, how do you do this every
day? Uh, I, I take weekends totally off. That’s how well my quote, the reason I ask is pay. For example, yesterday what happened yesterday
in the news, we had two big things. We had to just, we had the Supreme court saying
that Trump’s taxes could be a without for the time being. And then you had before that the, um, court
say that, um, McGahn had to testify, right? So you get, you get one good thing and then
minutes later you get hammered with something that, you know, makes it seem like everything’s
political and justice doesn’t exist anymore. And so I’m just wondering what your thoughts
are on that issue. Well, I would actually say it’s sadly worse
than you, then you’re even pointing out, because even the good thing that McGahn has to testify,
he has to testify. But even if he does, he can assert executive
privilege to every question that’s asked. So it’s like even how hidden in the good result
is the reality that we’ll probably never get anything substantive out of him. And the theme is that power tends to win because
we have two justice systems in two financial systems, et cetera. So I wish I could even agree that it was one
good thing on one bad thing, and it was one bad thing and one thinly veiled good thing,
which is actually pretty neutral or not, not so good. So it’s actually sadly even worse than you’re
suggesting. Well, I agree with you on that, but at the
same time, you can’t claim executive privilege to cover up a crime. So if McGahn has just has to flank to exactly
what he said, the molar and the Mueller report, then I would say that that would be a good
day for the nation to see him again in front of the dayas there. It would, well, the only thing that is that
my belief is that he would be testifying only under the umbrella of the Ukraine impeachment
hearings. So I don’t know that the Mueller stuff would
necessarily even be part of it, but that remains to be seen. And then my second question is, what are your
thoughts on this whole, um, um, G Gallagher Navy seal? I don’t think Trump quite knows exactly what
he’s doing in this area. Um, with, with our military, I, it’s, it’s
a dangerous game he’s playing and he’s, he’s in, I’m inserting it and I understand he’s
a commander chief. Sure. But he’s got no real, I mean, he’s, he’s a
businessman. I get that. And he was a real estate business man, but
it was, it was a family owned business. It wasn’t a, a big corporation. So when you have some, like the military,
I spent 10 years in the act of service. I’m still in the reserves slash IRR deployed
five times four direct one Afghanistan. But it’s just one of those things where, where
um, he’s, he’s, he’s dividing the, the one thing that shouldn’t be divided. Like I was watching Gallagher on Fox, I’m
not sure when he went on, but he was saying that it’s all about ego in that, you know,
the people above him are just out to get him and this, that and the other. And he’s saying that his buddies in the, in
the military support him and, well, I mean, let me ask you, let me ask you
Matt, because my view has been that what Donald Trump is doing by pardoning war criminals
is very dangerous because it could be seen as a signal to people in active duty that
even if you do something which your superiors aren’t telling you is okay to do and which
the law says is an okay to do that, you’re being sort of signaled by the president. That may be, it is sort of okay. And that you might end up with a pardon. That’s my concern as someone, you’re better
positioned to answer this than I am. As someone who actually served, like you said,
five tours overseas. Is that the way that this could be interpreted? That maybe you can get away with more than
you’re actually told you can get away with? It’s, it’s a danger. It’s a dangerous, uh, thing to undertake. I’ll, I’ll put it that way. It’s one of those things where, you know,
when you join the military, when you go overseas, you receive all kinds of briefings from, you
know, the JAG officers, this and another about the Geneva convention rules of engagement,
your Roe, your rules of engagement, all that stuff. And everything is laid out pretty much in
black and white. So it’s just one of those things where if,
you know, Gallagher went over there and he did what he did. I’m not saying they did anything significant. He, you know, killed the bad guy. But then he took a picture with the, you know,
in front of it. Is that necessarily, you know, um, all that
bad? No. But it is against, you know, our rules. So it’s one of those things in our law. So it’s one of those things where if you did
the crime, guess what? You know, you gotta you sign the contract,
you said okay. To the, to the, to the laws that govern, uh,
you know, what you were doing over there. Um, so I don’t have any, you know, no, no
real sympathy. He chose to do what he did. Um, his, his brothers in arms, um, kind of
went against what he did. And, um, I think he got what he deserved. His life wasn’t over. Yeah, he wasn’t, I mean, so I don’t, I don’t
know. I don’t know. I’m, I’m, I’m just, I’m worried that, that,
that Trump is dividing the, the, the services and the people who, you know, serve the country,
um, faithfully and who do it by the law. Um, they see this and I’m worried that they’re
going to look at this and be like, well, what do we do now? How are you going to, how are you going to
punish somebody in your ranks for going outside of the bounds? The, you got Trump in the white house saying,
well you know, this guy did it and he’s cause I mean I can’t tell you cause I was in during
the surge and uh, you know, I enlisted in 2002 after nine 11 and I, I’m still in not
active, but um, and it’s just one of those things where I guess I’m just worried I share that concern with you. Matt, I should totally share the concern with
you and I really appreciate you, uh, calling in and sharing your perspective. I hope to hear from you again. Thank you so much for the call. Really appreciate it.

100 Replies to “Veteran: Trump War Crime Pardons Are Dangerous

  1. Why? We are talking about men that fight crimínals created by: THE STATE DEPARMENT “THE SWAMP”.Well done President Trump.

  2. Pictures ARE serious. I had to go back for the Surge in large part over those pictures from Abu Ghraib. C'mon man, stop minimizing war crimes.

  3. I knew the day Trump stated he doesn't like people that get captured about Mccain, what scum Trump was. I never would have voted for anyone that spit on the graves that served this country. He is a Putin loving puppet. He disgusts me.

  4. Its bad on many levels. The main one is when a military type is captured overseas they are more likely to be tried by a kangaroo court set up by an enemy..


  6. these people that are pardoned will not get the help that they need and ,most likely be in the court system at sometime in the future . furthermore, with the option of prision

  7. Bullshit!! Every single soldier who takes a picture of it deserves complete exoneration. You’re telling me he actually showed the kids what war looks like? Wake up! Ahaha.

  8. There are only two ways to legally attack another country under international law: UN resolution and self defense. This makes the USA and it's population of brainwashed morons the world's worst war criminals. Barack Obama is the worst war criminal leader in recent history having conducted 7 illegal conflicts.

  9. He's buying support and it fringes at the very least an infraction of the Hatch Act when these military personnel who are federal employees, solicit or receive contributions for partisan political candidates or groups, and engage in political activity while on duty. He also made their pardons conditional upon their support. This sends a message to other military personnel for them not to disobey even if it's against the constitution which military have taken an oath not to do.

  10. Donald Trump played a businessman it was very shity at it he filed bankruptcy 6 times he's not a millionaire like he's always portrayed to be Donald Trump's life in the public has been a whole lie

  11. This guy on the call thinks killing an injured teenager was justified and not a big deal to pose with the body?
    Boy the military must train you to not respect life.

  12. He's giving military personnel carte blanche to commit all manner of evil in the military theatre. This won't be the end of this.

  13. I think we should be very worried by Donald Trump messing with the military it's another separation tactic the guy should have never accepted it America has great respect for our military Donald Trump just said he has no respect for our military the military takes care of their own problems with in the military and that's the way it should be in that's the way it's always been by Trump doing this it will divide our military from the people who know they can do wrong and be pardoned and the people who do right by our military it's going to cause of separation we need to be extremely worried about Donald Trump being in the White House this is something that Donald Trump should have never fucked with Donald Trump has an IQ of a rock he Shoulda never been in the White House

  14. The problem with Trump is he's so severely unqualified for the job that he's literally ruining it. The only reason Traitor Trumps pardoning war criminals to make him look good.
    Traitor Trump also believes and has said he's a war hero himself with a family of war hero's even though no Trump has EVER served. He also seriously believes he knows better than anyone about the military.
    He's a walking talking waste of air. Anything he does its to raise his ego, how good he's seen and his own financial benefit.
    He's trying to erase our constitution, laws and our military morals and values.
    My dad is a retired Army Tank Commander of 23 years. My moms a retired Navy Russian Interpreter. They are both so angry at how he's treating the integrity of our Armed Forces.
    The only way our country will survive is to get rid of Traitor Trump and his administration of criminals ASAP!

  15. Hey. The POTUS is a criminal sitting in the White House so he gets away with crimes..When he pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio who was guilty of racial profiling..what else to say?

  16. Thank you for calling in, Matt. You sound like someone who doesn't normally speak in public, but this stuff got to you, and you felt you needed to speak up. Good for you.

  17. 🚨 Breaking News! 🚨
    In a stunning turn of events, Trump has declined to participate in the Impeachment hearing this week. No Trump. No Trump counsel. No shit.

    *This is when you act surprised.😉

  18. Trump is planning to invite these pardoned war criminals to join him on the campaign trail, where they will join him on stage and speak about his "love and respect" for our military. 🙄

    I'm shocked and disgusted, but not surprised.

  19. Slavery in America lasted for 84 years.

    Islamic slavery has lasted for 1,400 years – almost 17 TIMES longer.

    Islamic slavery was almost 20 TIMES larger than the US slave trade, and continues to this day.

    If you're not focused on that, I don't care what you say about slavery.

  20. Pardoning Gallagher is part of the broader pattern of trumpian lawlessness. He is making the law more fluid and less enforceable.

  21. He’s ignorant to the ramifications on most every topic. This dumb motherfucker is playing checkers and running around yelling, “crown me”. This also describes his base. They can only think one step ahead and lack critical thinking skills. This shit show can’t end soon enough for me.

  22. It's gonna cause people not to obey the laws. Dangerous for the people who do obey the laws. May cause in fighting from people you need to watch your back. Who would you trust?

  23. I think Trump is doing it pardoning war criminals because he is trying to get some people inside the military who will ignore the rules and help him declare martial law so that he can become the dictator that he has always dreamed of being.

  24. The bone spurs coward has pissed off all the military leaders. He is probably hoping that his random pardons will free "his" Otto Skorzeny who will come rescue him before he is lead to the gallows.

  25. If you want the political system to change for the better.. than only one answered that's Bernie Sanders 2020 make it happen.

    It makes a mockery of discipline in the army and that's a dangerous thing, and shows the precedence as you say, undermined the military.

  26. Gallagher didn't kill a "bad guy", he murdered unarmed people whenever he thought he could get away with it. He's also classically projecting – clearly he's all about ego. The pardoning wrecks discipline and morale, and absolutely fires up the hatred of every person with something against the US. The only thing in Trump's favour is that the rest of the world knows he's a lunatic moron so it's going to have a less lasting effect on US relations than if an adult president had done this.
    The caller is more worried that the pardon exacerbates differing opinion in the military and reduces trust and teamwork. The exacerbating of differing opinion is exactly why Trump did it – it's a distraction technique.

  27. Trump ran a "family business" that is essentially a criminal organization..Tax fraud, money laundering, plenty of business with foreign mafia, especially from Russia. Trump bailed on opportunity to serve, has insulted military heroes repeatedly, treated the military like a prop, utterly destroyed foreign policy, and ceded victory after victory to Putin. And of course Trump has sold out his own country to help and receive help from Russia. It's called being a traitor. He's subverting America with the help of Putin, and the long term ramifications are terrifying.

  28. This is a real problem for the men and woman servicing honorably and with distinction. Before this critics and enemies would say look what You devils have done your all terrible. The honorable soldier could point out that these men were not like us they were criminals and we punished them for their crimes. Now our enemies will rebut bullshit your president pardoned them because your here for evil.

    Not good!

  29. Funny how none of you are concerned that people like David Pakman and the entire Democrat Party as well as John Brennan, James Comey are members or Revoltionary Communist groups and/or are followers of Marxist-Leninism, which is,a genocidal philosophy which killed millions in the 20th Century. Marxists believe in lying and slandering to achieve political goals, so you are never hearing the truth from them, only propaganda. Trump stands in the way of their world revolution which makes him public enemy #1.

  30. If someone pardons a war crime that implies that they approve of that war crime and do not think it should be punished. I would go so far as to say it makes them complicit. It makes it much more likely that similar, and worse, crimes will be committed in the future as they now have official "blessing". In Spanky's case he is obviously trying to eliminate any bad taste left over from actions that he authorised himself.

  31. of course trump supports pardoning war crimes.. trump and the entire administration should be removed from office because of their guilt of Crimes against humanity.. David Pacman should talk about this, rather than oft focusing on trumps 'mental health' .
    who gives a fck about that when he is clearly able to support and enforce such crimes..
    Crimes against humanity
    are certain acts that are deliberately committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian or an identifiable part of a civilian population. The first prosecution for crimes against humanity took place at the Nuremberg trials. Crimes against humanity have since been prosecuted by other international courts (for example, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and the International Criminal Court) as well as in domestic prosecutions. The law of crimes against humanity has primarily developed through the evolution of customary international law. Crimes against humanity are not codified in an international convention, although there is currently an international effort to establish such a treaty, led by the Crimes Against Humanity Initiative.

    Unlike war crimes, crimes against humanity can be committed during peace or war. They are not isolated or sporadic events, but are part either of a government policy (although the perpetrators need not identify themselves with this policy) or of a wide practice of atrocities tolerated or condoned by a government or a de facto authority. War crimes, murder, massacres, dehumanization, genocide, ethnic cleansing, deportations, unethical human experimentation, extrajudicial punishments including summary executions, use of weapons of mass destruction, state terrorism or state sponsoring of terrorism, death squads, kidnappings and forced disappearances, use of child soldiers, unjust imprisonment, enslavement, torture, rape, political repression, racial discrimination, religious persecution and other human rights abuses may reach the threshold of crimes against humanity if they are part of a widespread or systematic practice.

  32. talks about democracy ? but says nothing of support to Evo Moralis that USA illegally overthrow so the right wing puppet extremist dictator can kill innocent civilians

  33. Point of fact, he DIDN'T get what he deserved. He COULD have been busted all the way down, from E7 to E1, and dishonorably discharged. Instead, he got busted one rank, to E6, granted time served, (in pretrial confinement), on a 4 month jail sentence and would have been allowed to retire WITH HIS PENSION, albeit sans his Trident pin. The CNO intervened on his behalf to keep him from being busted all the way down, which fact puts paid to any and all bullsh*t conspiracy theories that the NAVY was "out to get him". THAT is a HELL of a lot less than a lower ranking enlisted member would have gotten for the same conviction, (Conduct Unbecoming). The president is setting precedents with his actions that will have dire consequences for years to come as relates to discipline in the Military. Not that it matters to him. He only sees the Military as useful when he needs a photo op or to distract from something.

  34. How can you be sure that the people you call bad guys really are bad guys? Seen from their perspective we're the bad guys and they are patriots fighting for their freedom and getting rid of invaders.

  35. The Eddie Gallagher problem is nothing new, America absolutely refuses to accept responsibility when its people commit crimes overseas, this is why many of us in countries that are your 'allies' get pissed off

  36. Nobody seems to talk about the fact that Gallaghers fellow SEALS say that was constantly sniping civillians.

    "I shot more warning shots to save civillians from Eddie than I ever did at ISIS" – Dalton Tolbert

  37. David, the trump administration has exposed many weaknesses in our government – weaknesses that need to be adjusted to protect against this trumpian level of corruption in the future. One of those should be a revision to the "Pardon Power" of the POTUS. I think a pardon should require 2/3 of the senate to confirm it; much like the 2/3 requirement for an impeachment. If "no one is above the law", allowing the POTUS to singularly, and without oversight, provide pardons definitely violates this principle. You just know trump will go on a "pardon spree" before he leaves office…

  38. I also read that Gallagher threatened his fellow Seals when they ratted on him. Gallagher has gone rogue… unhinged and not to be trusted.

  39. Wouldn't be surprised if Bill Cosby is next on trump's list of criminals to pardon. He's starting to sound just like trump on twitter

  40. When you're in the service the UCMJ, military justice code rules your behavior . Trump's interference is breaking down the essential, primary guide for the military's existence . It's a fundamental attack on military discipline and honor. Trump works for Putin and is a traitor to this country. It's obvious.

  41. I wouldn't consider myself a liberal across the board, but to be considered a commie for thinking posing with the dead body of your enemy as a selfie is an immoral act makes me not care what I'm called. I know what's right and wrong in my heart. You do shit like that you have no moral ground to stand on when your enemies do heinous shit to you. Supposed to be above that.

  42. "Gallagher went over there [ . . . ] He killed a bad guy, but then he took a picture with it, you know, in front of it. Is that necessarily, you know, all that bad? No, but it is against our rules." — Caller
    As a vet who got out in the 90s, yes. It is all that bad. He killed an enemy combatant who was under care of a medic/corpsman. That makes him a prisoner. He killed him with a knife, not his sidearm or other loud weapon. That indicates one of two things. It, at best, indicates a "crime of passion", a "heat of the moment" response. That is still a crime punishable by the UCMJ. You can lose a rank, and potentially your security clearance by having a "heat of the moment" fist-fight with a fellow military member, or with a civilian. That's the "most innocent" option.
    Option number two, and the more likely option, given what little public information we have, he used his knife because it is quiet. It is something he knew was a crime, and he chose to try to conceal it. The Geneva convention applies to us because we signed onto it to abide by even those minimal rules of "ethical behavior in war", irregardless of if who we are fighting signed-on or not. Terrorists never sign on to the Geneva Conventions for some reason. Imagine that.
    With the first option, he showed a lack of self control, and in no way showed "Honor, Courage, Commitment" in his actions. He showed poor judgement, and he showed that he lacked the moral character that a Chief should be demonstrating to his fellows, and to those below him in rank. That most "innocent" of crimes is a crime in the civilian world, and under the UCMJ, and should be punished, that "punishment" should include serious psychological counseling, and the forfeiture of any weapons permits until such time as he is proven psychologically sound. More on that last bit later.
    With the second option, it shifts from a "crime of passion" to premeditated murder, and intentional violation of the Geneva Conventions, not to mention basic human decency. He used a knife to "get a kill" of an unarmed man being tended by the medic/corpsman. Corpsmen can take care of themselves, especially when treating someone. Male or female, they hump the same packs, plus the additional medical equipment/tools. Someone gets violent under their care, they shut that down real quick. So if the corpsman felt it was safe to bandage/treat this kid, they made a judgement call, and treated him per their ethical duty, and per the laws we signed onto. Killing the helpless kid was something far worse than a "crime of passion". He was "The Enemy" up until he no longer held a weapon, and surrendered to care. At that instant, he became a P.O.W. and under America's Protection and Care. Gallagher decided that his desire for that Tango kill that he felt robbed of, overrode his ethics, morals, and oaths sworn. He should then be seriously punished, incarcerated, and stripped of rank and security clearance. As the charge is then murder, it's a felony, and he should lose firearm ownership privileges.

    About that Second Amendment that I said would come back later . . .
    The Second Amendment says we have the "Right to Bear Arms". I took the same Oath of Service that Gallagher and the caller, and every other vet took. "Protect, support, and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.". The Second Amendment is in the Constitution. When you have a felony, are those rights diminished a little? When you have a felony, you lose certain rights as a punishment. The right to vote, for instance. The right to own a firearm. To have a concealed carry permit. These are Rights. They can be given. They can be restricted. It seems reasonable that you restrict the right to own a firearm when you've committed murder, or other felonious activity. By committing those felonies, you've shown a lack of judgement and possibly a lack of ethics/morals.
    I am a pro-gun vet. In order to ethically support gun ownership, I have to acknowledge that limits must be placed on who is allowed to own a gun. We all start life innocent. Depending on our upbringing, that innocence can last for a long while, or it could last a couple years, or just months or weeks. At 18, we are legally responsible for most things we own, say, or do. By 21, we're legally able to take responsibility for the rest. At 18, you can still be tried for manslaughter or murder in a DUI as an adult, but you can't legally purchase the alcohol that changed the crime from a traffic accident to DUI. No alcohol, no drunk-driving. No firearm, no shooting.
    If you respect the Second Amendment, and if you're honest with yourself, you must admit that you know people who you wouldn't trust to hold a screwdriver much less an AR. People not responsible enough. I love my nephew, but given what I've seen of his judgement skills, I'd never trust him with a firearm. But, I'm not in charge of approving or disapproving weapon permits.

  43. It is very dangerous to let a personality disturbed criminal pardon war criminals! But Trump conceive of himself as exceptional and therefore defends American exceptionalism to the utmost!

  44. I'm a veteran and knew a lot of SEALS, I was stationed in Coronada. What Gallagher did was not just a little wrong and his life should have been destroyed. Killing the guy was borderline criminal even under his version of events. Posing with the body was way outside the lines as well. However neither was his worst crime IMO.

    He is an admitted steroid abuser. He took roids to pass at least his annual SEAL physical, if not his entrance one as well. Anabolic steroids have extremely well known side effects. Those side effects makes a user a danger to people near him. They impair judgement and make out of control rages much more likely. SEALS, no matter what image Trump and RWNJ's have, are very precise and calculating people. That's their job. Go in somewhere, find a target, do something to that target and get out without being noticed. If they do get noticed then they have to end the conflict as swiftly and efficiently as possible. No reinforcements will be coming and their stocks of ammo and other consumables are strictly what they carried in with them. A guy who doesn't make good decisions and is prone to fits of anger seems the absolute worst guy to have with you in such circumstances.

    For that crime, and it is a crime in the military, he should have received the full punishment allowed by a General Court. DD, reduction to E1, forfeiture of all pay and benefits and a lengthy jail sentence.

  45. David I was worried about the same situation as Trump trying to free up soldiers to back him against orders in case of loosing the election.

  46. The sucker mouth POS traitor is deliberately alienating military leaders and brass so they will resign/retire and the vile swamp scum can rep0lace them with sycophants. With the traitor filled Senate, the DOJ and the SJC in his putrid pocket, the military was the only means left to remove his stenchy fat ass from office after the 2020 "election" in case he should "lose", which, it being completely fixed/rigged/rusky controlled, the shit-head fascist will not.

  47. where Veterans earn their Spurs on the battle field he gets them from his doctor and money, trump the traitor, making Russia great again

  48. Most American military operations are crimes. One of the reasons the USA doesn’t sign international agreements much.

  49. Just gotta join a PMC if you are tired of the deep state clinton libs. Too much bureaucracy in our wars anyways, privatize and deregulate if you value freedom! When you do you get things like uber, Disney plus, Blackwater etc.

  50. POTUS may only pardon crimes against the USA –But these war crimes are international crimes …crimes against another sovereign nation and against the Geneva Convention! This he cannot pardon!!

    ARTICLE II, SECTION 2, CLAUSE 1 of the US Constitution reads: "The President…shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment."


  52. Trump is trying to make it seem that just pardoning a crime makes consequencess go away. But pardoning is admitting a mistake or a bad faith action was committed

  53. Why is Trump even bothering going to the NATO conference when he has no time for NATO and all it’s stands for. United KIngdom citizens don’t want him in their country so that he can once again insult their Queen with his tardiness and crass dress sense.


  55. It’s crazy how every single recommendation when I watch your vids is from only the large, mainstream news outlets. I hope casual viewers take the time to look into more independent channels, but YT makes it difficult

  56. Power wins. The reality is that trump has more power himself than millions of Americans put together. And because none of us will challenge that power in the way it should be challenged nothing will change.

    None of us are willing to go to jail, or lose our jobs, to fight that power. So we sit down and watch TV while we bitch about it.

    Voting is playing a rigged game. So until the poor get so low that they no longer have comforts to distract them, nothing will change.

    So sit back and vote, and act like the little bitches we all are.

  57. I served among SEALs when I was in the Navy and I'll just say as a matter of fact that those teams are extremely tight and nobody is going court marshal unless they deserved it. Trump undermined the system that he supposedly trusts.

  58. As far as Gallagher is concerned, I have heard that this is actually only one of MANY egregious acts he has committed. He is obviously a weak-minded character and easily overtaken/ruled by his dark, animal impulses: a creature such as that should be dressed in prison garb, and housed appropriately.

  59. Yes. Yes it is that bad.

    Trump is sending a message that depravity in the field is ok. Hes setting the conditions for when he declares martial law.

  60. trump is encouraging criminal types to be his followers by [ pardoning ] War Criminals….Criminality is the governing motive of trumpism,

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