Wait Just a Minute: Former Diplomat Cécile Shea

[MUSIC PLAYING] Most Americans don’t consider
immigration a security threat, but some consider it
an economic threat. We need to speak
to those people, to help them feel more
economically secure, and help them to understand
that, actually, immigration is good for the American economy. The single biggest
thing that we can do to improve national security
is ensure that our intelligence networks are up-to-date so that
we know if the wrong people are trying to enter the US. America has always
been a welcoming place. People look up to America
because we have always taken your poor, your tired,
those yearning to be free, turned them into Americans,
and given them freedom. And the more that we
can present ourselves as that kind of a
country, the safer we are, and the more people
want to emulate us. Two things keep me up at night. The first is global
warming and climate change and what it’s going to mean
for our country in the next 15 years. And the second is the
loss of American prestige around the world
and how hard it is going to be to rely on
our friends in the future because they aren’t going
to respect us anymore. [TIMER CHIMES]

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