34 Replies to “'We will not be silenced': squad Democrats decry Trump attacks

  1. Radicals are over. Trump is correct. Pelosi IS batter than these four. The race card has nothing to do with what Trump is doing or wants to do. Immigration is not the problem. Illegal aliens are the problem. This is why we have so much crime, gangs, and drug addiction. We have 70,000 OD drug deaths a year due to chinese designer drugs, which come through Mexico immigration. Children are involved because the congress will not act to modify and fix immigration laws. The whole problem could be fixed with a wall and a handful of new laws, which our politicians will not pass. They do not want Trump to fix anything and get credit for it. Problem is, they would not fix the problems, because democrats have come to depend too much on their controllers to be able to run and have the funds to run. Democrats do not represent "We, the people" like they used to.

  2. I'm a Brit. These 4 women are the real racists. Trump's statements were to do with patriotism and Anti-Americanism. It's the women and the media that have brought Race into the debate. Typical leftist strategy. The left always frame all government policy debates around issues of Race. Trump didn't mention anything to do with Race. He was simply questioning the women's anti-american stance. The accusation of 'White Nationalism' is ridiculous. The left are on the wrong side of history. British patriots need Trump to continue with the straight talk – the UK has practically fallen to political correctness, Hate speech laws and a corrupt judicial system. – Tommy Robinson – first journalist ever in British Law to be jailed for 'contempt of court'.

  3. Trump is playing the democrats like a quintet right now. What a shambles. Bit like the left in this country. Keep doubling down on identity politics please Guardian.

  4. Meanwhile internal democrat polls show Ilhan Omar has an astonishing 9% approval rating among swing voters and AOC 22%…

  5. Will help their momentum as public figures,but may hinder 2020. Over half the population will say "what you wining about" & rest be cheering. Just continues the polarisation. Let Trump do his thing & let the public decide if brilliant or buffoonery.

  6. You people are stupid you guys are the only bigots in this country. You need to go back to Samolia. Omar, you shouldn't even be in Congress as much as you hate America. We can tell by the tweets the whole sqad hates it here.

  7. These 4 women are the best of the USA. They represent the ideals that Americans (well, some at least) still consider to be the best that the USA stands for; the people that havent collapsed into a mire of irrational, fear-saturated malice and self-degradation that is.
    They are fantastic role models for kids unfortunate enough to be growing up in such unrelentingly shameful times in politics.

  8. I'm confused. I thought they're the ones always bringing up race. And they say it shouldn't matter what race you are.

  9. He doesn’t give a f’ck about your race, it’s your policy, standards, and views of America. Because it’s out of wack

  10. Y’all fuckin know he’s doing this because he’s distracting you. Remember 2016s 4d chess

  11. I could not stomach watching these women! Especially AOC, Omar and Gutter Mouth Tlaib🤢!!! This is the Squad🤣 that voted not to support funding for the boarder crises! Now they are playing victims😢! My parents came to America as immigrants! They as well as my siblings are grateful that they migrated to this country! We love this country! Omar, AOC and Talib’s poisonous rhetoric is 95% always negative about America and Israel yet they get away with it! They have benefitted from living in this country especially Omar. These women have no gratitude for the life they live here in America! And here we are again playing this ridiculous game these democrats love to play!!!!!!!!♥️🇺🇸🙏🏼

  12. Omar go fix Somalia and it's terror, tribe fighting and pirate problem, go back to where you was born.

  13. How did Democrates become the ones calling out racism? Pretty sure had they won civial war, slavery and the genocide of my native american people would of been a thing! Short memories. Like how they turned it around on everyone else lol and taking the bait Looooool

  14. "We will not be silenced!" says The Squid. Oh…we know. You will not be silent. Not even voluntarily. Ever.

  15. The Demcrats are directionless and at war with each other now there splitting up in there different tribes attacking each other OMG what a shambles they have become

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