Western Togoland Are Right To Ask For Independence From Ghana-Political Scientist

– or don't touch you floss riches in a a political scientist now uni and como butter HSN watch an opaque design you met – partner my mom TSA at the other side of the line or an alliance or no and the power sphere daniel booko or your first vice president Emma Kansai region not in churches and the French colonies for guerrilla what's the buy-in Purina principal also a little boundary of the rib is 89 now the participatory processes in Lexington after declare war and then again in the enacting oh they're about which is wanna say [Applause] rich friends oh yeah thank you for that website beginning what is that a No thank you for that data no I have repeated a Whooper give up walk alone energy measure IC o—- documents who even document after plebiscite you know almost signing yeah SSL almost any documents VHS if your timeline so 20 years 50 years and a BB and I agree with means okay my question is moving forward that is what I'm asking of the country jacket and we focus on cos we know or see on my vows never use violence and animus heir to the Supreme Court under BB automatron crack embankment defeat Rahl SMS to be seen as your mantras now communicating nano a baby and hormone response and you know minam their only leeway abajo mama basinet Supreme Court pet and I can't wha okay yeah but I said that is all you said now what can but nothing is true of Ghana no but that's an opening and in a way dr. TIFF loss which is you know I do come on hello Daniel no I agree with you sir M said there is some truth in whatever because history now – 100 % volcano but there or denying our organism – suleka means beeping Sam would've opinion more movie a 70 according to Michael Cordes pain said about 100b my hey you're kissing me it's moving I'm gonna myself hey one question if you actually wanna see a new plane what you are called to be aqua a diagonal thing won't open any boxes on Oh Virginia conic recipe is our konasana yum-yum Oh looky Alice a key for back Inanna Madonna's enemies shall we this is the money necessary touching for Kabuto you wanna say BBC speaking for the Airways no understand because I am NOT speaking for away does not comply or does not belongs to only the airway we have about 17 languages the land of turbulent mmm fucking officer Border Patrol the bond is better machina and a better bada-boom kunis am I gonna ask a Buddha yes any fascinated me to go Sasha but on a Gulf of Guinea on shalida near woman is a concern it illegal party know what I know they say Amir Monocacy make us Thomasina young for Internet no longer though you and people boggle value and P what is an international organization which is objected to the United Nation because we are talking about this issue on a peaceful manner we don't want to go on the violence race on your mother bring but we still maintain that peace now we have and going on with the gentlemen are giving we are something called citizen diplomacy okay no mercy it was the same thing that we are what are trying to do to Ghana so only non Salafi way Nina Simone you know the ideas are more echo – I'm insane bingum and Togo homeless le bouff anata you and you are international organizations that we Tresa and you're not careful you're mine oh oh mr. Berlin and so I'm up yeah yeah Camino mapping soo Miah genocide my summary and what that man same focus you see mi you and Grandpa no possible ooh young women anonymous said see I mean ol Cafe you know in the everybody knows the history of because we want to build more Sun penny for we know everybody now Daniel I agree sir and no Marcus acronym when I'm a national anthem more kizamu recruiting anoxia some of its young military and I'm Elysia Strausser no one has a bunch of militia Armando Mooji – I attained more national wbba send Appaloosa for an economical Assam many police forces welcome you yeah all right okay okay all right you're gonna miss me more EDI baby a novel idea charges VRMs about one year bedico Martin's made your point you wanna go Quentin doesn't assume I already searched the apollomon another presidency crumpled and overspray Anya yeah yeah righto said yeah bucko they are the awesome aqua to O'Banion unconscious I'm gonna cry oh ha ha – Oh Musa al-salaam umbran we are ready evil we are not only talking about historical Bagram of our country don't know if it doesn't know man okay now we add you people to just continue with cell yeah Maya common or not on the violent mana no Diane has said the FFM Lacroix saw and the other to be operative in the numerator part right you know wo yobu got a offense vice-president and my constant citizens or volta region and I didn't know how to train em come on as far yeah but see them and now and see I know a buyer said and pretty for me and sound only be home lasted a good foundation you know you actually almost said no me a meeting now a secret agency policy for anybody from kaboom Oh echo you're pretty you know algae moon in cm if you're moving down you know I say any pay say yeah what Thank You Diann immuno or mobile declare independence or mono Westar – cool I'm know how much you're more ideas remind gonna haunt Nancy domina NSA on my own national anthem a warmer flag a war emblem I myometrium a blue currently I'm the only ability at the amount on my own and no as soon if you move and as appreciate just assume yeah yeah homogeneous so adequately pea-brain oh my poor media on a year ago who know and nobody might be drew and clientelism and I could be a bit more anymore history abacus I'm a woman in a no and I am a war

4 Replies to “Western Togoland Are Right To Ask For Independence From Ghana-Political Scientist

  1. there's a mineral on that land so the so called learned among them in politics want them to break away from Ghana so that they can make way sharing among themselves

  2. Is a very good news they can be out from Ghana who cares is tooo much talking in Ghana now Since when this division starts who ever thinks don't want to live in Ghana move to Togo

  3. Eves in volta region should rescind their decision because they don,t enough resources to be a state

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