What About the Actual Trump Ukraine Transcript?

. Okay. It’s time for audience questions a little
earlier than normal in the week. Normally we do these Friday, but we are off Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving
holiday here in the United States. So this being the last new show of the week,
we’re going to do audience questions today. Denise wrote in. David, can you explain why isn’t anybody talking
about the actual July 25 Ukraine phone call that we don’t even know how long it was. How much does the call summary actually cover? Apparently it was a 30 minute phone call and
we only got 10 minutes in the summary. Yes, so this is, I’ve been repeating this
time and again and it’s important to nice that you understand it, but we need more people
to understand it. Donald Trump teased the release of the transcript
of the July 25 phone call. When we got that, it obviously wasn’t a transcript. It was a very partial transcripts transcript. We can’t even call it a summary because a
summary would in in sort of a narrative form tell the story of everything that was said
in the phone call. All they did is take a couple pieces of the
transcript. The call is known to have been a half hour
phone call. I think you’re being generous when you say
the transcript covers about 10 minutes. It might only cover six, seven or eight minutes. By my estimation, Donald Trump has continued
to say, I have released the transcript and it was a perfect phone call. And the most disgusting and disturbing thing
about this is if you look at, we have a call up on our YouTube channel from last week’s
show, it’s called something like furious Trumpist implode spectacularly. You know, we came up with some interesting
title on YouTube, but one of the things that this person said during their call to me when
they went from one allegation to another, it didn’t, it was just circular. They eventually said, listen, we saw the whole
transcript and it’s fine. And I had to remind him, we didn’t see the
whole transcript. We saw what our six to eight minutes of the
transcript, it was a 30 minute phone call and you have fallen for the completely fake
narrative that the transcript is out there. So are we ever going to see the full transcript? I don’t know. Uh, if we put more pressure on and talk about
it, are we going to see it? I, I’m not sure. We’ve put more pressure on seeing Trump’s
tax returns. And I guess we could say we’re slightly closer
to maybe someday seeing some version of them, but it hasn’t really done much so far. So you know, there, there is scandal fatigue. There are also so many different elements
to this thing. There is, you’ve got the Devin newness, uh,
as a co-conspirator, uh, traveling to Vienna to meet with Victor Shoken on taxpayer dollars. You’ve got Donald Trump blurting out on Fox
and friends over the weekend that, Oh yeah, actually, uh, I did ask them to do, to look
into this and why should we be giving them hundreds of millions of dollars anyway, linking
for the first time, the quote investigation and the money. My point is there’s so many elements of this
that it can be hard to get refocused on any one thing even when we’ve obviously been lied
to. And of course we’ve been lied to about the
transcript. We don’t have the transcript. We have some paragraphs that have been pulled
from the transcript. Even within the paragraphs there are ellipses
which are suspicious. The white house has claimed nothing substantive
has been removed there. Do we believe it? Why would we, they lie all the damn time. So I don’t know the full scope of what’s in
that transcript. I remember Trump thinks the transcript vindicates
him. It only is about a third at most of the call
and it’s incriminating. So just imagine if they calculated this might
help them or might not damage them. Just imagine what the full transcript would
do. I’m glad you’re thinking about it, Denise. I don’t know what else we can do to try and
get that full transcript, but all we can do, all I can do is to continue to repeat. We’ve not seen the full transcript. We should see the full transcript. What they released is not a transcript. Don’t allow Trump to keep calling it that. That’s all we can do. And maybe someday, even if it’s a as evidence
in some kind of future proceeding, we may be, we’ll get to see that full call.

100 Replies to “What About the Actual Trump Ukraine Transcript?

  1. Even trump supporters say "read the transcript, no quid pro quo" . . As if they don't even understand the English language. Even if trump confesses to everything, supporters be like "That's the fake president, the democrats have abducted the real one".

  2. Why tf are we worried about the rest of this transcript, trump said he was gonna release the “other transcript from a call before that one” and not a word about it since.

  3. Constantly and overwhelmingly breaking the law or having scandals continuously is actually a strategy that kinda works for someone like him… especially with how "news/media" works… Is that on purpose you think? or Trump is just such an idiot that it happens to benefit him unknowingly…. it's hard to focus on a SINGLE thing he has done, because there's so much more… Most politicians screw up once and they try to apologize but they're done! it's simple… With Trump it's hard to talk about him being bad because he's already done something worse

  4. The Fox Nation add at the beginning of the video and the pinned app banner is a nice touch to the channel, YouTube. Not surprised at all.

  5. That's the annoying part. I watched Vindman's testimony but didn't hear anything about how long the call actually was vs. what was released. Or more details of what was left out of the cherry-picked released "transcript". I can only assume those questions were under the "classified gov. information" umbrella for just Congress to know… or dems didn't bother asking further about more discrepancies than just the Biden/Burisma name swap that didn't get corrected..

  6. TRUMP is involved in the Cartel when he bought a Caribbean island that dose not have US extradition last year.

  7. Why do we keep saying "should"? We MUST see the full transcript. tRump MUST be impeached and removed. These things are not for the GOP to determine unilaterally.

  8. When the impeachment inquiry has been narrowed to one phone call/issue/crime, "scandal fatigue" no longer applies. When Mueller spends 2 years investigating and testifies to the crimes and says Russia is still doing it now, and the Democratic house still doesn't impeach, "scandal fatigue" no longer applies. IMO, it took Trump confessing on national TV, "You don't like me calling Ukraine [to interfere in our elections] then how about if I call China" to force the Dems what they should have done with the Mueller report. Hell they should have been screaming that the Russia investigation was put in the DOJ 2 years prior, as the policy is not to indict a sitting POTUS. They should have been screaming about Jill Stein's investigation that uncovered massive disenfranchisement in the 2016 election. They should be screaming about "Moscow Mitch" blocking legislation to ensure the validity of the US elections. The only conclusion i can reach is that they are sharing power with the Repubs, and it is basically the Repubs turn, even if they had to steal the election to get their turn. How can you NOT benefit from following thru with the corruption of your true opponent that has already seen the glaring light of day, and weakens the fundamental democracy of the country, except that you're it's not really your opponent and you're not really for democracy. More or less, the Dems get their social programs, and the Repubs get their military, and noone gets and indicted and noone else gets in. Oh, and the FED gets their Unconstitutional "interest" on the "loan".


  10. The House Intelligence Committee has access to the full transcript. This is a dead and done issue.

    Now the ball is going into Jerry Nadler’s court. The guy the Republicans stepped on and and called a little dweeb during his last reality show the Mueller PR failure.

  11. According to impeachment testimony, the whole transcript was put in top secret –> as a clerical error. It should be easily fixed.

  12. Releasing a 'summary' only AFTER getting caught trying to hide ALL of it in a classified server. Hmm. Only releasing the aid till AFTER they got caught . Sensing a pattern….

  13. I’ve been saying that it’s not the ACTUAL transcript. I doubt that we will unless someone files Freedom of Information Act request.

  14. You can look at Fox News and then CNN the same exact story to who different outcomes. The evidence is not on democrats side. It is obvious that the Democratic Party wants to lose the House of Representatives along with the senate because of people's feelings and in confidence. Both sides lie a lot but with trump and the actions are happening now someone's in a bubble and not playing in the realm of reality and that's obviously the Democratic Party.

  15. I find particularly ridiculous that, in the XXI century, apparently there are not actual recordings (multiple copies indeed) of official communications.

  16. Bottom line is Biden needs investigated for what surely looks like kick backs. If the President didn’t investigate, that would be a crisis in justice.
    It’s even more important to clear up the crowdsource/we let our incumbent executive branch spy on the opposition. Makes Waterfate look like kid stuff.

  17. I was gonna say about the tax returns too. Here's the thing, I've said this a thousand times and I'll say it till I'm blue in the face. If you have something to hide you'll fight tooth and nail to keep it hidden, if you have nothing to hide you'll give it up no questions asked. The more Chump continues to try to keep his taxes hidden, and transcripts hidden, the dirtier we know he is!

  18. Honey R Siegal Stober author Honey Soulution Book One 12/1/2019 Day 3443 We The People Against Corruption Campaign To Remove& Indict Obamas, Janet Napolitano, crooked Trump et al. Republicans Are At Each Other’s Throats After Georgia Governor Defies Trump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z9I5pffmso What About the Actual Trump Ukraine Transcript? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX_iTGzJuqQ See https://www.youtube.com/user/HoneySiegalSurvivor/feed

  19. If I could actually find anyone who watches the Dave Pakman show, I’d probably beat some idiot’s brains in with a baseball bat. Trump is going to win in 2020, and hopefully neither the Democratic Party nor the left ever wins a political election in the United States of America ever again. It’s already started. I expect the left feels the same way about me, and I encourage you to whine some more while white people still care about your freedom of speech.

  20. Trump possesses all of the worst human qualities. If you are still worshipping him at this point you need to look in the mirror. Look at the dumb face looking back at you and stop trying to go in the opposite way that everybody else is. Everybody else being us normal folk who can see right through his orange b*******.

  21. The servers that hold the records belong to us so why can't the IT department just pull the real transcripts off the server and give them to Congress?

  22. Surely these calls must be recorded? They even record you when you make a service call for your washing machine ("for training purposes" apparently), so I can't believe there isn't a voice recording of Presidential calls?

  23. Releasing the full transcript would set a bad presadent for future presidents. Foreign leaders might not want to do business if they think their words might become public.

  24. Gordon Sondland's $1,000,000 was the price of admission to witness that "Everything Trump Touches Dies."
    We're going to learn more about being a Trump. Laws don't matter & can be broken based on GOP privilege. Welcome to the "New Republican" party! Buckle up!
    🇺🇸 Do You Remember when a simple Blow-Job was turned into an impeachable offense? President Clinton was charged with Obstruction & Lying to Federal Authorities. BTW, the only Collateral Damage that was done was the damage to that Blue Dress! I still can't believe that Monica kept that DAMN Blue 👗🤢.
    Anyway Donald is taking a Shit on the American Flag and wiping HIS ASS with the American Constitution, daily.
    -No Quid Pro Quo-
    Si Quid Pro Quo
    •On audio, video & in writing✓

    3 Wives & multiple Porn Stars✓
    Trump University shutdown
    Trump Foundation fraudulent
    Personal Lawyer in prison…
    Campaign Manager in prison.
    🤔 Heyyyy, where are Donald's Tax Returns?! #HidingShit

    ROGER STONE, Michael Cohen, Mike Flynn, Bijan Kian, Rick Gates, Paulie Manafort, Georgie P. etc.
    The Mueller Report Convictions 😯
    Registered Republican✓

    CULT45GOP 🇷🇺

    Cheers from Cancún México

  25. Trump is Blocking / Obstructing everything / Justice. 😠🤬
    Not to mention that Donald's got the best Assets that Sweet Daddy 😍 Vladdy Putin could buy! #MoscowMitch, Miss Lindsey, Devil Nunes, Minion Barr, Rudy G-Money! WTF GOP?!  🐘 Y'ALL just woke up and found yourselves in The CULT and just decided to roll with the Free Russian Cash Flow? 💸
    NRA is a helluva drug! 🇺🇸🤦🏽‍♂️
    #CULT45GOP 🇷🇺

  26. Trump, in every treason scandal: "I didn't do it. I'm perfect"

    Media & Politicians: "Here's 2 weeks straight of definitive evidence"

    Trump stooges & Lawyers: "He did nothing. He's perfect. It wouldn't be that bad anyway if he did which he probably didn't."

    Trump: "I did it. There's nothing wrong with that. I never lie. I'm perfect. Fake news."

    Media & Politicians: 🤦🔫

  27. Oh my God! You said it best right there oh my God! We all have Scandal fatigue are we all going to have PTSD from all this crap?

  28. I don't understand how the house doesn't gave access to the full transcript and also recordings of the actual call if any exist.
    Considering the magnitude of how serious this is , it makes no sense. This is especially the case if the Republicans have nothing to hide.

  29. What is really happening here is Trump is showing us how the rich bend the justice system into a 2nd tier… ya we got caught breaking the law… but now you show me you didn't violate my rights or any laws in the process… if you can't do that then I'm free to go…this is expensive and is part of the plan to tie things up in the courts… a 1st tier Justice system just throws you in jail civil rights violations and all…

    Rich privilege at play here.

  30. "Word for word. Comma for comma."
    TRE45ON knew that was a lie and he repeated it often when they released their little Cliff Notes version. This is what his base now believe to be the truth. It works on the fanatically deluded, blind followers.
    Not me.
    I want to see them play the actual audio recordings during the impeachment hearings. Make this obstruction an article of impeachment.
    Then play it again when it moves to the Senate phase of the impeachment trial.

  31. All he has to do is release the direct audio to shut down the impeachment but he will not. What does that say? Reminiscent of his taxes.

  32. go listen carefully to mulvaney's "get over it" press conference: he said in it "the transcript of the tape". the TAPE. there is a recording of the call. of course there is. the presidential records law mandates that a call between presidents be preserved for posterity.

  33. The Phone Call Was Scripted By A Lawyer
    So It would be PERFECT and not incriminate Trump.
    it was filled with staged prompts and cues. It's called leading the witness to give the desired answers! Where is the script that Trump was reading from?

  34. I would say, maybe some of the call was considered top secret and unable to be released? But I thought Trump said there was nothing secret in the call.
    But omg, of course they're going to chop it up and only show part of it. Just like you said David,, they lie all the damn time.

  35. Get someone independent, who's sworn an oath or signed a secrecy contract to listen to the call. If they say there are 'delicate statements of an internal or national security nature' fair enough. Otherwise, release it in full. The end. Simples.

  36. We have three threats to our republic working in harmony with each other. The first is the continued ascension of the criminal plutocratic class who have no respect for the Constitution. This threat emerged with the inauguration of a corporate pimp and racist in 1981.

    Coupled with that has been the sustained effort on the part of a historically hostile foreign power led by a murderous thug to destroy Western democracy. The two threats merged with the election of a former grifter who's being blackmailed by that foreign power in return for his acceptance of money from the Russian Mafia when he was a real estate bunco artist in the 80s and 90s. Additionally, Frodo Putin has control of our Senate – with Moscow Mitch and the rest of the Repugnikkkan Party getting paid off through NRA laundered rubles.

    All of this is supported by the third clear and present danger – a seething tyrannical minority of CroMAGAtard bullies, and rubes for whom hatred, racism and thinking with one's adrenals are pimped as values – petty, recalcitrant intellectual mongrels who would rather die of diabetic gangrene than cede one iota of support to anyone outside of their tribal cult. Meanwhile the Neo Liberal Congenital poltroons who aided and abetted this havoc by supporting NAFTA and the offshoring of our manufacturing base are powerless to do anything about it.

  37. Partial Trump transcript, partial Mueller report!! Anyway, the partial transcript says it all. Perfectly. Trump is giving himself away perfectly.


  39. I herd a couple of times, that there was extra money ($140 million), in with the aid money. Ukraine even said it was "a pleasant surprise". Then nothing. Wouldn't that be considered pay off money, paid with tax payers money? If it's true, that pisses me off!!

  40. What about audio of the actual call? What we've seen is a SUMMARY of 1 call and a truck load of lies from trumpf and company.

  41. I wish people would stop using the transcript. It wasn’t a transcript. That’s a lie. It was a very redacted summary at best. Basically it was just fake.

    An actual TRANSCRIPT would expose the extortion for his personal gain. Our taxes used for the corrupts gains again.

    We need Bernie 2020. We can see how both parties are throwing everything at making sure Bernie doesn’t make it in….that’s how we know he’s the right choice.

  42. "Read the partial, edited, redacted transcript…. It proves my innocence" Whatever, Donald.

    You think we are all as stupid and credulous as the majority of your sycophants…

    We're not !

  43. Why would they pull words out… if they do not mean anything important. I don't believe that the White House is charged by word count on documents released to the public.

  44. There should be a supreme court case that decides weather the gov is allowed to lie to you about things that are not classified.

  45. Perhaps the House of Representatives should make an official request to the Ukrainian government for the transcript? 🤔😉

  46. Adminstration error misplaced it…was testified. Unobtainable. How convenient! Bullshit cover up!!!! Fucking Republicans know it like the whole country knows!

  47. Of course there is a recording of the phone call!!
    All calls would be recorded in and out of the White House as a matter or protocol!!
    trump classified and move the call at the recommendation of his white house council after the whistle blower complaint!!!
    If the phone call was as innocent as trump claims there would be no need to move it to a coded higher secured server!!
    There is absolutely no reason to move a phone call classified say confidential to a top secret classified server that is used for NATIONAL security reasons without justification..
    That justification must be of NATIONAL interest and not PERSONAL interest which seems to be the case here because I see no reason for an innocent phone call needing such secure measures unless he actually has something to hide..
    How is it in the NATIONAL interest to keep an innocent phone that secure???
    trump has the authority to DECLASSIFY and release the complete audio recording of that call to Congress to PROVE that it is an innocent phone call and clear himself, but he seems rather to want it keep hidden in a coded secure server.. So ask yourself why would he not DECLASSIFY it if it is an innocent call as he claims???
    If the phone call was 30 minutes long,how come the released transcript reflects only a 5-10 minute call?!?
    Remember Nixon's released transcripts of of tape recordings showed so many discrepancies from the ACTUAL recordings that he was forced to RESIGN over them and in doing so he set the stage for Ford to pardon him!!
    trump does not seem to have that option considering he has thrown Pence under the bus by involving Pence in this Ukrainian scandel!!
    Ask yourself if you were Pence why should he want to pardon someone when that person DRAGGED you into his mess???
    If I was I Pence's position I sure as hell wouldn't,in fact I would be inclined to spill the beans in an effort to protect myself…

  48. I think you're off base on this one. Vindman and others testified the "transcript" truly reflects the call with two minor exceptions. The translators require time. Also please bear in mind that the transcript we now have is powerful evidence AGAINST Trump… no need to discredit it.

  49. There should be someone that reads the “transcript” like a script and the actors should read it so slowly it takes 30 min.

  50. One thing that is certain is that whatever has been omitted from the summary is not exculpatory. If it were, it would have been released a long time ago.

  51. Take Trump in the field, make him kneel and shoot him in the back of the head like the traitor he is. He's a fucking Russian agent that believes some are more equal than others.

  52. I've been saying this. If it was placed in the high security server due to an " administrative error", then why hasn't the error been corrected and the actual transcript released.

  53. We as a country SOLD OUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL. Enjoy the ride, kids and kidlets. YOU voted for her, YOU follow her blindly, so YOU deserve what is befalling US.

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