100 Replies to “What Could ‘Soon’ Mean For The House Speaker? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. I don't get Pelosi's paycheck. I don't want her job. I think we, the taxpayer's of this country, are getting our money's worth. She seems to be doing pretty well so far. Therefore I have no desire to second guess her. Until I see evidence to the contrary, I will assume she knows what she's doing. It's good to remember that we not only have the goods on Trump, but on Pence as well (et al). We may yet wind up with a President Pelosi.

  2. Have you never been set-up by a woman at work? Nasty people do nasty things. Nastiness is their life long love. Bull, Nancy pulled a stunt for personal satisfaction. The nasty cycle repeats itself, again and again. Take the Iran bill for an example. There was no justification or political advantage for it. What will be the next Nasty Nancy stunt after that?

  3. Nancy Pelosi should be sacked. Shes an outta control feminist. She is undermining male leadership and the presidency of the United States of America.

  4. Pelosi got smacked down !! McConnell told her the trial starts next week with or without them !!
    7 of her own dems came out against her for holding them !!
    Complete and utter failure by her and the Democratic party

  5. i, if i were one such as mitch mconnel and most of the senate,would be far more concerned with my obituary and my small place in history,than this rush the country to a regime etc,we all only live so long

  6. i can't believe willy's being a little snot about this. wtf is his problem? laughing at moscow mitch being the traitor he is & he think it's funny? i agree karine. exactly. she knows what she's doing. i think that's a great idea about bolton. yes, we demand a legal trial.

  7. The Republicans are thinking we can poor tens of millions of dollars into the battle ground states if we're in trouble. All I have to say is Mike Bloomberg..

  8. I love my Moscow M political buttons from the KY Democratic party office there. Kentucky wants a different guy in there same as many in the US want him removed from DC

  9. Andrew Yang is the only one that can win for the Dems. Bernie is to left, Biden is corrupt, Warren is just lost,and the billionaires are out of touch with the everyday voter. I hate to say it, but if the Dems let this chance go with Yang I will jump
    party and vote for Trump out of spite. I'm sure i'm not the only one. So wake up Dems. Yang2020.com

  10. She/Nancy Pelosi has her reasons for holding back the articles of impeachment, and I'm sure they are all very good reasons.If she didn't take her time to research the articles, something could have been missed of great importance, or anything that may come now or just before she decides to send them could be missed, this is something that needs not to be decided in haste. I'm very happy to see her holding her ground, she strong, knows how to handle government issues, knows the law and how this should be handled. I wish everyone would leave her alone and let her do her job…

  11. All the people who just spoke either are now or "have been" Republicans. It's so clear that if Nancy Pelosi had not delayed and brought attention to the Senate process, Mitch McConnle would have simply held a vote to dismiss impeachment! Done!!! These covert, well not very, Trumpites are so funny.

  12. Traitor trump Should Have Maned Up Taken His Medicine, N Let The republican Party Stay Under The Umbrella Of" Were Mostly Honest".

  13. Traitor trump Should Have Maned Up Taken His Medicine, N Let The republican Party Stay Under The Umbrella Of" Were Mostly Honest".

  14. Traitor trump Should Have Maned Up Taken His Medicine, N Let The republican Party Stay Under The Umbrella Of" Were Mostly Honest".

  15. Traitor trump Should Have Maned Up Taken His Medicine, N Let The republican Party Stay Under The Umbrella Of" Were Mostly Honest".

  16. Pelosi is like the leaders of Iran. She doesn't care about the country or what her actions cause. She's interested in power, fame, money and total self-interestS. Pelosi is a national Embarrassment to people who once believed in the rule of law. Her attempts to control the other branch of power (the Senate) has failed and now we in America are looking at Pelosi's actions in the same light as the Iranian people are looking at their leaders, "FAILING MISERABLY".

  17. We can wait Madam Speaker. Let's see the arena.
    Also, we want to see Trump taxes. Since when Mitch and trump is such a hurry.
    Let Mitch do some work while he wait so he can address those hundreds of Bill's the house of representatives has already passed

  18. I'm putting my money on Mrs. Pelosi, she waiting for something. Be careful & tread lightly…get rid of the occupant in the white house

  19. The two parties should make a deal: if the Rep's stop lying about the Dems,
    then the Dems will stop telling the truth about Rep's.
    It clearly shows us all just how in bed the Republicans are to protect themselves all the way even being caught bold faced lying does not result in them admitting it.

  20. "This group is the most incompetent bunch of liars I’ve ever encountered. I served an administration that had skillful liars in it, like Richard Bruce Cheney and so forth. But this administration gets caught every day…" – Ret. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

  21. It is what it is…these dirty handed republicans has shown themselves over n over…there isn't any constitution, as far as they concern, n when you think they can't go any lower, they do!!….the madness n corruption continues…

  22. We are witnessing the demise of our Democracy with traitors against our rule of law by abusing the power to commit to do what is the best way in transparency for justice in our Democracy and loyalty to our Constitution as set by law enforcement agencies. Our sons and daughters who gave their lives to retain our Democracy, are being cursed by Donald Trump and the Republicans.

  23. This is poor reporting on any level. Until Joe started talking it is another attempt at giving balance where there is none. She will move forward and keep this until after Feb 5 SOTU .. This is very different time the norms be damned.

  24. Trump should be required to pay a penalty for his malicious 'back-stabbing" insults to our House Speaker, who has kept to her "OATH OF PROTECTING OUR CONSTITUTION. Same penalty for encouraging his office to demeanor a true patriot, Schiff, for his tireless effort to uphold the constitution our fore-fathers fought for. We also need explanation why McConnell is allowed to nullify his Oath Of Office to "PARTIALLY" DECIDE TO DEFEND A TRAITOR SITTING IN OUR TAX-PAID W.H. !!! This is a call for CIVIL WAR, to go against the constitution, we, as American citizens, swore to protect !!!

  25. It's also possible that she should bring good Biden's truth. The President himself asked for the impeachment ' Why should America be afraid of their own Constitution and President? MSN BC, is wrong.


  27. Pull all the troops out, close the borders and let the Middle East have its stupid historic religious wars and pick up the pieces afterwards. Is that what you want? Nancy Pelosi knows why the Congress can't be trusted with prior knowledge. They leak like a sieve and would put US troops in danger. Pelosi should wake up and work for US interests, not just base all of her waking time showing everyone her intense hatred for Trump all the time. We are sick of watching it. If she can't, she should resign.

  28. Hopefully by “soon”, she doesn’t mean what the Trump administration meant by “imminent”, or the Senate might never see them.

  29. The "impeachment" is so legally very weak. I would say, Karine, that this "impeachment" was always going to fail, that is why Pelosi is holding onto these "articles". What "trial" on what basis? What is unfair is the idiocy of the Democrats expecting the Senate and the public to treat this process with any degree of seriousness. It is and always will be the result of the Democrat witch-hunt which started the moment Trump declared himself a Presidential candidate. Complete childish huff-and-puff from the Democrats which will cost them the 2020 election..

  30. No morons she has put on display the gop cultists…..so now the Election of 2020 will be the most destructive BLUE TSUNAMI that will make 18 look like a high school student body election!!!!

  31. This Kid needs to go back to School, and reread Politics 101… The STOU Address for one, coming in the next few weeks if nothing else… If he somehow slithers through the Senate Impeachment, no matter what they say, if they can't make it stick, he will spin it into "Total Exoneration, and a complete Witchhunt"…

    Jeez, I came up with that one, and I'm not even a know it all "Expert", who somehow, can't connect even the simplest (known) Dots, of the "Big Picture"… Trump does not want to go into the Final Primaries, while in the process of being Impeached… it will be a PR Disaster… between that, the Hookers, and the Sexual Accusations, Trump is only Focused on appealing to one type of Person, at this point… but hey…

  32. "Nancy says she has it all under control…someday this witch will fail to use a beauty spell in the morning and we will see her REAL form behind the podium!"

  33. The public has been talking about how much we don't like Mitch McConnell, him losing his potion and the majority would be the leverage. Your pundit was a clown.

  34. "The day before Congress shuts down for the election would probably be the best time to find those blasted Articles of Impeachment!"

  35. "I rather like Trump OWNING Congress than having to literally burning it down Reichstag style to take his place in history."

  36. And so it goes: The Morning Jokesters in their echo-chamber beltway bubble comfort zone, collecting their multi-million dollar salaries and looking down upon us deplorables in fly-over country, as Trump wins re-election this November. What a surprise!

  37. KING trump Walks free the republicans haven’t got BALLS. No it ok for trump robbing Americans help president Putin run Americans make money putin is mand

  38. I am surprised that some Americans are arguing that speaker did not achieve any thing by holding those articles of impeachment. She did, John Bolton accepted coming to testify,Secondly, Power was taken away from Trump from personal WAR, which some Republicans voted against Trump. Thirdly, More Information coming out on this IMPEACHMENT ON WHAT WE Americans has not heard. GOP Republican leader who has been trashing SPEAKER now APOLOGIZING TO DEMOCRATS. Fourthly, AMERICANS NOW REALIZED that Trump is not GOOD for leadership because we are not SAFE. And more disgrace to MOSCO MICH.Madam Speaker B R A V O O O for your LEADERSHIP.


  40. NP should be tickled MSNBC is covering this, since no other network is. At this point it is moot. Possibly that is what she wished for, since the ending is so predictable. Like monkeys swinging from one vine to the next, she is only waiting for something else, another scandal she can fabricate and embellish for her own political agenda. Same on song. Something original would be actually addressing issues, rather than sitting around throwing stones.

  41. Katyal and Conway got it right on WaPo today:    SEPARATE the ARTICLES !   (1) the Obstruction Article is ripe for trial:  all evidence that Trump obstructed Congress is of public record.   (2)  Hold back the Ukraine Article UNTIL Senate agrees to call the firsthand witnesses with their documents and if Senate refuses, then re-open the House Investigation on Ukraine Article.   —  That is unquestionably perfect.  PERFECT !!!

  42. Don't forget that this is the first time that Senate Republicans have had the first hand experience of Trump's taking over their power, as described in the Constitution. Trump is known for being arrogant and believing that he can get away with anything he wants to. Usually, that's put him in struggles with the House. Now, Trump has decided on his own to do something that could easily have precipitated a war, even a nuclear war. He did not confer with Congress ahead of time. He did not apologize. He waited for 6 days before sending over some members of his administration for a limited briefings. They then advised the Senators Not to do what the Constitution specifys is expected of them, a Senate floor discussion and debate of the issues. The administration failed to make their case that there was "imminent danger" that excused Trump from including Congress in the decision making. I suspect that this level of disrespect and abuse of power may cause some of the Republican Senators to stand up straight and even change their vote.

  43. One big fear I have is that Bolton will take the fifth if the question is incriminating to Trump. If he does do that we should have a BOYCOTT the BOOK party across the country.

  44. It's Nancy Pelosi's slowcooker strategy. Bolton is cooked, the new mails about the funds are cooked. She is just sitting patiently by the river, waiting for the corpses of her foes to float by and it works. She knows what she is doing, she is not to be underestimated.

  45. At about :33 Seconds in to this video….WHO is Speaker Pelosi calling "Our Managers"???? Is she saying the Senate is the Managers of the House, I hope not. Are not the People Managers of both the House and the Senate?????? Anybody who can clarify what she said for me?

  46. It IS ridiculous the House didnt get Bolton on the stand! The HOUSE Needs to FULLY INVESTIGATE AND REPORT before the Senate weighs in!

  47. When will THE PEOPLE WAKE UP and realize that CONGRESS is failing us! Natl Debt, inaffordable housing, personal debts, greed and corruption of these rich elite corpations and NOT PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE!!! THE PEOPLE must put a Better Congress and President in place.

  48. I don't know why these smart commentators don't see three good reasons for delaying:
    1) There is ongoing evidence coming out as this is proceeding. The longer we delay, the more evidence we will probably get.
    2) The longer this takes, the more likely that Trump will commit other abuses of power. In fact, he may have already done that with his assassination of Suleimani. We have just learned that there was another attempted assassination that failed. These things have already soured some GOP Senators against him.
    3) The longer this takes, the more states will reach their filing deadlines for campaign candidates. IOW, more Senators will no longer have to risk being primaried.
    In general, any delay will be to Trump's disadvantage.

  49. Nancy is my hero. I’m sure the trial is going to be a joke but doesn’t that make the gop Co-conspirators?!

  50. Traitorous Nazi News/propaganda ‘opinion’ Network strikes a brave blow for our Iranian partners : https://youtu.be/_QdivLRRadc

  51. How do you know the delay doesn't get anything…. at least Bolton made statement and the killing of Iran Commander may change some courses. Moscow.

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