WHERE IS THE PRESIDENT?: Speculation over President's absence

after the head of states VZ to China accompanied by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to secure various trade deals a section of social media uses whens overdrive questioning his long absence from the public the last time President Kenyatta saw toes were shared on social media is almost a fortnight ago when global funds executive director Peter sands paid a courtesy call to him at State House to sign a deal in fighting malaria and over the weekend Kenyans on Twitter started a campaign raising questions about his whereabouts Syd house spokesperson Kansa Dina has since answer to the swelling questions from the concerned lot saying the head of state was busy working from State House a Chacos governor Alfred moot or joining the bandwagon of leaders reacting to the matter noting by virtue of his post the president was a manager who can work from an office accusing his left Ananse of being destructed thirst burdening president Kenyatta minimal politic observers say his absence and issuing of statements on national matters could be a change of tux now the presidential communication team even though section of the political service say it leaves too much room for speculation on the presidency rose ago call k20 for Sunday edition

5 Replies to “WHERE IS THE PRESIDENT?: Speculation over President's absence

  1. Hahahaha we all Know that Uhuru is hiding from shame. Instead of sending his very able DP Ruto to China he took Baba who cannot negotiate anything and cannot be trusted. Hehehehe and they got embarrassed and humiliated by the Chinese; Despite being denied SGR loan they were given an Avocado deal. Lol! Let Uhuru continue hiding because nobody misses him.

  2. No national matter,in fact they should go back to China so as we can have the nomar rainfalls in the country,,and we chapa siasa za 2022 with our prezo to be.RUTO.

  3. He is underground shame on him taking opposition leader to China so they brought Aibu nyumba 🤣🤣🤣he carried aholigan with a law breaker destroyer Camelion to China betrayer Uhuru he has Reaveled Secrets of the Gorvement to A Thug of Uhuru Park 🤔

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