***You can turn these captions off and on using the CC button below I need a drink Okay idiots, are you ready? I just can’t stand the faces of you people Those dead, questioning eyes You dummies don’t matter Greedo? What happens when I scratch a horseradish all over my face? Now why would you do this? Well I’m definitely gonna scrape it somewhere Yeah, you don’t matter — Mangey… My beard itches pretty bad Is this because of my bugs? You have literal bugs? Uh-huh – I think it’s mainly bedbugs Okay, you gotta go Wait, is this about the bugs? Yeah it is — Stank? Yeah, when is the Roswell alien — EHHH – you really thought I’d take your question? You suck The way you talk to me I mean, do you need to talk so evil? Uhhh, do you need to look like a stuffed baked potato in that Wal Mart shirt? Cuz you suck… Lanky It’s been a whole hour since Kristen sat on my whistle I did not sit on it Then where’s my whistle? It’s a really important issue — Chomp? Yeah, what about guys like me, you know? Like, our eyes are really honest, but then our brains got a violent virus! I could not care less… Creature? How can I tell if my Labrador is female? Easy – you suck Let’s see… Sasquatch Steven Would you rub my feet if I tickled yours? You’re weird, nah-uh, nope Not even fun tickles? What is that? Listen, I’ma punch you and I’ll punch in your esophagus Great! Chocolate Curl? You know how I was part of a gang that made bed quilts? Uh, sure, mm-hhh OKay, so, this one guy, Benji Binkelmann, had this horrible breast problem — Okay so maybe we’ll just wrap that up — Turd? What I really need is a craft table, a magic wand, and someone to feed me pickles Okay — Jeeves? Do you feel you prefer ice sheets or maybe like Summer rain? Or I could feed you to the polar bears? Ummm – all right GYNA It’s Gina That’s what I said – GYNA GINA I’m sorry? Gina? Yeah, I don’t know Chachi Stink Leg BORK Varicose Ken This jerk Hey, I’m crazy about ya When can I see ya? You know, never sounds like a good day Hey, I’m sensitive yet dangerous And I make nachos Okay to be honest, I think that most people in the world will find you disappointing Why you saying this!? Cuz you suck Wait a minute Roast beef for sale Marriage is for the lemonade It’s all we will get I’ll bury you people

100 Replies to ““WHITE HOUSE PRESS BRIEFING” — A Bad Lip Reading

  1. Say what White House Briefing or WHB was this made from; as in actual date or whatever. I'd luv to check it out and see side by side what's actually being said vs what you've guys done to improve it. Seriously if she said shit like this I'd watch EVERY SINGLE WHB… LOL….

  2. Why is it the same darn commercials beforehand?? Also, "'Kay, this jerk' 'Hey, I'm crazy 'bout ya,. When can I SEE ya?' 'You know, never sounds like a good day'" 😂

  3. Why is it the same darn commercials beforehand?? Also, "'Kay, this jerk' 'Hey, I'm crazy 'bout ya,. When can I SEE ya?' 'You know, never sounds like a good day'" 😂

  4. She looks like a person that smokes Indica and Sativa at the same time..one side of her face is chillin',the other side is ready to party.

  5. How is it dat she’s so much more likeable in this videos than irl news? XD i would love to have this version of her as a good friend!

  6. You guys should be take to cout. You dont use peopless to make business and for difamation is what this is. You should take down this video

  7. Hahahah! Omg I live for these videos! Whenever in having a bad day…i just click on puppy videos…or watch these beautiful creations! 😂🤣 IT'S ART I SAY!! ART!!

  8. Never thought I'd say this, but I agree with Mrs Sanders: I need a drink. Badly. This year has been the worst of my life. At least BLR can always put a smile on my face. If I could request 3 things like "turd", what I need: A drink, an N64 Classic Edition, and somebody to binge The Vampire Diaries with.

  9. My new comeback when someone says "Do you need to [do something they don't like]?" will be, from this day forward, "Uh, do YOU need to look like a stuffed baked potato in that Walmart shirt? 'Cuz you suck!"

  10. **PATHETIC…How "A Bad Lip Readings" voiceover edits actually have these unpatriotic puppets saying things of more importance than what they usually really say.

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