74 Replies to “White House Says Trump Trip To Walter Reed Was For ‘Portions’ Of Annual Physical | NBC Nightly News

  1. Joe Biden has a ruptured eye: No Prob
    Bernie has a heart attack: Again no prob
    Trump has a mild case: This is a serious concern about his health!

  2. He probably had to go in to get the MSM microscope removed from his a$$. He's healthier than Biden, Pocahontas and Bernie put together.

  3. Jesus Christ, I know he is the president and all, but I don't care about every little thing he does, I swear it won't be long before the news starts reporting on what type of shampoo he uses

  4. Why is everyone speculating ? Whether you like him or hate him for whatever reason can’t a guy just like us a human being go to the doctor ?

  5. Oh my god, calcium based plague in his blood vessels!?? Oh no, oh no!!
    Yea whatever… I don't know ANYONE! who doesn't have that.

  6. I don't think he works at all, and then the news reporter sounds like him bad bad long long,I'll Trump does this count as the money and say stupid things and make Americans look like they're idiots

  7. Oh good maybe he will just need to not get impeached because of his health condition he will just say I have to stop working this is driving me crazy yeah we all know he was crazy to begin with a man that files bankruptcy four times should never be allowed to be a president

  8. That is not how physicals work. whatever you say Donny. when it happens I bet his heart attack will be "the best biggest heart attack there was. No one has a better heartattack than me, It was a perfect heart attack."

  9. One more lie from the "nothing to see here" Administration. Morbid obesity is tough on the heart. If Trump had a heart he'd be dead already.

  10. Bernie Sander man up and say he have a mild heart attack and this is come from Doctor hapy pills Jackson who have his own prescription drug problem his self.

  11. What a crock. Fact is he started to choke on all of the crap he spews. First known case of constipation of the mouth. Either that or he choked on a kfc chicken bone.

  12. >goes to hospital unscheduled
    >media reports on it
    >anti-Trump fans saying he's losing it
    >no evidence provided

  13. Thank goodness there is health facilities in prison.

    I’m dreaming of an orange Christmas, just like the ones in San Quentin, with shackles and chains, because of whistleblower claims, while Melania gold digs the next fool.

  14. the President merely went in for his annual colonoscopy………..SOUNDS like he should have relinquished his appointment to eric swalwell………………………..

  15. new meds don't always" just take care of it" you big dummy…..many people don't know that we have junkies, drug addicts, in high places. they just don't know….. its true.

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