Who gets the money?

The last 3 years we’ve seen this
declining life expectancy, that’s hand-in-hand with a surge
in suicides and drug overdoses. Democrats need to try and address
that set of problems, as opposed to focusing too much
on Donald Trump – who, to me, is a symptom. Who would you rather get the money? The government
(who’s just gonna screw it up)… Or you, the American people?

13 Replies to “Who gets the money?

  1. I knew I subbed to you for a good reason, but I wasn't expecting you to reaffirm that belief five years after the fact with an Andrew Yang video.


  2. Definitely not what people are here for and I'm no different, but, well done. This looks very professional.

  3. I was wondering when you'd come back.
    Edit: Damn, that sounded assertive. What I meant is that I love your stuff and was wondering why you stopped all of a sudden. Welcome back, man.

  4. Don't vote Democrat.
    Don't vote Yang especially, he has no idea how San economy works.
    He's promising free money for everyone, it's impossible.
    It's the idiot vote choice, like voting for Harambe, or vermin supreme, you won't win.
    Donald Trump isn't a bad guy, you're just watching too much TV.
    As a Canadian I ignore television and magazines and do my own research.
    Donald Trump is your greatest President in history.

  5. Good work. It's good to see you've moved into 3D modeling animation and that it looks just as good as your 2D flashdrawn stuff.

  6. Not so long ago I looked for what you were up to and didn't find anything, not even on socials. Glad to see you're still around 🙂

  7. i know its been years since we spoke and i lost most ways i had to contact you but since you seem to be here now i just wanted to say i really hope you've been doing well
    -kurt (because i dont know if you remember this is my youtube account)

  8. I think Yang says smart things when put in a room with the right people (his Chapo interview def comes to mind). However, what he actually wants is a conservative health care system, a VAT that isn't fully thought out, and a crippled welfare system. Just let them get welfare AND the UBI you fn nerd.

    Anyway, the answer is communism. Some Yang proposals sound like communism with extra, messy technocratic steps. Since a high profile communist isn't running, the stopgap is Bernie.

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