Who’s the Dumbest Hollywood Republican?

you know of a conservative say of
hollywood Lavrov staff we had no idea how bad eggs walk away the levels are Eliza well as
bill is those do pitting crazy well it’s ironic
because of course they’ll all over hollywood conservatives like a a guy name Ronald Reagan who use to movies with the champs and
then became all our great president wrong or a good the greatest actor I mean politician of
all time Clint Eastwood’s the Republican they love him now what’s funny is these days there
aren’t very many people left that are in their right mind that are so
conservative that are in any way connected to
Hollywood singer release scrape the bottom the Bali gonna bring in like paint crappers like Ted Nugent you know
he’s a musician I got no good enough whatever and I
gotta bring insane people like Victoria Jackson now bill all right away who rails against
hollywood and how stupid they are and how they
should know about politics brings on this genius watch you get political how did that happen scale repaired in 2007 I don’t LA and I stumble into
this underground conservative group of people
all have an accident they squiggle educated
me I heard say good running for president
left to 30 and hillary’s a social s what would be left in a hurry now be highest I had a flashback when we had a
really George Orwell’s book 1984 and the Fed our country will not be
taken over by communism by force because of the second amendment but by the breakup of the family unit
and my sex drugs and rock n roll immorality I realized in my lifetime between the
age of 12 in fifty into she might be avoided ten dollars
people in the country really in George Orwell’s 1984 it says
that America will not be taken over because the Second Amendment now I must have missed that part I a few okay oh I see the geniuses over
concerns in Hollywood you know when she was as adlai race
always wonder whether that once was a put-on and a hole like that see attitude
whether she’s acting or not she’s not acting if you thought that was the ravings of a lunatic minority love
this now your tea party person I is that right are you tea partier I wasn’t the first Tea Party and Santa
Monica Pier and it’s the greatest people I’ve never
met hide then very involved and my passion is because
I don’t I’m gonna die soon because the first
thing to do and they kill the Christians are persecuted them are
down a man I taught them to remind you this and I don’t want that to happen.
yeah I don’t think we’re real close to that miss jackson so let me reassure you
I don’t think you’re gonna die soon I don’t think we’re going to be taken
over by the heat in communist but you know what I’d like to see i’d like to
see you debate Roseanne Barr because she is a communist yeah yet gotta throw in a little rosary
okay art because you don’t have been there
oreilly realize the mill the same guy she is so frickin stupid and this is
kind of embarrassing so I I don’t know IRS you say oh yeah
Roseanne Barr’s worse rose %uh bears into bars archive it is a
legacy goes to great job who look Roseanne Barr significant to left
me i’ve interviewed her and she has some ideas I don’t agree
with Roseanne Barr’s only a quadrillion times smarter than
Victoria Jackson all day gotta tell me first they’re
coming for the grandstands Obama’s a communism is gonna kill me I
know what I read in 1984 I don’t believe you ever read a single
book in your life well I’m moving the number down among
the top 7 dumbest people in america could
service you must be so proud

100 Replies to “Who’s the Dumbest Hollywood Republican?

  1. NPR is better… less biased. Just be sure to fact-check everything, no matter how trustworthy the source. Snopes made a point about this a while back. Most people just refer to the site to check things, but they purposefully posted something wrong to get people skeptical of even them.

  2. I'm not convinced that Victoria Jackson isn't a brilliant stealth parody. If she is, she's an absolute genius. If not…than I have nothing to say that can adequately describe how crazy she is.

    She still looks sane compared to Michael Moriarty, though. Holy. Shit. That guy is a complete lunatic.

  3. what? so she wasn't acting? no no this is a show come on people, she's playing everyone. this shit is hilarious

  4. Eastwood is a registered republican, but he is pretty far from being "right-wing". More like a fiscal conservative / social liberal. He has supported gun laws, and spoken out against the US involvement in Korea and Vietnam. If I had to pick a republican I have some respect for it would be him. Jackson has lost her mind (IMO).

  5. She's like the Debbie Novatny from an evil alternate universe, and we need to send her back through the portal before it's too late.

  6. I believe that neither Victoria Jackson nor Bill O'Riley has ever read George Orwells book 1984.
    1. 1984 was not set in America. It was set in "airstrip 1" the renamed England.
    2. The book did not 'say' any political messege. It was a first person novel that followed a single person, a man by the name of Winston Smith.
    3. The takeover of England was not due to moral decay, but from a suprise nucular attack.
    4. 'Free love' is a crime and punishable by death by the Ministry of Love.
    Both get a F-.

  7. Isn't it cute how christians see persecution everywhere but in their own actions… which is where the most persecution is coming from! Their idea of persecution is just… not being allowed a megalomaniacal stranglehold on society.

  8. Hahaha love it when she talks about George Orwell's book "1984" and she continues with: "our country will not be taken by communists by force!". She was, your country is being taken by it's own government with tricks such as the NSA spying shit that's been going on for years but only recently surfaced… you do realize, that with these smart-TVs, everyone who has one has a CAMERA IN THEIR HOUSE FILMING THEM… isn't that like in the book 1984???? *Sigh*

  9. Really? So should we ever see a society, where if someone says "Homosexuality is wrong", and are sent to a reconditioning center, (ministry of love) would you say that is Orwellian? According to Orwellian logic saying "Homosexuality is wrong" would be a thought crime. Believe me, liberalism is more Orwellian than you think.

  10. first of all when reagan ran his hollywood career wasnt even relivant. second hes you cant classify him with the other hollywood actors who take an interest in politics becuase NONE of them or atleast i know any of the current actors/actresses could make it as president. reagan was just multitalented. third of all republicans bash on hollywood liberals becuase they need to be bashed on becuase peopel actialy take those idiots seriously, im republican and have never heard of this crazy woman.

  11. idoits can go completly both ways on the political spectrum but the fact all the actors and actresses i know who are nothing but faces are liberal so to pick some random lady out of the trash to retaliate is kinda pathetic

  12. Then again, Victoria Jackson didn't generate a pack of lies to justify killing several hundred thousand citizens of Iraq then leaving that country in more turmoil than it has endured in the past 100 years.

  13. As for judging what she says, read the Constitution and try to appreciate the rights it confers on/to the citizens of the US.

  14. I'm a Christian & have mostly liberal political views (other than abortion) and I've only been killed 2, maybe 3 times tops by crazy socialists.
    Jeez I'm trying really hard not be be mean, but I think this woman just jumped on the first bandwagon without really thinking things through.
    Also 1984 doesn't say that -_-

  15. Metallica-Don't tread on me.Stephen Baldwin is a good candidate for the dumbest Hollywood republican.

  16. What is it with conservatives and a total lack of grip on reality? are there any sane conservatives left in America that just disagree with Obama but don't think he is the anti-christ, that his not responsible for the downing of the Malaysian plane or that the ACA is designed to cull right-wing voters. Because seeing my home country from overseas on numerous news outlets it appears that the GOP has morphed into a group of religious zealots and conspiracy theorists. 

  17. Sex and drugs and rock and roll?

    Damn you, Jim Steinman! You've brought communism down upon us all with your radical, leftist music!

  18. I love when people talk bad about Obama then they say things like he's a muslim socialist fascist communist from Kenya hell bent on destroying America…… at that point I just laugh inside my head and go continue

  19. As a Republican I agree with anyone regardless of political party or ideology, that this woman is suffering from severe stupidity.

  20. we are the ones that are dumb, letting the parties tear us apart when they show us time after time they are only different fingers from the same hand…

  21. This woman is so unbelievably dumb. The Republicans and the tea party are more delusional that I thought to want her to represent them in any way.

  22. LOL I love some of the idiotic comments here. Conservatives can't make a single argument about the content of this video so they predictably resort to ad hominem attacks on Cenk.

  23. There are idiots on both sides of the fence.  Supports/media from both sides see the faults more clearly in the other sides moronic constituents…  The beauty of AMERCO, is there are idiotism in every camp….

  24. 2:00 In fairness to Jackson, I took what she said to mean that whatever teacher assigned her “Nineteen Eighty Four” also said that thing about the second amendment and sex, drugs, and rock and roll, rather than Orwell saying it. She’s still an idiot, though.

  25. She says the change happened in America when she was between the ages of 12 and 50. I feel like there’s some significance to those numbers. 12 is often the last time in our lives when we really feel innocent or safe, and life starts to get really scary as we begin the hard slog from 40 to 50. It gets harder to keep up with change, you start to worry more about your health…this would be the time when someone with weak moral fibre would turn to the false certainty of conservatism for comfort.

  26. At 1:11 (while O'Reilly is asking a question) she looks like she's been stunned by something and jolts back in her chair. Really weird.

  27. Rosanne should take legal action against Cenk for slander. There's no way she's only a quadrillion times smarter than that woman.

  28. If this guy knew what he was talking about. He'd be dangerous. But since he just another leftist gas bag. He'll just slip into anonymity.

  29. Classic Book that 1984, the bit where Rambo swoops in with the Helicopter and guns down those free healthcare advocates was my favourite part, the happy ending where the guy gets the girl was pretty rad too

  30. I've seen Victoria Jackson in a lot of comic roles, and I thought she was playing a character. I thought she was a hilarious comedian. Then I saw her the first time she went on FOX, and I believed she was doing a parody of FOX NEWS. I was wondering why FOX put up with her for so long. But then I saw her on FOX again, and it began to dawn on me that she wasn't acting, this wasn't a character she played, that was the real Victoria Jackson. I don't know if being Republican makes people stupid or if stupid people are just attracted to the GOP, but you have to admit, the Republicans really do a great job attracting STUPID: Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, Louis Gohmert, Rick Perry, Jeb & W. Bush, Christine (I'm not a witch)O'Donnell, S.E. Cupp, all the Tea Baggers, et.al.

  31. So few people really get George Orwell. He was basically an Anarchist.
    So, in "1984", sex outside of marriage was forbbiden, and evan within marriage was supposed to be joyless. Anything else was a "Sex crime." The government had organized a group called "The anti-sex league."
    No drugs besides alcohol and choclate were mentioned.
    Rock and roll had not been invented in 1948, when the book was written, though it did talk about a sappy government written pop song.
    Now, if she had said "Brave New Worlds," she would have been closer to the truth. in THAT book, sex and drugs were encouraged by the government.

  32. Cenk, that's unfair! She has read a book. I mean, they're usually meant for toddlers, but she has read one lol

  33. holy shit XD…that human the part were she was like ''lalalala spaced out..uhhwha! oh someone talks to me i need to response?!'' ^^

  34. i know im cringes but i imidiately thought of Miss Jackson for P!ATD when i read that dumbasse's name.

  35. Still waiting for Obama to start rounding up and genociding the Christians… or coming to get all the guns… or sending in the nayional guard to take over texas… he was president for 8 years and has been out of office for over a year now. Typical… a black guy being late…

  36. Orwell was a socialist who sought to educate people regarding a more just society. That's how I know Ms Jackson never read him.

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