Why Distributed Leadership for equity and learning (DLE)?

this video explores some of the reasons why distributed leadership for equity and learning DLE for short is worth developing dle is leadership that is enacted by everyone in the school and works to promote inclusive holistic learning it is not only senior school leaders such as head teachers and principals who exercise leadership everyone students teachers and support staff is able to contribute to leadership and to take action that improves the work of the school why is this a good thing where it works well DLE contributes to the ability of schools to meet three big challenges that they face firstly DLE helps schools to be as effective as possible in promoting deep and holistic learning both by students and by staff it does this by making an explicit commitment to learning that is deep and holistic by increasing the school's capacity to mobilize knowledge expertise and energy by encouraging more cooperative learning and by increasing motivation and commitment among staff and students secondly dle helps schools to innovate and to educate students so that they will become the creators and innovators of the future this is because in a distributed leadership culture that values all equally staff and students are encouraged to share and develop new ideas and knowledge and to try out new practices and learn from these a range of people from across the school community can be involved in evaluating practices from a variety of perspectives so that they have a better chance of being improved and of working well thirdly dle provides opportunities for active learning about democratic citizenship in a distributed leadership culture that values everyone equally collaboration participation discussion and learning from others viewpoints become part of the everyday life of the school dearly gives experience of living in a way that promotes equity and puts into practice the values of democratic citizenship through this experience students learn what it means to respect values such as justice tolerance mutual understanding and a concern for the welfare of others and to ensure that no one is excluded from opportunities to participate and to learn this video has given you some idea of why we believe DLE is worth developing in our final video in this series we look at ideas on how DLE can be developed

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