Why join the Corporate Governance Council?

this counsel is comprised of corporate secretaries and chief governance officers and secretaries to the board they are the most senior person in the company that reports to the board of directors on corporate governance matters the council has several areas of concern and focus challenges in the area of the board effectiveness of the company that is does the company have the correct composition and effectiveness of the board to take it to where it needs to be in three to five years a second area that we focus on is the area of shareholder engagement where the corporation must deal with its institutional investors in areas such as pay-for-performance proxy voting and so on the third area is the ability for the corporate secretary to communicate the long-term value of the corporation in a decidedly short-term trading and investment environment the most surprising thing I think for a new member it would be the variety of companies represented around the table from many different sectors many different experiences so that's baby provides a very rich tapestry if you like of of experiences and and different points of view I think what makes a Conference Board Council different from other peer networks is that on the one hand the agenda is really driven by the members of the council so it's dynamic it is responsive to those topics that are most important to the members the other aspect is the very confidential nature Chatham House Rules I know issues I discuss about things that we're dealing with in our company can be shared with the others and it stays within the walls at the conference board I will often be informed by experiences that I've taken away from the council and sometimes there's a novel sometimes there's a difference sometimes they are challenging but I think the challenge and having different approaches is good it sort of forces you to defend your position and the more I can do that the more value I think that I can bring back to the firm so to have this exchange amongst peers and also with our people who have had the same or similar problems and that I've might have had or discussing similar questions and also this feeling one is not alone and one does not have to breathe and the wheel every single time there's a unique characteristic that you don't experience or one wouldn't experience in other forums out there

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