Why the UK Election Results are the Worst in History.

Hello Internet The UK had an election we need to talk about
because after the debates finished, the people voted and the ballots tallied the results
were this: But parliament ended up looking like this: Which isn’t, exactly, representative. And
by not exactly, I mean at all. Red earned 30% of the vote and 36% of the
seats, which is sort of close, but the rest is madness: Orange earned 8% of the vote but
got one eighth of that while Yellow’s 5% just about doubled, and purple earned 13% and got
squat. Meanwhile blue’s 37% of the people booted
to 51% of the seats in parliament. The blue boost is even bigger when you consider that
51% of the seats gives basically 100% the control. How’d this happen? In the UK — national elections aren’t really
national, they’re a bunch of local elections. The UK is divided into constituencies, each
of which elects one member of parliament (M.P.) to represent them. This local / national divide
is where the trouble begins. Imagine a parliament with just three constituencies,
and it’s easy to see how it wouldn’t always align with citizens. Some people think this
sort of result is fine — “it’s all *about* winning local elections,” they’ll say.
“Each M.P. represents their constituency.” And while the imbalance in this example is
extreme, but it’s the same problem in the real election and this same argument is given,
but there are two more problems with it in reality land. 1) Few citizens have any idea who their MP
is, they just know what party they voted for — what party they want to represent their
views on the national level. And pretending like it’s a local election is a bit disingenuous.
— in practice it’s an election for how the nation will run — not really for who is going
to represent a tiny part of it. and even if it were 2) The individual constituencies are worse
at representing their citizens than parliament. Indulge this spreadsheet-loving nerd for a
moment, will you? The difference between what a party earned
at the polls and what they got in parliament is the amount of misrepresentation error. If we calculate all the errors for all the
parties and add them up we can say the Parliament as a whole has 47% percentage points of misrepresentation
error. That sounds bad looks like a utopian rainbow of diversity compared to any local
election because the local elections have *one* winner. Out of the 650 constituencies
647 have a higher representation error than parliament. These are the only three that
don’t and they’re really unusual for having so many of a single kind of voter in one place. Most places look the The Wrekin which is dead
in the middle a mere one-hundred and one points off. Note that the winning candidate didn’t
reach a majority here. Which means more than half of constituencies elected their MP with
a minority of voters. The worst is Belfast South at the bottom of
the list. Hilariously unrepresentative. Less than a quarter of the voters get to speak
for the entire place in parliament. This is the the lowest percentage an M.P. has ever
been elected by. So when people argue that the UK election
is a bunch of local elections 1) people don’t act like it, and 2) It’s even more of an argument
that the elections are broken because they’re worse on this level. These local elections are unrepresentative
because of the terrible ‘First Past the Post’ voting system — which I have complained mightily
about and won’t repeat everything here — go watch the video — but TL;DR it only ‘works’
when citizens are limited to two choices. Voting for any party except the biggest makes
it more likely the biggest will win by a minority — which is exactly what happened. That citizens keep voting for smaller parties
despite knowing the result is against their strategic interests demonstrates the citizenry
wants diverse representation — but that successes is the very thing that’s made this the most
unrepresentative parliament in the history of the UK. People happy with the results argue the system
is working fine — of course they do. Their team won. But Government isn’t a sport where a singular
‘winner’ must be determined. It’s a system to make rules that everyone follows and so,
we need a system where everyone can agree the process is fair even if the results don’t
go in their favor. If you support a system that disenfranchises
people you don’t like and turbo-franchises people you do — then it doesn’t look like
you support representative democracy, it looks like you support a kind of dictatorship lite.
Where a small group of people (including you) makes the rules for everyone. But as it is now, on election day the more
people express what they want the worse the system looks which makes them disengaged at
best or angry at worst and GEE I CAN’T IMAGINE WHY. This is fixable, there are many, many better
ways the UK could vote — here are two that even keep local representatives. And fixing voting really matters, because
this is a kind of government illegitimacy score — and it’s been going up and may continue
to do so unless this fundamentally broken voting system is changed.

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  1. We voted on changing the system in 2011 – it didn't pass 68% wanted it to remain as it is . The main problem in the UK is people don't vote even on important issues like changing the voting system or replacing a police commissioner after a 20 year 3000 girl peadophile scandal with only 42% and 16% of the eligible people voting respectively.

  2. in my constituency, (West Tyrone) as well as another 6 nearby, the MPs abstain, i.e. they don't sit in Parliament. The MPs for our constituency have been voted in every year since 2001, I was born in 2003, so in My lifetime, there has never been an MP from West Tyrone sitting in the house of Commons to represent the people here.

  3. Americans telling us to fix ours? Hilary Clinton got 48.2% of the vote, and trump got 46.1% and he's the President?

  4. Hello from France.
    Sorting some of our problems and whatnot right now.
    When less than 13% of the voters choose for the country (see "Législatives 2017"), we may have an even bigger problem than you do…no wonder we get the Gilets Jaunes.

  5. I feel very strongly about this to this day. FPTP is a farce and is part of the reason that Brexit has dragged on so long with no resolve, among other things. The elected MPs are so unrepresentative of the people that over half of the populace voted to leave, yet the elected parliament are staunchly remain by percentage. Let's cast our minds back and try and remember which coloured party is missing the most between the two pie charts.

    I don't know what we can do about it now though, we had our referendum on the voting system and we overwhelmingly voted to keep it the same. Maybe one day there'll be a decent campaign behind the alternative vote if things continue to get worse.

  6. 2:35. I LIVE IN SPELTHORNE. Out of all the boroughs in the UK, Spelthorne had the joint 4th worst representation.

  7. In 2009, a referendum in the UK voted against changing the voting system. Trouble is, that referendum had a 42% turnout. Regardless, the government claim that "the people have had their say" and it will not be revisited 🙁

  8. Great video mate, shows the lack of democracy in the uk, the only true way to fix it, would be every country in the uk had an equal vote instead of one having more power

  9. I can not comprehend why not better voting systems are put into place. first past the post is absolutely retarded.

  10. Meanwhile in Mexico there a total of 9 parties and some of them merge together but it will choose the ruling party
    A. B. C. D. E. F. G
    A and C merge but if one of them won, one of them would be ruling depending on the popularity
    Then B. D. E join as a socialist party and their votes can either be sum to the party who rules and then thanks the other parties for helping them
    Or F. And G won they could unite both parties under one and have both cabinets together
    It's really a large and complicated election plus corruption and there is little to do

  11. Democracy doesn't work, it's mob rule. Give autonomy to smaller and smaller regions until we get to individual autonomy.

  12. And 3 years later we’ve been through 2 prime ministers and now another one is coming. What has this country become

  13. In Germany, we have that Constituenty system too, but everyone has a second vote which controls the actual percentage of seats in the parliament

  14. My boi UKIP got fucked! Justice for UKIP! Even tho they are irrelevant now with the Brexit Party stealing all their shit but still.

  15. The error score, if calculated the way I understand it, is a bit inflated. (simplistically) if I understand it, in a 2 party system if the popular was 60% A, and 40% B, with the actual being 55% A, and 45% B, this would be calculated as a 10% error, rather than a 5%. Another more clear example of why this is wrong. 100% voted A, 0% B, with a actual output of 0% A and 100% B would be a 200% error. See the problem? You can't have 200%.

    Also, while the issue obviously does exist that representation of individuals does not match up with actual results, it was never intended to perfectly match up. At best I would say maybe they should have multiple representatives per district to diversify results, but there would obviously be technical issues.

  16. The problem is that almost all of the former colonies also follow the broken system of election of the Brits.

  17. We need to get back to a sensible 2 party system, centre left and centre right. Cut out the extremists.

  18. I live in murrica so ha ha England take your swans,tea and what ever other fetishes you have back you your broken voteing both

  19. See my problem with these are they complain about 5% for a party like the SNP forgetting the fact that in Scotland that 5% is actually 50% at least in the 2015 election. I agree the number of seats the SNP won in that election was to many and the SNP do support PR even though it would hurt them.

  20. The US senate is 100x worse. Look at the populations of California vs Wyoming or Texas vs Rhode Island. And all 4 of those states get 2 senators each. Also, it's controlled by a party that only got ~39% of the popular vote with the minority having gotten ~58% of the vote.

  21. Video guy is upset that people in the U.K. exercise their free will and vote for a political party that most closely represents their ideology / interests. That is a GOOD THING!

    In the U.S.of A. for a hundred and sixty years now there have been 2 major parties. ☹

    One cares nothing about the working man, or decent / livable wages, or workplace safety, but is strong on National defense. They are waaaaay to friendly to corporations. On occasion / sometimes some of them care about morals.

    They occasionally site and quote from the U.S. Constitution and think ( usually ) that Churches and Christians are legal. They are more likely to support the 2nd Amendment.

    The other big Party is morally bankrupt. They take lots of donations from "Limousine Liberals". They Hate spending money on National Defense. They used to be the party of the "Working Man", in the 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, but now, they HATE the American worker, and are the Party of open borders and freebies to illegal aliens. They despise Bible-believing Christians, and luuuuuve every kind of freakoid pervert thst comes along.

    There are communists and socialists in the Democrat Party. They do not admit it, but they advocate for everything that Marx and Lenin and Mao were for. They hate The God of The Bible. They hate Law Enforcement Officers and military members. They want to disarm law abiding citizens. They call themselves "Democrats".

    There are 3rd and 4th and 5th and 6th Party candidates on the Presidential election ballot since the 1800's, BUT only members of the Democratic Party or the Republican Party get elected to The Congress, and the Office of President .

    I have sometimes voted for a 3rd Party candidate in local, State and Federal elections. Knowing they will not win but able to look at myself in the mirror the next morning without shame.
    I wish we had at least 4 Parties in Congress, but it does not seem likely.

    Video maker guy: — Rather than whine about average U.K. voters voting their conscience… Be happy !

    Video guy should realize that the candidate with the most votes in the U.K. constituency wins the election. Your percentage blither-blather makes no sense. Votes are counted, and recorded in U.K. elections. I have watched ever since the internet started in the 1990's.

    All candidates appear on the stage / podium and the Elections Officer reads aloud the vote amounts. That is what an elected, representative democracy is.

  22. When ur from england "the red" Labour "the yellow" THE NATIONAL SCOTTISH PARTY "the blue"

  23. My country changed to MMP and it's been a disaster. Nothing can be done. Laws never pass and the country has stagnated. Nearly 1 in every 5 citizens has left the country. The old British system we had was better.

  24. HA! YOU THINK THE UK VOTEING BAD? In Hungary, only the 30% go to voting,and 50% the biggest party! UK IS A DREAM!

  25. Every election result is a mess. I much prefer local elections,they affect our every day life but MPs do very little and not much changes on a national level

  26. just use the same voting system like in germany. One vote for an represantive and one vote for an party that will be in the parliament.

  27. You missed a fundamental point. This is 100% democratic and representative for a simple reason. Just a few years ago, the liberal democrats as part of their coalition with the conservatives were able to push through an alternative vote referendum. The entire population had the opportunity to swap to the more representative system but instead chose to keep the current one. This legitimizes the FPTP system as a perfectly representative vote chose it over the single transferable vote.

  28. Our voting system in the UK would be better IF the counties were styled more like US States. Unfortunately, counties do not have any modern individual laws, making this kind of voting system ridiculous.

  29. "The United States of America has the worst system of government in the world. After everyone else." -Benjamin Franklin

  30. Blue: Conservative
    Red: Labour
    Purple: UKIP
    Orange: Lib Dems
    Green: Greens
    Yellow: SNP
    White: Change UK
    Light Brown: Plaid Cymru
    Dark Green: Democratic Unionists
    Light Green: Sinn Fein
    Other Stuff: Other Stuff

  31. Why not just have all ppl vote on everything? This sort of issue is always going to be a thing so long as we have representation

  32. That Belfast South representative was SDLP Alasdair McDonnell. Used to canvas for him. Creepy and p terrifying man who drove youths out of the party for Pro-Choice opinions.

  33. 4 years later: his is no longer the worst election result in Britain. Introducing the new Prime Minister, BORIS F*KING JOHNSON?!
    It's like they watched the US for the past 2 years and said: Yes, let's have some of THAT.

  34. Journalism is dead ! Wouldn't you say its a little early to judge a foreign country's election results ? This faggot has a irritating voice and attitude .

  35. To be fair The US elections are totally ridiculous and i think UK ones arr better than US ones

    Also the constiuencies that have large numbers of Labour votes are called strongholds. Liverpool Walton and Knowsley hate the Tories and love labour in other constituencies like Birkenhead they have had an MP who they like despite their party. But when you look at Wavertree that can be fair in places bur unfair in others for instance Wavertree is Childwall, Broadgreen and Mossley Hill added onto the Wavertree constiuency. Mossley Hill Voters like the Liberal Democrats/Liberal and so do Childwall whereas Broadgreen and Wavertree typicaly go for Labour its unfair representation for those areas.

  36. I hate this system. Because in Scotland our population is less than England's it will always be the ones in England that get to choose our future.

  37. exactly the same happened the last 2 times in denmark. one time, the leader of a party that didnt get to make government, was elected as 'prime minister', cuz the power structure is completely out of wack with all the populace blinded with all the populism, so noone is calling out the bullshit, yet everyone knew it was grotesque and obvious proof of corruption in the political sphere

  38. Nice argument, it breaks down when laws then get voted on by members elected by PR, and the deciding vote is whichever group holds the balance (tiny minority). No system actually works well, however the current one does tend to end up with the biggest single minority ruling, rather than in effect giving power to a smaller one.

    Most European countries solve the problem by handing over control to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, & being represented in name only & not in fact.

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