24 Replies to “Will GOP Sen. Vote To Hear Witnesses? ‘Had Hope Before That Was Dashed’ Booker Says | All In | MSNBC


  2. Pelosi sorry you have ran with the lie long enough! Now the senate is going to embarrass you right out of office and back to your grave! KAG! 2020!

  3. We just sent a letter that said we know you want us to leave but we’re not going to, Well it didn’t say That..So You lied and are spreading bullcrap

  4. Nope.
    The GOP are all hopelessly corrupt and only care about stuffing their pockets at the expense of the world, the future and the american people.

    They need to be arrested.
    All of them.
    And leave the responsible adults in charge.

  5. The example of this sickening Government using our money to annoy us by being able to continue to be supported by unwarranted surveillance. On January 1, 2020. I had sixty dollars to pay for my cell phone bill. I was deciding on paying the bill on the 1st when it is due or on the 31st of December. My bill is contracted at $55.00. I don't try to keep up with the Jenkins. The Government knows who decided to try to charge me $60.00 dollars for my contracted bill playing with us and continuing to get supported. As if I care that they w I ad my $60.00 dollars ready to pay my bill. How does that have any connection to my injustices. I am not going to be silent through intimidations. I am going to keep requesting ammunition and my money for these intimidations which is the reason why resistance is necessary and welcomed. Terrorists behaved Police Officers do not service People like City Attorney Jennifer Logue for me being at my Hearing Officers Office and my Analyst Office stating that I do not want to come into the Building because of the elevator. If that is a threat. Bill Cosby should be free at this moment. Where is the threat for not wanting to come in the Hearing Officers Building with the Security Guard directly in the front of the Building before you get to the elevators and some grimy alien headed Police Officers arrests you. They better be glad that I did not have something to take them all out. The Oakland Internal Affairs Captain who Nancy Pelosi and Nancy O' Malley allowed to have a party today January 10, 2020 was around the corner a few feet away. He did not do anything to these pathetic Cowardly Police Officers. He did not have Anyone find out why a Judge would give a restraining order to a Woman who clearly stated that she did not want to be in the Building because she did not like the elevators. Does that sound like something President Trump should be playing with or the DOJ delaying claiming that I should go to trial. Or does that sound like People who should be forced out of the Country immediately for crimes like the Lady in the Emmett Till case. The DA was a Black ignorant Women probably going to be allowed to retire like the Captain at Internal Affairs if the Citizens do not stop her now like the White Lady in the Emmet Till case. These kinds of corruptions do not get disregarded by any President or the DOJ. I don't care who these dysfunctional People are. I am a grown Woman. I do not be intimidated or quiet for them. I was playing Dominoes on my phone outside of the Building when the Police attacked me January 28, 2019. Does that sound like Someone that was there to attack the Government. The President, the DOJ, and the Board Of Congress are allowing the City to hold my damage Claims for these ongoing attacks of not wanting to be around them. Public Officials do my take it personal, to heart, or get offended because I don't want to be around them. These People are not welcome in Alameda County. It should NEVER take that long to remove them. I did not have any weapons. I should have for such Cowardly, illiterate Men with badges when they should be in cages. That is not Anyone to respect or call a Patriot. That is a Rat who carries some old Government baggage with a chip on their shoulders and continue to lie on Everyone in Someone Family that they are trying to revenge. I want their ignorant behinds removed. I know that there is not a Law that supports that kind of behavior. The video I gave to the NewsCasts versus the Government no video clearly shows me not on any drugs or alcohol just wanting to be outside of the Building and given my proof that I was the Defendant. The Plaintiff is the one who needed proof. How does that foul mouth local State Attorney General Christopher Bolton explains that. Why does he exist.

  6. People ,the anti-war protesters during the Vietnam war frightened Nixon so much, he encircled the WH with D.C. transit buses to protect himself from the hordes after illegally bombing Cambodia.When Micheal Moore makes the statement,"In France the goverment is afraid of the people," in "America,the people are afraid of the goverment", it is time to march on Washington.The time is now before its too late,but Americans are too fat and glued to their tv sets to act so don't be surprized when they come for you one day and lock you away in a concentration camp like they did to the Germans.

  7. That's something I keep hearing repeated by Trump defenders, " Well Obama blah blah blah Iraq". Obama overstepped his authority as well.

  8. EBook copy of the Constitution / Bill of Rights / Declaration of Independence available free at:

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