Workers FORCED To Attend Trump Rally

>>Oftentimes, when Republicans make crazy
accusations about Democrats, you can look to what they’re up to and you realize that
it’s projection. They’re accusing Democrats of doing what they’re
doing. And recently, there was a story involving
union workers that demonstrated just that. Now Trump had a giant crowd of union workers
at a speech that he gave at a Shell petrochemical plant in Pennsylvania. This took place last week, and it turns out
that the individuals who were there were paid. There was a monetary incentive there. In fact, let me go ahead and read what these
union workers were told. Your attendance is not mandatory, said the
rules that one contractor relayed to employees, summarizing points from a memo that Shell
sent to union leaders a day ahead of the visit to the $6 billion construction site. But only those who showed up at 7am scanned
their ID cards and prepared to stand for hours through lunch, but without lunch, would be
paid. Those who decided not to come to the site
for the event would have an excused but non-paid absence, the company said, and would not qualify
for overtime pay on Friday. So, Donald Trump on various occasions has
accused Democrats of paying people to show up to their events. Or he’s accused people of paying individuals
to show up to protests. Really, in the mean time, Donald Trump is
playing these games and paying individuals to show up to his speeches. Now this has been pitched as an official presidential
event, not a campaign event. But it was a campaign event and I’m going
to give you evidence to prove it. But Cenk, do you want to jump in before I
do that?>>Trump often talks about these liberal protesters
are funded by Soros. And does he have any evidence of that? No, reporters have looked into it. No, it turns out, liberals are actually really
pissed at Donald Trump. And they don’t need Soros to tell him that. So why did they do that? I’ve told you this historically, the right
wing always does this. The Tea Party was mad about the bank bailouts. Did they ever protest the banks? Nope, because the Koch brothers pulled up
with giant buses that already had anti-Obamacare slogans painted on the buses. They took the Tea Party guys and drove them
to protest against Obamacare rather than the bank bailouts. Because the Koch brothers also benefited from
the bank bailouts. So this is what the Republicans always do,
because they don’t have any grassroots support. It’s not like they don’t have any voters,
they do. But during Obama, they hated him so much mainly
based on his race that they’re like, what is he proposing, to give us health care? God damn it, I don’t want healthcare!>>So there are those guys, but are there
guys going, I need a capital gains tax cut for the rich? I’m gonna go protest to make sure the rich
get tax cuts. No, there’s no grassroots support for that
at all. So they have to pay people off and famously,
Trump paid off the people at his first rally when he announced for president. He paid actors 50 bucks to show up.>>Sad.>>So sad, but he’s such a crook and he’s
such an idiot, that by his nature he never pays anyone because he’s a scam artist. Anyway, so the company that he paid or was
supposed to pay to pay off the actors to show up, it turns out he didn’t pay them. So they filed a complaint with the FEC saying
this guy owes us $12,000 for the actors we brought to his stupid escalator rally and
he won’t pay the $12,000 bill. And then finally, Trump had to pay it four
months later.>>It’s amazing.>>It’s a fact, you can go look it up, Washington
Post, anywhere you want. He was-
>>Fake news.>>By the way, you know who suggested to him
to hire actors? Roger Ailes, because Roger Ailes knows this
guy’s pathetic, he doesn’t have any real followers. Buy actors, we fake everything on the right
wing anyway. So then now he makes you poor union guys. Hey if you wanna get paid for the day, then
you better show up and applaud. And they even had instructions to not boo
him.>>I wanna get to that, because that is important. Because not only are they forced to show up
to this thing if they wanna get paid. But they have some pretty strict guidelines
and rules. Now, there was one union leader who was willing
to talk to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette about the pay involved. This union leader wished not to be named because
he did not want to make trouble for his workers. He said one day of work might amount to about
$700 in pay, benefits, and a per diem payment that out-of-town workers receive. So if you’re gonna miss out on that much pay,
you’re going to show up to this thing. And it’s going to be spun as part of, they’re
not officially saying that it’s part of Trump’s campaign. They’re saying this is not a campaign event,
but it was a campaign event. We have evidence to prove it, including the
videos he put out. By the way, the guidelines and the rules for
anyone who did attend. No yelling, shouting, protesting or anything
viewed as resistance will be tolerated at the event. An underlying theme of the event is to promote
goodwill from the unions. Your building trade leaders and job stewards
have agreed to this. So those were the rules. With that said though, I’m going to go to
one of the videos of the event. And you tell me whether or not this looks
like a campaign event.>>I don’t want to do it too early, I did
it very early with Pocahontas, I should have probably waited.>>She’s staging a comeback on Sleepy Joe.>>I don’t know who’s going to win. But we’ll have to hit Pocahontas very hard
again if she does win. But she’s staging a little bit of a comeback. What a group, Pocahontas and Sleepy Joe.>>I don’t think they give a damn about Western
Pennsylvania, do you?>>No.>>I don’t think so.>>Do you care about Western Pennsylvania? Do you care about Pennsylvania?>>He cares about it, of course, because of
the campaign. I’m sure that it was just an accident or a
coincidence, but he happened to be holding this non campaign event in one of those states
that he won to beat Hillary Clinton in an upset, Pennsylvania. Why does it matter if it’s a campaign event
or not? If it’s a campaign event, he has to pay. If it’s not a campaign event, we have to pay,
so he made the taxpayers pay for that.>>Mm-hm.>>By the way, when he does do campaign events
like the one he did in El Paso, he doesn’t pay anything, because he’s a criminal. He never pays his bills, and he thinks, he
says, when I go bankrupt, that’s me not paying my bills. That’s smart business. No, that’s being a crook. And so, he does it over and over again. So sad, now he went from $50 paying out of
his pocket, to $700 but having Shell pay it for him. So the oil companies pay the union guys to
show up there. And say hey, if you protest against him, remember
you’re gonna lose that money, and we’re gonna crush you. This is what fascism looks like.>>What I thought was interesting about that
video, I didn’t look at his face while he was talking. I was actually paying close attention to the
expressions on the union workers’ faces, it was something I enjoy doing. So just a quick tip in case you want to rewind
the video and watch again. And then finally, one other thing that he
did which further reinforces the point that we’re making about this being a campaign event. He turned that entire speech into like a movie
trailer. And it’s too long, I don’t wanna show it because
it’s just too lengthy but with music and everything, making him look heroic.>>Everything’s a campaign ad for him.>>Exactly.>>Why are taxpayers paying for that? It’s outrageous. And I was looking at the same thing, Ana. There was a couple of guys who liked it and
you could tell like Trump and everybody else is like. Normally, at a campaign rally, when he does
racial stuff like Pocahontas, they love it. With the guys who voluntary show up, you see
here though, it’s a muted crowd. Polite applause, they’re not going crazy when
he says Pocahontas. A couple of people like it and the rest are
like I don’t know, man, they made us come here.>>It’s so sad.

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  3. first its no pay, later its termination…this is a stump hallmark… lack of subtlety outright offensive…One can almost see the 'Clap' signs after one of his monologues, pathetic.

  4. Notice in Trump's speech he mentioned Biden and Warren, and again was silent on Bernie. It's cause he's terrified of running against Bernie. All the shit he'd throw at the other two won't work against Sanders, and he knows it. That's why when Bernie flat out said he was an idiot for not believing in climate change, Trump again said nothing. Bernie got him shook.

  5. The union guys got paid to go there instead of actually working and you think they were mad? Hahaha you must not know many people who are actually in trade unions. You’re getting paid union rate to go sit in an air conditioned arena and listen to Donald Trump talk.

  6. Get his birth certificate.Make him show it,like he did to Obama.
    This latest act is pathetic and despicable,more like a third world dictator's actions

  7. Yes and? What is the point of this video? At Events where people are not forced to attend, trump has massive numbers way out doing even the combined attendance of every single democrats running for president combined. This story is a complete re herring. and laughable.

  8. So….. how exactly were they "FORCED" to attend the speech? My take on it was if they wanted to get paid the rate of on-site workers, they had the choice bwtween getting paid a higher rate for doing absolutely nothing, or taking the day off. And paying people extra for a company event in support of the President of the United States is fascism? No wonder the majority of the country sees progressives as lunatics.

  9. the economy is doing so great that unionized workers will stand a whole day behind a rambling cheeto instead of going home because they cant afford to miss a days pay….

  10. Does he think forcing and threatening peoples livelihood is going to get them to like him, let alone vote for him? Of the two talents he has one is making enemies and boy is he really good at it, the farmers, switch voters, auto workers, steel worker are feeling the tariffs now, coal miners, I say, keep up the good work, LOL!!!!

  11. I’d take the loss if I could possibly afford one should be made to sit through a moron’s gibberish for any amount of time. Not sure why everyone doesn’t just walk away from him when he starts talking..oh yeah, sheeple😂

  12. Absolutely pathetic. These workers were unionized???? Why not organize and protest this bullshit?! This was BLACKMAIL

  13. Well, he already knows no one will punish him for campaign finance law violations so, in an odd twist of events, Trump is behaving rationally.

  14. Paid is not forced though, but they're definitely incentivized. Why not just put 'paid' in the title? Other than that … What. The. F***.

  15. You don't say anything about people who are FORCED to be pro leftist in leftist areas like silicon valley, university, hollywood or media or will lose their job.

  16. Literally the beginning of this video is TYT projection what they are doing on to republicans. It hilarious how dumb they think there supporters are.

  17. Sorry but if u work for shell this is expected.. it is a criminal dutch/english organization. It is Shell who is to blame here for not paying their employees.

  18. Minimum wage here in Michigan is $9.45 before taxes. So that means it would take more than 11 hours of work to get the NordVPN with the TYT discount. OUCH.

  19. Ha! Same as in the Soviet Union – all workers MUST be at that kind of events! Except – they were not even paid. It is still going on in Moscow, Minsk, not sure about Kiev. Those are capitals where the government is … if a president of that particular country has some sort of “event” – they need “audience” to be present.

  20. So your title is literally a lie. They could have taken an excused absence. I know you guys are all for people doing nothing and getting paid but this is retarded.

  21. This is fake news if I ever saw it. They can't force you to go to a rally or get docked in pay, They would get sued so fast it isn't funny. This sounds a typical rumor they present as fact. Probably from more of those unnamed sources like we heard about all thru the Mueller investigation.

  22. I stopped calling people names (Pocahontas & Sleepy Joe) when I was 7 years old. And even at that age I knew better than to use racist, hate-filled names.

  23. Not one video on The Ice Facility that was attacked by one of the many CRAZY people on the left. You guys are the real enemy!

  24. This is nothing new. They're getting paid to be there for their time. If they don't want to go, they don't have to. But no pay. Like a job, but you socialist wouldn't know much about that. Is this hard to understand. Unions have always done this. It's just never been a story. Hmmmmmmm

  25. I don't see what the big deal is. When I worked at Hitachi Power Systems, we had our shop transformed into a stage for far less important dignitaries than the President of the United States, and we got the same offer from our employer, except without the overtime rate. This is an example of making a Mt. Everest out of a molehill.

  26. If these people actually thought Trump's a Nazi and they were willing to sell their souls for a$700 day of pay, that tells you a lot about them.😄

  27. They weren't forced to be there, they just lost the overtime pay they would have got if they went to the event. Sorry but companies shouldn't be forced to pay people if they don't show up

  28. Trump is the epitome of a creepy crawler. How disgusting a person do you have to be, to vote for a lower life form like him.

  29. Man, this union certainly sold it's members out; unbelievable. I'm not even sure unions can do that, i.e., suspend pay from workers if they choose not to attend a particular event. Isn't that a violation of federal law??

  30. If Trump said oxygen is good for you – 20 million Democrats would immediately stop breathing and suffocate themselves. Hey, that's not a bad idea.

  31. If I am getting paid 700 a day, I'm getting paid enough to lose it for the chance to protest his rally. Honestly, living pay check to paycheck, I would still take the opportunity to protest the rally. I don't know how I physically could stop myself from jeering and shouting and protesting his bullshit.

  32. 😂😂😂LAME😂😂😂
    😂😂GAME OVER😂😂

    FUK DONALD TRUMP .. in my Nipsey Hussle Voice

    🔥 ME!!!

  33. If TYT had a brain, they'd realize this is more of an issue with the Unions than anything Trump did, but hey! Roll on with the Trump derangement Syndrome, it seems to be working well SO FAR 🙂

  34. Dahm this is a crazy accusation Almost if TYT had proof they could take him to court. But they will not because they have zero proof

  35. No they were not, morons, it was a work event, they were paid because they were on the clock. Jesus you people are dumb.

  36. We need to stop saying things like this "So sad" when referring to Trump because those children he is still keeping locked up and away from their parents in horrendous conditions is sad. The American parents or families that continue to lose family members to gun violence is sad and ect. Because by saying he's so sad it shows feeling some empathy for the person and only makes him seem more human when all honesty Trump is a loser and nazi racist bully . He is simply disgusting.

  37. I wish every news channel would stop showing clips of President retard, can't stand listening to his ridiculous way of speaking. Just show the quotes to spare our eyes and ears.

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