Would You Vote For A Celebrity? Politicians Versus Celebrities? Politics

I would really vote for celebrity as a politician I just wouldn't trust a celebrity like the note that's more enough to do it I think it just depends of it is obviously Trump's not a good example the politicians that we have now I'm not very good celebrities are a lot more impressionable I like an old man I wouldn't completely rule them out just because they're famous I mean if I was gonna vote for someone I think I'd vote more so unlike the values and what they are saying that they're gonna do more than if they're well known I might vote for a celebrity if they sounded like they were gonna do a good job but I mean it's all in what they're gonna do and if there's a politician who's gonna do a much better job than a celebrity then of course I vote for that you're a politician for a reason and you like if you're a politician you know how to run a country if your celebrity you're probably not gonna like we're in it as well as a politician I think it's because I'm young and I feel like celebrities are a lot more impressionable either than like an old man who I don't really know well if it was if it was a celebrity that people really liked and that people trusted and that didn't have like a bad stigma around their name I feel like definitely a celebrity could outdo president political person no it depends on the person because there's some politicians out there that are stupid yeah sure well then it's not any better if that cursor but she does at the same time it's just that you you kind of question what their main goal is because you're celebrity why'd you want to get someone appointed unless you have unless you have good policies that you can stick by I do feel like not anyone can just go up on a contraire dufort you need some kind of background education not a saying like so much on education anything but like that might not be their specialty I think just because they are celebrities it should not mean that they have to be completely ruled out from making decisions for us I think a lot of them like a lot of them are normal people like if you think about like reality stars are normal people like a lot of people just come into Fame somehow and I think a lot of them do have a quite a good understanding if like multiple different celebrities went up to become for instance Prime Minister I wouldn't completely rule them out just because they're famous I think that everyone deserves the kind of a chance for that and especially if they know their stuff why wouldn't you vote for them I wouldn't vote for a celebrity politician because I didn't have read fully trust them seeing it's like I don't know it's just a bit of Pretoria celebrity than the politician I think it depends if like someone I like like I don't know like Miranda Hart was going for like prime minister of course I'd wait for them just know like they're not that smart enough to do it like the job and yeah going to be educated enough to be we should be a partition and it is very hard to actually become one and people feel not quite an easy job and just fun I can empower but it's way more complicated I did what somebody who is just famous running like the country or running I important things in the country then I don't know anything about it it really just depends on the celebrity if that celebrity is out here educated and they're gonna do better for a country than a politician it's a hundred percent why not there's so many celebrities who want get out there and they want to change the world for positive ways it's really tough on really cuz obviously you want people who are qualified honest people who were qualified aren't doing very well right now mother I think I would be more prone to voting for a politician rather than the celebrity because I don't think I'll be able to see past the fact that they're so they're a celebrity through an actress I wouldn't be able to see past the roles they've been in and I just it just doesn't seem right to me that you would vote with someone who maybe doesn't have the same knowledge as an actual politician does I'd vote for a celebrity because I don't think I trust politicians just like Donald Trump in America a lot of people here I wouldn't really vote for celebrity as a position because they wouldn't be fit as a job like dad I mean that let's just stick to syriza main

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