Youth and Government: “One Thing I Learned from the Y: Never Give Up.”

It’s a good thing I’m good at debating because I’m horrible at basketball. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the Y, that’s never, ever give up. Even when it seems hard! An educated citizen is the most powerful person in our government. For students and delegates that want to run for public office. They want to be a senator or a representative, or they want to be a district or a county judge. The Youth and Government program prepares you for that better than any else out there. Not just the fact that it’s teaching you procedure, but the whole society and putting you in that society, it’s just so amazing. I was really sort of accepted into the Youth and Government family, and I’m very thankful for that, and I just try to give back to the
program by being governor and trying to expand it by increasing our membership and making it more enjoyable for students. Youth and Government really helps you make friends because you are with other delegates and committees debating bills or even just socializing afterwards. The Youth and Government program has taught me a lot about how our government works and how we make bills and how they become a law. Over three years I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of hours just polishing my debating skills, learning how to speak to people better. It’s just done so much for me, impromptu,
anything you can name. It really is shaping the future leaders of America. I enjoy
being more of a background force, than like an inside force with Governor Millikin’s
cabinet. Riley is a great leader. Once he got elected governor, he really showed off his leadership skills, and I had the privilege of serving in his cabinet. I’ve seen Riley become like a rock star. He knows the program, he knows the rules, he also is very passionate about the program. He’s more kind as well because he’s trying to help everyone.
He wants this program to be successful. The Youth and Government program has introduced me to what actually I’ll be doing: the procedure, introduced me to real lawyers, opened up opportunities for me to actually be a part of the community, before I even go to law school. One of my goals in life and
in a future career that I’m very interested in is that, well, possibly that this could be my room. Mr. President, Mr. President. Hello, yes? Knowledge is power, Sir Francis Bacon. Nothing wrong with wanting to be more powerful. Up here and here as well, right? Because I work out at my local Y.

8 Replies to “Youth and Government: “One Thing I Learned from the Y: Never Give Up.”

  1. Amazing video you guys!!! We love you Riley and love seeing you improve in politics. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Great job Riley!  Can't wait to personally know a President of our country!  Dream big!!   Love, The Allens

  3. I am so proud of the young man he has become because of this amazing program.  He has learned so much more then just the process of government.  He has grown as an individual and as a leader.  It is all about building tomorrows leaders today.

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